Sunday, June 24, 2007


Dating StrengthsDating Weaknesses
1. Sense of Humor - 85.7%
2. Confidence - 83.3%
3. Spirituality - 76.9%
4. Open-Mindedness - 63.6%
5. Friendliness - 62.5%
1. Arrogance - 62.5%
2. Vanity - 58.3%
3. Negative Reputation - 55.6%

Dating Strengths Explained
Sense of Humor - Girls are attracted to people with a good sense of humor. Be sure to put yours on display!
Confidence - You are sure of yourself and confident of your abilities. Displays of confidence go a long way when attracting a date.
Spirituality - Your spiritual side brings you peace and balance, and keeps you grounded. This is attractive, as you can help reinforce this quality in other people.
Open-Mindedness - You are open to trying new things and entertaining new ideas, and this widens your pool of available girls.
Friendliness - Your friendliness makes you approachable and fun to be around. A wide circle of friends also works to your advantage on the dating scene.
Dating Weaknesses Explained
Arrogance - You are a bit full of yourself. You need to practice a little humility now and then, as arrogance can be a turn-off.
Vanity - Learn to put a lower priority on looks. Appearance is, of course, important, but vanity is undesireable. The only people you will attract are the superficial.
Negative Reputation - Your reputation may be working against you. Sometimes this is impossible to control, but try to counter-act it by presenting yourself in positive ways.
Dating Strengths and Weaknesses Quiz

Thursday, June 21, 2007


K.. Wednesday, my school had Canteen Day. Had to go coz got futsal tournament. Played the first match, which drew 1-1. Coz my team faced off with team MSAB 1. Yeah, the first of 2 of my school team.. Won the second match comfortably. I think 4-0 or 5-0... I'm goal-keeper btw. And during the match, i even decided to go on a crazy run. Haha.. Then, i had to go Canvent at 12 15 to get something from Natalie. The timing was good. Coz after the match finished, terus go there. Arrived there, i looked for her near the Convent bus stop. Finally saw a group of girls, try to spot her. The other girls stared at me like i'm gonna do something *toot*.. XD

K.. got the stuff (pig keychain). Nat hinted to me that She will come at 12 35. So, i decided to wait at the Malay stall in front of Convent. She arrived, came and say a few words to me. Few minutes later, She and Nat had to leave. I also had to leave coz i got 1 more match in the group stage. When i came back to school, i asked my team mates. "whens the next match?" they replied, "you missed the next match.. but we won 4-1" "we are in the FINALS!!!". Ok.. we lost the semi-final match but won 3rd place. We beat the MSAB 1 3-1. We knew their weakness.. and the prize is........

1 bronze trophy for each member, a hamper and RM20 for the team... RM20... Enough to belanja roti canai for the whole team. *psst.. pork!!

Went back sun burnt, legs aching. Soon got a phone call at 6 from Nat. Strange thing is.. isnt she supposed to be in school. She told me something that really made me think twice before choosing the right friend to trust. Back stabbing, batrayal.. the crappiest thing a friend could do. Something which i've promised not to share...

My word for those who have been hurt by your own friends:-

There will always be people who’ll hurt you, so you need to continue trusting, just be careful.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today, i had basketball training. I also had a WONDERFUL welcome. "Bryan, good morning. 40 push ups, 80 sit ups, 15 laps and 2 full court suicides." Thank you. XD After training, went to City Square at 1 30. Went around. And i saw this 2 piece orange bikini on display outside a shop. I remember last month, i went out wif Her, her cousin and sister. It used to be blue... Haha. THIS IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!!! XD.

Yesterday, chat wif Her (she didnt go school) and she had to go to Her shop. Since it was near my football training ground, I wanted to say hi. But, i got lost around the area and didnt manage to give a wave. And to see the priceless face of Hers. Here comes the stupid part. I ran everywhere coz i know i was late for training. I ran all the way to the training ground just to find my friend forgot to bring my boots. T.T Had to play with slippers while everyone was fully equipped. XD.. stuuupid...

And, about the last enrty, everything has returned to normal... Life goes on...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What a way to end the day..

The holidays were very fun. Had futsal matches with friends. Had church camp.

Yes, church camp. Long time since i've been to one. This time it was Genting. We had a very funny speaker. I learnt a few "appetising" jokes from him. Like the story of The Begger, The twin sisters and Almond Nuts. Hehehe.. for those who are about to go out for a lunch or dinner with me, watch out!!! Went to the top of Genting. It was FREAKING COLD!!! -4 DEGREES!!! Oh, wait.. that was Ice World. =.=" Ok. I got really pissed bocoz I havent get a chance to buy FHM and Top Gear magazine during the holidays. >:-( Overall, it was fun.

Ok. About the Title. Yesterday I had a long conversation wif Her. Talk talk talk. Then, did a video call. Talked about each parents opinion on their children having a BF or GF. (wait.. this conversation about the Bf Gf thing was the day before yesterday.. anyway.. ) I remember my mom used to tell me "You can have a GF as long as you DONT GET INTO TROUBLE or ASK MONEY FROM ME!" =.=".... Hmm, showed off our stuffed toys. But nothing beats my Spongebob plushie. Wahaha!!! As i was about to go offline ( my mom was shouting at me, and it was 2am ) She told me something.

She: i wanna tell you something
Me: yeah?
She: dont be sad ok...
She: i told a guy....
She: i....
She: love....
( i tot she was going to say something funny here )
She: u...
( ....T.T.... )
Me: who is that guy?
She: - censored- ( more like i forgot his name, but it was a very weird name )
Me: Umm... ok..
She: r u sad?
Me: no ( of course.. people who know me, i dont often tell what i feel )

Then, i said good luck and goodbye. She gave me her number. And i went offline. Of course, didnt have a good sleep. My mind hae been over loaded with thoughts ever since then. Still at it. I even missed my bus by over sleeping...