Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 (1)

Hmm.. An early conclusion for 2007. Got loads of things on my mind i want to say.. Couldnt sleep. And its 4 am... o.O"

So, 2007 is the best year so far. Some people call it the honeymoon, Form 4. School was ok.. Learning new subjects was fun. But Bio and Physics were boring. Erm... Physics was boring coz the teacher was boring. But Bio is total crap.... The subject was boring enough. And the teacher could only made it worse... Wow. Finally got a teacher whose English is better than mine.. lol.. Add maths was a total nightmare in the early months for me. I totally suck at Chapter 1.. And i still do, believe it or not. Finally got into the school basketball team in the mid term. Got Sergeant-In-Arms in Interact Club, Publicity Director in LDDS. Fantasticos were fantastico.. Did lots of crazy stuffs, whcking tables with brooms to release stress.. lol. 2007 was an awesome school year..

Socially, 2 new person came and made a huge difference in my life. Natalie and Erica... Knowing them both had given me more possibilities socially.. Had a roller coaster love life. Serious fcking shit happened. Was very sad.. But a Fantastico stays fantastico... This year, i had my first ever girlfriend.. And I'm loving her more everyday.. For the first time, i say her name.. Her name is Erica Lee Yee Ling... Hmm. But 2007 also saw a very close friend of mine leaving JB for KL... Yup. Its Celine Yap!!! She influenced my year in my love life.. Advices.. bleh. Thank You la...

Hmm... Next year, i'll be losing my laptop, says my mum coz its SPM for me. Bleh.. There goes all the games.. In sports, it was a good year. 3rd in the EC Futsal Open. 1st For the InterChurch Futsal tournament.. all together. I futsal, i had 4 first place and 3 third place finishes...

After next year, gonna leave the tution i've been attending since i was 8..

finally cleared my mind.. hope i can sleep..

Monday, December 17, 2007


First of all, i would lie to thank jeremy chian leet sern for not adding me into his bday wish list after my call from 11.55-12 wishing him happy bday. I even reminded your sweetheart (=.="... of all people) to wish you..

Secondly, Chelsea lost.

Thirdly, CRAZY Camp was okay.. Of all 97 people that came, only 2 Chinese chicks.. =.="... And 95% of the poeple there were Indians! THEY HAD STINKY FEET!!! XD. For the first time, me as a Chinese felt over powered by Indians.. (my "racial war") The last nite was the best. Me and a group of people consisting campers, facilitators and people in charge sang great oldies from the past.. haha. I joined them when they started siging Take Me Home Country Roads.. XD

Me and Her are doing great.. ty

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Tonite! I shall name all the names people have named me. Its 1 34am. I know i should get some sleep. But i sleep early wan ok? *early in the morning

NAMES A.K.A Alias of Bryan Yong:-

Yong Tou Foo
Lan Jiau!!
Ci Bai!!
Petr Cech!!
Ming Ming

and more...
Bryan should sleep early more often.. i know..

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ok... on 11/11/2007. haha. nice date eh? Bryan Yong and Her officially together!!! wahahahahahahhaaha. *cough cough

I duwan tell further details!!

K... Had makan at arif's house 2 weeks ago. Den follow my mum to her friends Deepavali party at Tampoi.. Pulai View Condo.. WOOO HOOO! Freaking awesome party. Got lamb barbecue, where they barbecue the whole lamb in one piece!!! You want some, they cut a piece for you. Its delicious btw. Then have the standard satay too. And normal food.. But the condo was awesome! ( 2nd time edi... ). The party was at the poolside. The view was fantastic, cool wind blowing.

As i was sitting at the bench, enjoying barbecued lamb, a glass of Coke.. Den a guy and his baby son was walking by the poolside. Den the son stopped and stared at me. I smiled and he smiled back. Father also smile, not that he is gay.. Den his mother from out of nowhere.. "HOOII!! WHAT R U DOING!!?? DUN LET THIS GUY TOUCH OUR BABY!!!" O.o".. Do i really look so criminal-ish? Den i told my mum the whole story. And while i was taking more lamb, my mum came to me and said "i 'scolded' the woman edi.. haha".. Den i look over seeing the crazy woman smiling at me back. Oh well, Filipilo la.. XD

Den next day, makan t Malay friends house. Next day attend Wedding dinner.. One of my father's close friend's doughter's wedding. Next day Chiew's bday party.. Was late. Ate little food...

ARGH!!! CHELSEA DREW 1-1 WIT EVERTON!!!! >:-/ hmmpphh..

Life? its good.. ahh...

Monday, October 22, 2007


History. Oh yeah.. I havent blogged in ages coz i was too busy playing Age Of Empires II. Ya la.. I a bit out dated playing a year 1999 game. But everybody admit its still fun. I like it when i play the Chinese. You click on a villager and ask them to go chop some wood, they'll answer "I'll get the axe" in Chinese. How cool eh, see your own kind in a game. Im Proud to be a Chinese. Although im partially Chinese....

