Monday, July 23, 2007

Its Tuesday

And fater school, I terus online. Yesterday so nicely chatting wif Her until my mum ask me to off com. M'C'B... T.T. Ok.. nvm..

So, Friday, finally got to chat wif Her again. Then my mum ask me off again. Since i tak puas, i called Her (extreeeeeemly rare) at 1a.m till... 3a.m. o.O".. Yes 2 hours.. haha. Dun worry, its house phone to house phone. Break all my calling record. We talk about alot of crap. From the chocolate gallery near my house, to MARIJUANA to Yoda. Phone bill sure damn high wan, this month coz called a lot of people through cellphone. If house phone then cheap la.. Like my friend said "as long as youre happy..". :)

Anyway.. Exam started yesterday. It was easy.. all of them. I think i'll pass most of the subjects. Physics, CONFIRM fail.. Sejarah I not sure.. But the rest, confident can pass la.. Exam finishes tomorrow..


Ok.. i'll end here. update next time..

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Update 2

At cyber cafe rite now. Yesterday went to hang out wif nast at cs for a little while.. Thanks to the LDDS meeting.. hehe.. Nat's friends called me a gentleman after what i did. Andthey also think i'm her BF.. =.="

Ok, i miss Her so badly, my school english teacher was able to tell the difference. She asked me "Bryan, i've realised that you havent been so vibrant and bubbly these past few days. Wat happened?".. o.O"

Tomorrow got basketball tournament at Larkin. Going against a crappy school. Hope we can beat them badly. They mocked us.. Although they were WAAAAAAAYYYY shorter than us in terms of physique..

Wish me good luck for tomorrow...
I MISS HER!!!! 2 weeks liao...... T.T

Sunday, July 8, 2007


If you noticed, i havent been online for a freaking long time. Coz i got banned from laptop since "Hari Jalinan Mesra". Sounds nice.. but its evil!!! Open Day is its A.K.A... Pn. Vijaya made my life miserable. I actually did quite OK according to my TOV. But that Old Hag said only the fcking bad stuff about me. I'm making her teaching more miserable in class now.. Since that day, i havent chat with HER online.. I MISS HER!!!! T.T

Hmm.. Nat also kena. But not as bad as mine. I banned 24/7.. she can play for at least 2 hours on weekends... T.T Last Friday supposed to go to CS wit Nat, but she found out some of her father's friends working at there. So, she couldnt go. Disappointing really.. I was really excited..

Now, i have to secretly go online on my sis's laptop or go cyber cafes. Now chatting with Nat. She going off soon.. When her mum starts to scold her. But her mum really evil lor.... must admit.. Haha.. everyone is starting to think i'm her BF. NO! I'm not her BF. I wanna make things clear.. There are those that think i'm her BF, those that are confused, and those ( my close friends ) that understands everything...

Today, pastor talked about LOVE. He wanted to make an example.. I happened to be the guy. Coz he asked the church "Who is in love here? The young people.." Somehow, my hand raised into the air... without the command of my brain.. and he asked me for the name of my GF. Like i have one. But my mum and friends were so excited, they started guessing.. and shouting out names.

The conclusion, Bryan and Diana!!! WHO THE HECK IS DIANA!!?? me and my friends asked.. LAWL!!!

So, tried my acoustic guitar at church, got it tuned and it sounds much better.. haa..