Wednesday, February 28, 2007


My school, the former school of our late leader Tun Hussien Onn. At the back of Block B, second floor, its.... HAVOC!!!!! Its my class!!!

These 3 days of exam have been a total mess of my class. Today, we had Moral. It is required that we write 7 moral values and their teaching. Since we never had a moral theacher coming into our class, we wrote our names and left the paper BLANK!!! Some of us drew crap and wrote some bullshit (which includes me...). But before that, a fight broke out and me, Jourdan, Brendan and Jackson had the best seats in town. We had entertainment right in front of our eyes. Soon, another fight broke out one after another.

The best thing was the teacher that was watching over my class didn't care when we exchanged our Moral test papers in front of her. We could even actually have conversations! She shared our 'view'... hehe...

Then, each time there is free time, me, Jourdan, Brendan and Jackson would talk some funny crap and laugh like noone's business. We would sing love songs, country songs and sentimental songs and sing on although we didn't know the lyrics!!! The weird thing is, these friends of mie are rock musicians. To think about it, our fav songs were KARAOKE!!! and "Move your balls, shake your dick". O.o"

these are the lyrics for KARAOKE!!!

My name is KARAOKE!!!
I Love to KARAOKE!!! (ok!)

When i hear karaoke,
I want to KARAOKE!!! (ok!)
(i forgot this part)
Coz I love to KARAOKE!!! (ok!)

My name is KARAOKE!!! --X 2
I love to KARAOKE!!! (ok!) --

( repeat bridge )

( repeat chorus )


My name is KARAOKE!!!
AND I AM O.K...... (OK!!!)

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I will remember my I.D and password...

First of all..... let me express my view on Chinese people.

I use the term "Jay Chou" on people trying to act cool trying to live their life as if they're in a Chinese drama.

First of all. I have a problem with "Jay Chou" hair styles. Jay Chou may look good ( frankly, he DOES look good ). One side of his hair going up, the front end going down. A hairstyle perfect for him. The problem is now, people would pay a bomb-shell to have that hair but still look worse!!! They look like they have a mop on their head, but they think they're top of the world. This is the time where I bring my friends to the toilet and laugh as hard as we can. I had this guy who spent 120 bucks on rebonding just trying to have hair like Rain. How dumb can he be??!! That "straightness" may last for a month coz as a student, we have to keep our hair short. Why dont we try new Western styles like a short-mohawk. Unnoticeable from the side, obvious from the front. I had blur looking friend that now looks like a rock musician. My advise is, choose a hair style that suits you. Not the top of the price list. They dont put price tags on your hair to show other people how much it costs.

Next is their love lifes. What annoys me the most is that they keep breaking up and reuniting again. And some people kinda like keep their love to a person secret and finally confessing it in the most dramatic way. But in the end, REJECT. They will go "I've spent a lot of time getting to know you, and i know one day you'll come to me and i'm going to wait for you forever..." If shes not coming, shes not coming. This is not a Chinese drama with happy endings.

Lastly before i end this entry, people trying to act cool. They think respect is gained through aggression. For example, when you're being introduced to someone, they'd put up a stiff face, trying to look good and say "Hey, I'm Vice-Versa". I'm like "Hey, could you put your cock away? Coz i'm just trying to shake your hands here". Smile, give a warm welcome. Give a good impression.

Be yourself. Thats cool.
Thank you.