I find it interesting reading and going through other countries history. England going it all out with France for 100 years.. The Roman Empire. Our history? The only part of our history that i like is during the British occupation and Japanese occupation... The rest? Malay people fighting foreigners who were armed with guns by trying to stab them with their keris.. Oh yeah. And they had balls too! Balls to try to catch cannon balls flying towards their faces.

OK! MY LIFE.. We are still not officially together..
Celine's bday was good.. very crowded.. Gave har a basketball jersey with her fav number and her name at the back. Nike wei... :P

Today didnt go school.. I decided it while bathing at 5 45am.. Coz today was Accounts.. something i dont study. So, i will be basically wasting my time at school. Before that, i slept at 1 40am after watching Kimi Raikonen crowned the Driver's Champion for the 2007 Formula 1 season... Den woke up at 5 40.. Slept again at 6am.. den wake up at 2 20.. I HAD MORE THAN 12 HOURS OF SLEEP...


Saturday, October 6, 2007


NOOOOOOOOO........ WE, the Fantastico Brothers are devastated by the new that there will be no SPEC this year... Aww, its ok. Theres always next year... HEHE

So, exam is next week. Starting on Wednesday. Then Thursday "holiday" and Friday holiday. And this year got the many of holidays (my english teacher gonna kill me for this part). I wanna get A for Add Maths.. I wana get that RM100 my tution teacher bet on me yesterday (although my tution teacher doesnt teach me Add Maths.. =.="). Modern Maths can go suck balls... lousy teacher at school.. But most inportantly, Biology must suck testicles... Why do my school Biology teacher love to suck testicles??!!

Thursday i watched my first ever Champions League match!!! Chelsea won 2-1 against Valencia!!! WOOO HOOO!!! slept at 5 and was extremely tired the next day at school. Couldnt focus...

And my life? Its ok la.. A bit on the good side. She and I not officially together yet.. But can consider together edi la... And some fella has been talking loads of bullshit behind me.. Pfftt..

Thank you.

Monday, September 24, 2007

SPEC 2007

Me, Jackson, Brendan and Jourdan have agreed to form the FANTASTICO!!! Brothers to take part in the upcoming SPEC.

Our plan is to irritate both our opponents and the runner (whoever that is). We are gonna make our own words, bring crappy Oxford dictionaries instead of Scrabble dictionaries. But firstly, we are gonna let our opponents start first. then we either add as "s", "es", "y", "ing", "ed".. etc etc at the end of the word. XD

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday i found out... nvm.
My book "Finding Your Life Partner" is already given back to me. ( I hope my name is cleared! )Then i borrowed it to Her... hehe...

Anyway, Celine tagged me..

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

8 different points about my perfect lover :-

1. It has to be a "she". I'm not bisexual or anything. I'm Straight... XD
2. Fun person.. nice to hang out with..
3. Must have a "clean record" (must not have bitchy history)
4. Loving and caring!
5. Appreciates stuffs
7. Not ah-lian..
8. "Healthy" (does sports... physically fit)

I wanna tag...


Sunday, September 9, 2007


Its 1 am, Monday.. supposed to be sleeping for school.. pfft..

anyway... Things have been.. GOOD. Champions for the Inter Church Futsal Tournament... Good wit Her.. yes. Good

The futsal tournament was held last week, 31st August. Walked to City Plaza wit my electric yello coloured Chelsea jersey and shorts. Wanted to stand out from my team coz i was the goal keeper. The whole tournament conceded 2 goals ( one own goal btw... pfftt ). And saved 2 penalty shots during final. Fui yoo.. Final game i main mati-mati kaw-kaw.. Finish extra time and entered panalties. They missed one and i saved one. Final score 4-3 (opponent saved 2).

School is good. Got back my book "Finding Your Life Partner". Miss Shymala gave it back to me when i went to the bilik gure to get some papers.

She is GOOD... yeah.. so far, so GOOD. My other friends still in the progress of "chasing"...

I got Tagged by Sara.. pfftt.. and Melissa too..

Each player of this game starts off with TEN weird habits or little known things about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own TEN weird or little known facts about yourself as well as state this rules clearly. At the end, you must choose 6 people to tag and list their names.

1. In futsal, i play as goal keeper. In football, i play as forward. Goal-keeper and goal-scorer. Some people get confused sometimes...
2. I play as a point-guard in basketball for my school. But all my 4 games for school, I've never scored a single point. The irony is, im a point-guard. The one who scores. (however, i can defend very well)
3. I hide my feelings all the time... thats why a lot of people think i'm happy all the time..
4. I weigh 70kg.. suprised many though..
5. Of all the girls i chased!! The many girls i chased!!! i was never successful.. =.="
6. I sleep at 2, wake up at 5 45 for school, sleep at 5 in afternoon, wake up at 7 pm. I have the sleeping habit of a Truck Driver...
7. One side of my bed is for stuffed toys, the other for sleeping...
8. I can dance very well...
9. I'll bet wit you 10 bucks to tahan not laughing at me for 5 minutes.
10. i feel like im wasting time on this...

