Sunday, March 25, 2007


Finally my football life has started. Last Friday, I actually wanted to try out for a team in Permas Jaya. I was supposed to be there at SMK Permas Jaya 2 5 30 but reached der at 6 coz i took a crappy bus there. Instead of trying out, the coach quickly told me to get ready and get into the friendly match that was going on. We played until 7 when it started raining heavily. Match was abandoned. However, we lost 2-0. I played as a winger. TOTALLY not my fav position coz i dont have the stamina.

Then, they told me to return tomorrow for the training if it stops raining. So, i invited Jeremy and i went there V.I.A his mom at 8 15. We warmed up and played 2 matches against each other. I finally played striker. But after the match, i found out i have a ham-string problem. Had to walk awkwardly. Went back at 1 coz Jeremy's mom was busy. Damn. I've become dark again as i was going to return to my normal colour. On the way out of the school, a huge group of girls from the Anugerah Cermelang stared at Jeremy and even called him with the colour of the shirt he was wearing. LOL.

K. Today after struggling to play football, went to Shan Li's house to play PS2. Found out his dad plays the guitar. WOW.

Word - Never set a standard for the LOVE you're looking for. Coz you'll end up eating your own words. For LOVE comes with the unlikely person. And if you'll ask why? Love just moves IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The title for this entry is "gfeqio...." becoz i feel like smashing my laptop now and then. Yesterday, was the peak of this feeling coz i was totally darn bored of the limited games i have to play in safe mode. I have to play games that doesnt involve 3D and doesnt use up to 16mb of video memory. Worse, my freaking laptop cant play songs in Safe Mode!!! I started downloading songs with excitement and when the download was finished, i have this feeling of being thrown back to the ground. Whats the use of downloading songs if my laptop and play sounds?

And 2 days ago, i couldnt log into MSN Messenger coz of some unidentified problem. At least i can go on the web. And yesterday, my mom and sis went to KL leaving me alone at home whole day. We'll, at least i can spend some time surfing the web. BUT my internet explorer couldnt open the web page. Its like "Searching for web site..." all the time. Well, nvm. I can play football till 7 30 later. Until it started raining from 4 till 6!!! ARGH!!! Then at night, my mom and sis came back hoping to catch the 10 pm American Idol. Still i was bored to death since nothing interesting was on TV. Decided to SMS some people but they werent available. I decided to end my despair by sleeping at 10.

Haiz, last Saturday, had Tamil Society futsal. My team was good that day. We had to win or draw our last group match to advance to the next round. But before the match, i had the unusual feeling of nervousness. As if this was my first futsal match in my whole life. I know i was going to crack sooner or later. And it had to come on the all important match. Malay fella broke from the defence, 1 on 1 wit me, instead of standing on my ground, i went down before he shot. We lost 1-0. Left immedietly. Had this sense of guilt. But all in all, it wasnt a great day although i pulled a fantatic performance on our 2nd game. Maybe i wanna try out in my school team as a striker...

Here is something sweet:
I heard someone whisper your name today.But when i turned around to see who it was, I noticed I was alone. That's when i realized it was my heart telling my how much I miss U.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The world is loco-loco

Damn wei. Whats wif Jeremy and his menopause style attitude? OK. I'm in love. And he decides to mess around a little. Knowing its all not true i stay chilled, ice cooled. And now, he is pissed. For what? And, he is acting so arrogant and cocky and tells me, "Bryan, you got no chance lah. She's mine.." Usually, this kind of shit ends wif a "Ai ya... I just kidding lah..." and a smile. But he ends it with a snub. Dude, this ain't no acting scene so no matter how hard you try, you will never win an award for acting. Furthermore, he's not attracted to any girls. Which means hes kinda gay. At the end of the day, he has a problem wif me. I should be the other way around. o.O"...

Haiz, Tamil Society Futsal is on this coming Saturday. Still haven't got a pair of futsal gloves yet. Takkan I risk my Nike gloves... High chance of winning the tournament. :P

And to have these athletic assets is sometimes not a gift. Its like a curse. Everytime my school has Sukantara, my teachers set a standard for me. They expected high. Everytime i don't pass something, they think i'm not taking the event seriously. Exspecially this teacher, Mr Chew. Each time i didnt pass something, he asks me to do it again. He thinks i'm taking this Sukantara thing small time. I tried my best so be it!!! I'm now a lazy slacking fella to some teachers because i didnt pass certain events.

The world is loco!
the world is loco...