Thursday, May 31, 2007

And it had to be him...

Hmm.. Monday had one of the happiest days of my life. Could have been the happiest one ever though! Damn... If only I could read the minds of women better. @#$%!!!!!

Then, Erica kept asking me who is Jason. I thought it was the freaking tall Jason. Indian dude. So, i was a little :-(. Then, she told me today that it was that Jason that went out wif us. It sounded familiar. Then i confirmed with Celine, whos at KL. And it really was him. But, nvm. More like a bug.

31/5= 70kg

Monday, May 14, 2007


I finally managed to get myself together to blog.

Firstly, the title explains it all. I'm currently 73kg. Yup. 73kg. Went down for a while when i expected the 3 day training a week to start for the upcoming football tournament. Seems that the program got cancelled when the coach found out the tournament is a 6 on 6 footbaall tournament. I was totally =.=" when i heard the news. Then, i worked part-time as a mascot for housing property promotions. I was Spiderman for 4 straight shifts. The Spiderman suit was one piece and was totally uncomfortable when you sweat!!! I mean.. the sticky-ness sticks to your skin.. BLUEK!!! Last Saturday's job was very funny. I was standing at the junction, inviting people to the event when i suddenly heard someone use his loudspeaker and called, "Spiderman!!!" i didn't know who it was so i ignored it. Then, in a kena-tak-layan kind of voice "Spiderman....". I looked at the other side of the road it it was a police car with 4 officers inside. LOL. They made one big round and asked me where to get one these costumes. I told them its the company's and few minutes later, they went off. LOL.

WOKAY! The job has caused me to miss 3 trainings in a row. Which explains my weight. And, the 3 day a week training is coming soon, so i have to ikat perut at home and school and do workouts at the tennis court. I dont like running on treadmills.

I'm gonna report the progress of my weight every week.. CIAO

14/7= 73kg