I dun wanna tag anyone. Lets break the chain...

Monday, August 27, 2007


YESYESYESYESYES. Thats all i can say. Boy, am i a jolly happy man or not? During the holidays, i went out to cs wit Her. Wednesday to be exact. Nothing happened. (talk to me to find out more!). But i went back a freaking happy fella... hehe.. wooo hooo!

We can't be officially together coz of reasons..
Aww.. sad rite? I just have to wait... for 4 years. o.O"

Furthermore, i found out she lives DIRECTLY in front of my Megah Ria house!!! *thats it, im moving there when im 18! XD... Our House facing each other... wooo hooo...

Anyway, today my book got confiscated by Miss Shymala. I was reading the book when she caught me reading in her class. The Book? "Finding Your Life Partner"... Yes, everyone was laughing when she read the title... hopefully i'll get it back soon coz she tought there was some explicit content inside. *its a Christian book =.="...

This week is gonna kill me! Thursday night, i have a basketball match against SSI. Then, Friday morning i have a futsal tournament somewhere at Sri Alam. The same day, at nite i have ANOTHER futsal tournament at City Plaza. XD... Saturday, i'll be on my bed the whole day.


So, from here.. you know im a happy man.. Without "Finding Your Life Partner".. T.T..

Monday, August 20, 2007


My school's I.U was. "Ok". I was the last minute emcee. I dun like last minute emcee jobs but noone else ma. So, i rented a Spiderman costume wore it and kinda welcomed people at the entrance. I kacau some girls by singing loves songs since they dont know who i am. Then suddenly, my outgoing president, from out of nowhere shouted "EH! BRYAN! WHAT R U DOING!!??" The girls looked at me and were like "Bryan!!??". Who could have guessed Bryan Yong would voluntarily wear a Spiderman suit. Well, my friends i guess.....

So, emceed with Spiderman suit on. Kinda got "angry" in the suit coz the scheduel kept changing and all. In the end, i changed to my formal clothes and said, "No, I'm not fcking gonna do it anymore". Then, the installation. Got sergeant-at-arms. Wooo hooo. Ada banyak kuasa but a lot of responsibility. Then drama was crap. Acting was crap. The only nice part (according to the audience) was my fighting scene and the other one i forgot.

Convent install was good... "good" better than my i.u. Their dance was FUIII YOOO!!! Can get nosebleed man. I was totally hypnotised. It was -couldnt find word in dictionary-. Den won an encyclopedia and got a plant as a souvenier. All club property. The encyclopedia it worth... 25 POUNDS!!!!!!!!! Can cut throat man. Summore people sponsor them for free. Fui yoo... 25 pounds..

And during the install i get to saw Her. Didnt get to say a word to Her coz teachers were like looking... Haiz.. Havent talked to Her in person for 3 months liao... T.T

thats all... now i learning how to tap a guitar.. XD

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Firstly, FOA was good. I was MC again. I was part of the Harry Potter sketch. There was somethnig wrong with the music. So, a lot of poeple didin't know what was going on at certain points... But, my 2 "great" MC partners were kinda inexperienced. One left me alone several times, the other stuttered on the stage. Next year, i wanna me MC again but with other juniors.. To get them some experience...

Anyway, the bitch didn't let me talk to Her. Not a single word. I asked Gujivan to pass the dog to Her. Then a few minutes later, i got it back. Then i realised why. So, nvm. Then, one of Nat's friends help me pass it to her on Monday. She said She like it when i asked her after school... Woo hoo!!

Now, basketball. SSI game coming soon. But the Setiausaha couldnt get the approval of the Pengetua to hold trainings just for this week. This shows that the school doesnt have trust in us. Thay think were doing this just for the sake of ponteng-ing class. And, my captain asked us to train tomorrow after school, 2 p.m at the school basketball court. Without shelter. This shows my captain got no brains.

So, She is going out with 2 other guys during the holidays. I just found this out. It makes me feel like one of those fools. Isnt that a little too bitchy? Well i guess its the other things in Her that i love about that keep me chasing Her. And Her sis got a problem with me. Should i confront Her sister or not? Hmm...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Its Tuesday

And fater school, I terus online. Yesterday so nicely chatting wif Her until my mum ask me to off com. M'C'B... T.T. Ok.. nvm..

So, Friday, finally got to chat wif Her again. Then my mum ask me off again. Since i tak puas, i called Her (extreeeeeemly rare) at 1a.m till... 3a.m. o.O".. Yes 2 hours.. haha. Dun worry, its house phone to house phone. Break all my calling record. We talk about alot of crap. From the chocolate gallery near my house, to MARIJUANA to Yoda. Phone bill sure damn high wan, this month coz called a lot of people through cellphone. If house phone then cheap la.. Like my friend said "as long as youre happy..". :)

Anyway.. Exam started yesterday. It was easy.. all of them. I think i'll pass most of the subjects. Physics, CONFIRM fail.. Sejarah I not sure.. But the rest, confident can pass la.. Exam finishes tomorrow..


Ok.. i'll end here. update next time..

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Update 2

At cyber cafe rite now. Yesterday went to hang out wif nast at cs for a little while.. Thanks to the LDDS meeting.. hehe.. Nat's friends called me a gentleman after what i did. Andthey also think i'm her BF.. =.="

Ok, i miss Her so badly, my school english teacher was able to tell the difference. She asked me "Bryan, i've realised that you havent been so vibrant and bubbly these past few days. Wat happened?".. o.O"

Tomorrow got basketball tournament at Larkin. Going against a crappy school. Hope we can beat them badly. They mocked us.. Although they were WAAAAAAAYYYY shorter than us in terms of physique..

Wish me good luck for tomorrow...
I MISS HER!!!! 2 weeks liao...... T.T

Sunday, July 8, 2007


If you noticed, i havent been online for a freaking long time. Coz i got banned from laptop since "Hari Jalinan Mesra". Sounds nice.. but its evil!!! Open Day is its A.K.A... Pn. Vijaya made my life miserable. I actually did quite OK according to my TOV. But that Old Hag said only the fcking bad stuff about me. I'm making her teaching more miserable in class now.. Since that day, i havent chat with HER online.. I MISS HER!!!! T.T

Hmm.. Nat also kena. But not as bad as mine. I banned 24/7.. she can play for at least 2 hours on weekends... T.T Last Friday supposed to go to CS wit Nat, but she found out some of her father's friends working at there. So, she couldnt go. Disappointing really.. I was really excited..

Now, i have to secretly go online on my sis's laptop or go cyber cafes. Now chatting with Nat. She going off soon.. When her mum starts to scold her. But her mum really evil lor.... must admit.. Haha.. everyone is starting to think i'm her BF. NO! I'm not her BF. I wanna make things clear.. There are those that think i'm her BF, those that are confused, and those ( my close friends ) that understands everything...

Today, pastor talked about LOVE. He wanted to make an example.. I happened to be the guy. Coz he asked the church "Who is in love here? The young people.." Somehow, my hand raised into the air... without the command of my brain.. and he asked me for the name of my GF. Like i have one. But my mum and friends were so excited, they started guessing.. and shouting out names.

The conclusion, Bryan and Diana!!! WHO THE HECK IS DIANA!!?? me and my friends asked.. LAWL!!!

So, tried my acoustic guitar at church, got it tuned and it sounds much better.. haa..

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Sense of Humor - 85.7%
2. Confidence - 83.3%
3. Spirituality - 76.9%
4. Open-Mindedness - 63.6%
5. Friendliness - 62.5%
1. Arrogance - 62.5%
2. Vanity - 58.3%
3. Negative Reputation - 55.6%

Dating Strengths Explained
Sense of Humor - Girls are attracted to people with a good sense of humor. Be sure to put yours on display!
Confidence - You are sure of yourself and confident of your abilities. Displays of confidence go a long way when attracting a date.
Spirituality - Your spiritual side brings you peace and balance, and keeps you grounded. This is attractive, as you can help reinforce this quality in other people.
Open-Mindedness - You are open to trying new things and entertaining new ideas, and this widens your pool of available girls.
Friendliness - Your friendliness makes you approachable and fun to be around. A wide circle of friends also works to your advantage on the dating scene.
Dating Weaknesses Explained
Arrogance - You are a bit full of yourself. You need to practice a little humility now and then, as arrogance can be a turn-off.
Vanity - Learn to put a lower priority on looks. Appearance is, of course, important, but vanity is undesireable. The only people you will attract are the superficial.
Negative Reputation - Your reputation may be working against you. Sometimes this is impossible to control, but try to counter-act it by presenting yourself in positive ways.
Dating Strengths and Weaknesses Quiz

Thursday, June 21, 2007


K.. Wednesday, my school had Canteen Day. Had to go coz got futsal tournament. Played the first match, which drew 1-1. Coz my team faced off with team MSAB 1. Yeah, the first of 2 of my school team.. Won the second match comfortably. I think 4-0 or 5-0... I'm goal-keeper btw. And during the match, i even decided to go on a crazy run. Haha.. Then, i had to go Canvent at 12 15 to get something from Natalie. The timing was good. Coz after the match finished, terus go there. Arrived there, i looked for her near the Convent bus stop. Finally saw a group of girls, try to spot her. The other girls stared at me like i'm gonna do something *toot*.. XD

K.. got the stuff (pig keychain). Nat hinted to me that She will come at 12 35. So, i decided to wait at the Malay stall in front of Convent. She arrived, came and say a few words to me. Few minutes later, She and Nat had to leave. I also had to leave coz i got 1 more match in the group stage. When i came back to school, i asked my team mates. "whens the next match?" they replied, "you missed the next match.. but we won 4-1" "we are in the FINALS!!!". Ok.. we lost the semi-final match but won 3rd place. We beat the MSAB 1 3-1. We knew their weakness.. and the prize is........

1 bronze trophy for each member, a hamper and RM20 for the team... RM20... Enough to belanja roti canai for the whole team. *psst.. pork!!

Went back sun burnt, legs aching. Soon got a phone call at 6 from Nat. Strange thing is.. isnt she supposed to be in school. She told me something that really made me think twice before choosing the right friend to trust. Back stabbing, batrayal.. the crappiest thing a friend could do. Something which i've promised not to share...

My word for those who have been hurt by your own friends:-

There will always be people who’ll hurt you, so you need to continue trusting, just be careful.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today, i had basketball training. I also had a WONDERFUL welcome. "Bryan, good morning. 40 push ups, 80 sit ups, 15 laps and 2 full court suicides." Thank you. XD After training, went to City Square at 1 30. Went around. And i saw this 2 piece orange bikini on display outside a shop. I remember last month, i went out wif Her, her cousin and sister. It used to be blue... Haha. THIS IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!!! XD.

Yesterday, chat wif Her (she didnt go school) and she had to go to Her shop. Since it was near my football training ground, I wanted to say hi. But, i got lost around the area and didnt manage to give a wave. And to see the priceless face of Hers. Here comes the stupid part. I ran everywhere coz i know i was late for training. I ran all the way to the training ground just to find my friend forgot to bring my boots. T.T Had to play with slippers while everyone was fully equipped. XD.. stuuupid...

And, about the last enrty, everything has returned to normal... Life goes on...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a way to end the day..

The holidays were very fun. Had futsal matches with friends. Had church camp.

Yes, church camp. Long time since i've been to one. This time it was Genting. We had a very funny speaker. I learnt a few "appetising" jokes from him. Like the story of The Begger, The twin sisters and Almond Nuts. Hehehe.. for those who are about to go out for a lunch or dinner with me, watch out!!! Went to the top of Genting. It was FREAKING COLD!!! -4 DEGREES!!! Oh, wait.. that was Ice World. =.=" Ok. I got really pissed bocoz I havent get a chance to buy FHM and Top Gear magazine during the holidays. >:-( Overall, it was fun.

Ok. About the Title. Yesterday I had a long conversation wif Her. Talk talk talk. Then, did a video call. Talked about each parents opinion on their children having a BF or GF. (wait.. this conversation about the Bf Gf thing was the day before yesterday.. anyway.. ) I remember my mom used to tell me "You can have a GF as long as you DONT GET INTO TROUBLE or ASK MONEY FROM ME!" =.=".... Hmm, showed off our stuffed toys. But nothing beats my Spongebob plushie. Wahaha!!! As i was about to go offline ( my mom was shouting at me, and it was 2am ) She told me something.

She: i wanna tell you something
Me: yeah?
She: dont be sad ok...
She: i told a guy....
She: i....
She: love....
( i tot she was going to say something funny here )
She: u...
( ....T.T.... )
Me: who is that guy?
She: - censored- ( more like i forgot his name, but it was a very weird name )
Me: Umm... ok..
She: r u sad?
Me: no ( of course.. people who know me, i dont often tell what i feel )

Then, i said good luck and goodbye. She gave me her number. And i went offline. Of course, didnt have a good sleep. My mind hae been over loaded with thoughts ever since then. Still at it. I even missed my bus by over sleeping...


Thursday, May 31, 2007

And it had to be him...

Hmm.. Monday had one of the happiest days of my life. Could have been the happiest one ever though! Damn... If only I could read the minds of women better. @#$%!!!!!

Then, Erica kept asking me who is Jason. I thought it was the freaking tall Jason. Indian dude. So, i was a little :-(. Then, she told me today that it was that Jason that went out wif us. It sounded familiar. Then i confirmed with Celine, whos at KL. And it really was him. But, nvm. More like a bug.

31/5= 70kg

Monday, May 14, 2007


I finally managed to get myself together to blog.

Firstly, the title explains it all. I'm currently 73kg. Yup. 73kg. Went down for a while when i expected the 3 day training a week to start for the upcoming football tournament. Seems that the program got cancelled when the coach found out the tournament is a 6 on 6 footbaall tournament. I was totally =.=" when i heard the news. Then, i worked part-time as a mascot for housing property promotions. I was Spiderman for 4 straight shifts. The Spiderman suit was one piece and was totally uncomfortable when you sweat!!! I mean.. the sticky-ness sticks to your skin.. BLUEK!!! Last Saturday's job was very funny. I was standing at the junction, inviting people to the event when i suddenly heard someone use his loudspeaker and called, "Spiderman!!!" i didn't know who it was so i ignored it. Then, in a kena-tak-layan kind of voice "Spiderman....". I looked at the other side of the road it it was a police car with 4 officers inside. LOL. They made one big round and asked me where to get one these costumes. I told them its the company's and few minutes later, they went off. LOL.

WOKAY! The job has caused me to miss 3 trainings in a row. Which explains my weight. And, the 3 day a week training is coming soon, so i have to ikat perut at home and school and do workouts at the tennis court. I dont like running on treadmills.

I'm gonna report the progress of my weight every week.. CIAO

14/7= 73kg

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Very funny.. trust me..

Top 45 Oxymorons

45. Act naturally
44. Found missing
43. Resident alien
42. Advanced BASIC
41. Genuine imitation
40. Airline Food
39. Good grief
38. Same difference
37. Almost exactly
36. Government organization
35. Sanitary landfill
34. Alone together
33. Legally drunk
32. Silent scream
31. Living dead
30. Small crowd
29. Business ethics
28. Soft rock
27. Butt Head
26. Military Intelligence
25. Software documentation
24. New classic
23. Sweet sorrow
22. Childproof
21. "Now, then ..."
20. Synthetic natural gas
19. Passive aggression
18. Taped live
17. Clearly misunderstood
16. Peace force
15. Extinct Life
14. Temporary tax increase
13. Computer jock
12. Plastic glasses
11. Terribly pleased
10. Computer security
9. Political science
8. Tight slacks
7. Definite maybe
6. Pretty ugly
5. Twelve ounce pound cake
4. Diet ice cream
3. Working vacation
2. Exact estimate
1. Microsoft Works

Monday, April 23, 2007


K... First of all, my bday was good. Not what i planned but still good. Jackson belanja me, Jourdan and Brendan Pizza Hut. Jourdan and Brendan paid for the taxi. I paid for the Cyber Cafe... Actually planned to go to the zoo then to City Square. But since Jackson will be left out, we switched to his plan. The only presents i received was a spongebob bolster ( my mom's friend ), some cute massage thingy ( tution teachers ) and a necklace with my name on it ( Celine ).

Ok. Football. Had training last Saturday. Shan finally came back from a dislocated elbow. He was so rusty. Need more training. Haiz, the tournament is coming soon. Next week 3 trainings a week. I guess i have to get myself into the 50kg mark. This is something you dont often hear from Bryan Yong. Yes, i'm bloated. 10kgs bloated. Finally got a pump for my football which hopefully motivates me to do more than running.

Word- If one day you turn to ask me if I'll love you till the end, then I'm afraid I'm gonna have to say no because I know in my heart that I'll be loving you forever.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I.C. The short form of identity card. Frankly, I've lost mine twice. Sounds weird eh? Getting a third I.C. But no. I swear on my keyboard that i lost the same I.C twice. The frist time i lost it, i forgot my wallet at the futsal field near my house. And when i realize it, i quirckly ran back only to find it missing. Didn't tell my parents. Waited for a week. Was praying hard to get it back coz making US Visa soon. Thank God, some Malay fella gave it back to me. The wallet was gone. But who cares. The 2nd time happened really recently. About 3 weeks ago. Lost my wallet during PJ time and had to wait for 2 weeks until a teacher gave it back to me, I.C and wallet. Thank God my wallet came back wif the I.C coz it was a birthday present from my tution teachers.

And life? Ok la. So far, every single result i get for my 2nd exam failed. Modern maths, Add maths and BM. All three fail. And the football tournament coming soon. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY can shed 10 kg. wow... so high target.

Finally, got tagged by Kim-
People who get tagged need to write, in their blog 6 weird things about themselves. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and write their names. 6 weird things about me...

1. Sometimes, i accidentally turn off the alarm clock when it rings during school days and end up missing the van...
2. I love dogs but i prefer cats better. They eat less and are easier to maintain. :P
3. I'm a super huge fan of Rocky. The least time i watched a Rocky episode was Rocky 1, three times and the most, Rocky 3, i think 7 times.
4. I'm spending too much time on this.
5. Update later.
6. Bye.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


On the 1st of April, 12 am, i got pranked from Celine. Yes. At 12 am. I was like... "What the heck!!?? Shes been doing some planning..". I managed to prank some church seniors especially Shan Li. When i released the hook ( aka goes for the try ), he shouted on the phone F@#K!!! That was the best...

Finally got new boots. Football boots. Actually wanted to get Adidas F10+ but no size so my mom bought a chrome coloured Nike Total 90 III. I've always trusted Adidas. Maybe its time for a change? Still cant wait to use my new boots on Sat. Hopefully can get used to the boots ASAP.

Read Celine's blog just now. Fui yoo... If that teacher was from our school, we would have talked back, asked for proof and if she got away with what she wanted, we'd scratch her car. Seriously. This has happened. Me and my friends. We then made up a story that was super hard to crack. Gud luck to Celine with her drama. She needs a McFlurry.

Word- BEFORE YOU LOVE, learn to run through sand leaving no footprints.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Haiz.. got tagged by Celine...

So, what are the 6 things UNIQUE about me?

1. I can play at both ends of a football field, Goal scorer or goal keeper.
2. I'm a mix of 3 different races. ( no, not the common malaysian types )
3. I love all kinds of food and drinks, but often forget to buy them even when its in front of me!
4. I fall in love to girls with attractive eyes. ( too easily )
5. I prefer old school rock coz rock nowadays are too easily forgotten.
6. I'm still playing Fifa 2005.

10 things you did not know about me:

1. I used to be a sprinter.
2. I used to be kinda like a gangster.
3. I used to think that the food in Teletubbies was real.
4. I WAS one of the tallest in school.
5. If in the mood, i could finish a box of fresh milk in an hour.
6. A stick of Mentos never last a day in my hands.
7. I'm a keep fit person. I do physical activities form monday-saturday. Sunday is my off day.
8. I only know how to swim Breast-stroke although i've been swimming for 7 years!
9. Never ask a girl who i like for her number before. ( I'm gonna change that soon!!! )
10. It took me an hour to complete this.

Word- It really hurts to love someone who doesn't give you the time of the day, what will hurt more is when you realize that you don't give the time of the day loved you & gave it up because of you.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Finally my football life has started. Last Friday, I actually wanted to try out for a team in Permas Jaya. I was supposed to be there at SMK Permas Jaya 2 5 30 but reached der at 6 coz i took a crappy bus there. Instead of trying out, the coach quickly told me to get ready and get into the friendly match that was going on. We played until 7 when it started raining heavily. Match was abandoned. However, we lost 2-0. I played as a winger. TOTALLY not my fav position coz i dont have the stamina.

Then, they told me to return tomorrow for the training if it stops raining. So, i invited Jeremy and i went there V.I.A his mom at 8 15. We warmed up and played 2 matches against each other. I finally played striker. But after the match, i found out i have a ham-string problem. Had to walk awkwardly. Went back at 1 coz Jeremy's mom was busy. Damn. I've become dark again as i was going to return to my normal colour. On the way out of the school, a huge group of girls from the Anugerah Cermelang stared at Jeremy and even called him with the colour of the shirt he was wearing. LOL.

K. Today after struggling to play football, went to Shan Li's house to play PS2. Found out his dad plays the guitar. WOW.

Word - Never set a standard for the LOVE you're looking for. Coz you'll end up eating your own words. For LOVE comes with the unlikely person. And if you'll ask why? Love just moves IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The title for this entry is "gfeqio...." becoz i feel like smashing my laptop now and then. Yesterday, was the peak of this feeling coz i was totally darn bored of the limited games i have to play in safe mode. I have to play games that doesnt involve 3D and doesnt use up to 16mb of video memory. Worse, my freaking laptop cant play songs in Safe Mode!!! I started downloading songs with excitement and when the download was finished, i have this feeling of being thrown back to the ground. Whats the use of downloading songs if my laptop and play sounds?

And 2 days ago, i couldnt log into MSN Messenger coz of some unidentified problem. At least i can go on the web. And yesterday, my mom and sis went to KL leaving me alone at home whole day. We'll, at least i can spend some time surfing the web. BUT my internet explorer couldnt open the web page. Its like "Searching for web site..." all the time. Well, nvm. I can play football till 7 30 later. Until it started raining from 4 till 6!!! ARGH!!! Then at night, my mom and sis came back hoping to catch the 10 pm American Idol. Still i was bored to death since nothing interesting was on TV. Decided to SMS some people but they werent available. I decided to end my despair by sleeping at 10.

Haiz, last Saturday, had Tamil Society futsal. My team was good that day. We had to win or draw our last group match to advance to the next round. But before the match, i had the unusual feeling of nervousness. As if this was my first futsal match in my whole life. I know i was going to crack sooner or later. And it had to come on the all important match. Malay fella broke from the defence, 1 on 1 wit me, instead of standing on my ground, i went down before he shot. We lost 1-0. Left immedietly. Had this sense of guilt. But all in all, it wasnt a great day although i pulled a fantatic performance on our 2nd game. Maybe i wanna try out in my school team as a striker...

Here is something sweet:
I heard someone whisper your name today.But when i turned around to see who it was, I noticed I was alone. That's when i realized it was my heart telling my how much I miss U.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The world is loco-loco

Damn wei. Whats wif Jeremy and his menopause style attitude? OK. I'm in love. And he decides to mess around a little. Knowing its all not true i stay chilled, ice cooled. And now, he is pissed. For what? And, he is acting so arrogant and cocky and tells me, "Bryan, you got no chance lah. She's mine.." Usually, this kind of shit ends wif a "Ai ya... I just kidding lah..." and a smile. But he ends it with a snub. Dude, this ain't no acting scene so no matter how hard you try, you will never win an award for acting. Furthermore, he's not attracted to any girls. Which means hes kinda gay. At the end of the day, he has a problem wif me. I should be the other way around. o.O"...

Haiz, Tamil Society Futsal is on this coming Saturday. Still haven't got a pair of futsal gloves yet. Takkan I risk my Nike gloves... High chance of winning the tournament. :P

And to have these athletic assets is sometimes not a gift. Its like a curse. Everytime my school has Sukantara, my teachers set a standard for me. They expected high. Everytime i don't pass something, they think i'm not taking the event seriously. Exspecially this teacher, Mr Chew. Each time i didnt pass something, he asks me to do it again. He thinks i'm taking this Sukantara thing small time. I tried my best so be it!!! I'm now a lazy slacking fella to some teachers because i didnt pass certain events.

The world is loco!
the world is loco...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


My school, the former school of our late leader Tun Hussien Onn. At the back of Block B, second floor, its.... HAVOC!!!!! Its my class!!!

These 3 days of exam have been a total mess of my class. Today, we had Moral. It is required that we write 7 moral values and their teaching. Since we never had a moral theacher coming into our class, we wrote our names and left the paper BLANK!!! Some of us drew crap and wrote some bullshit (which includes me...). But before that, a fight broke out and me, Jourdan, Brendan and Jackson had the best seats in town. We had entertainment right in front of our eyes. Soon, another fight broke out one after another.

The best thing was the teacher that was watching over my class didn't care when we exchanged our Moral test papers in front of her. We could even actually have conversations! She shared our 'view'... hehe...

Then, each time there is free time, me, Jourdan, Brendan and Jackson would talk some funny crap and laugh like noone's business. We would sing love songs, country songs and sentimental songs and sing on although we didn't know the lyrics!!! The weird thing is, these friends of mie are rock musicians. To think about it, our fav songs were KARAOKE!!! and "Move your balls, shake your dick". O.o"

these are the lyrics for KARAOKE!!!

My name is KARAOKE!!!
I Love to KARAOKE!!! (ok!)

When i hear karaoke,
I want to KARAOKE!!! (ok!)
(i forgot this part)
Coz I love to KARAOKE!!! (ok!)

My name is KARAOKE!!! --X 2
I love to KARAOKE!!! (ok!) --

( repeat bridge )

( repeat chorus )


My name is KARAOKE!!!
AND I AM O.K...... (OK!!!)

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I will remember my I.D and password...

First of all..... let me express my view on Chinese people.

I use the term "Jay Chou" on people trying to act cool trying to live their life as if they're in a Chinese drama.

First of all. I have a problem with "Jay Chou" hair styles. Jay Chou may look good ( frankly, he DOES look good ). One side of his hair going up, the front end going down. A hairstyle perfect for him. The problem is now, people would pay a bomb-shell to have that hair but still look worse!!! They look like they have a mop on their head, but they think they're top of the world. This is the time where I bring my friends to the toilet and laugh as hard as we can. I had this guy who spent 120 bucks on rebonding just trying to have hair like Rain. How dumb can he be??!! That "straightness" may last for a month coz as a student, we have to keep our hair short. Why dont we try new Western styles like a short-mohawk. Unnoticeable from the side, obvious from the front. I had blur looking friend that now looks like a rock musician. My advise is, choose a hair style that suits you. Not the top of the price list. They dont put price tags on your hair to show other people how much it costs.

Next is their love lifes. What annoys me the most is that they keep breaking up and reuniting again. And some people kinda like keep their love to a person secret and finally confessing it in the most dramatic way. But in the end, REJECT. They will go "I've spent a lot of time getting to know you, and i know one day you'll come to me and i'm going to wait for you forever..." If shes not coming, shes not coming. This is not a Chinese drama with happy endings.

Lastly before i end this entry, people trying to act cool. They think respect is gained through aggression. For example, when you're being introduced to someone, they'd put up a stiff face, trying to look good and say "Hey, I'm Vice-Versa". I'm like "Hey, could you put your cock away? Coz i'm just trying to shake your hands here". Smile, give a warm welcome. Give a good impression.

Be yourself. Thats cool.
Thank you.