Monday, August 27, 2007


YESYESYESYESYES. Thats all i can say. Boy, am i a jolly happy man or not? During the holidays, i went out to cs wit Her. Wednesday to be exact. Nothing happened. (talk to me to find out more!). But i went back a freaking happy fella... hehe.. wooo hooo!

We can't be officially together coz of reasons..
Aww.. sad rite? I just have to wait... for 4 years. o.O"

Furthermore, i found out she lives DIRECTLY in front of my Megah Ria house!!! *thats it, im moving there when im 18! XD... Our House facing each other... wooo hooo...

Anyway, today my book got confiscated by Miss Shymala. I was reading the book when she caught me reading in her class. The Book? "Finding Your Life Partner"... Yes, everyone was laughing when she read the title... hopefully i'll get it back soon coz she tought there was some explicit content inside. *its a Christian book =.="...

This week is gonna kill me! Thursday night, i have a basketball match against SSI. Then, Friday morning i have a futsal tournament somewhere at Sri Alam. The same day, at nite i have ANOTHER futsal tournament at City Plaza. XD... Saturday, i'll be on my bed the whole day.


So, from here.. you know im a happy man.. Without "Finding Your Life Partner".. T.T..

Monday, August 20, 2007


My school's I.U was. "Ok". I was the last minute emcee. I dun like last minute emcee jobs but noone else ma. So, i rented a Spiderman costume wore it and kinda welcomed people at the entrance. I kacau some girls by singing loves songs since they dont know who i am. Then suddenly, my outgoing president, from out of nowhere shouted "EH! BRYAN! WHAT R U DOING!!??" The girls looked at me and were like "Bryan!!??". Who could have guessed Bryan Yong would voluntarily wear a Spiderman suit. Well, my friends i guess.....

So, emceed with Spiderman suit on. Kinda got "angry" in the suit coz the scheduel kept changing and all. In the end, i changed to my formal clothes and said, "No, I'm not fcking gonna do it anymore". Then, the installation. Got sergeant-at-arms. Wooo hooo. Ada banyak kuasa but a lot of responsibility. Then drama was crap. Acting was crap. The only nice part (according to the audience) was my fighting scene and the other one i forgot.

Convent install was good... "good" better than my i.u. Their dance was FUIII YOOO!!! Can get nosebleed man. I was totally hypnotised. It was -couldnt find word in dictionary-. Den won an encyclopedia and got a plant as a souvenier. All club property. The encyclopedia it worth... 25 POUNDS!!!!!!!!! Can cut throat man. Summore people sponsor them for free. Fui yoo... 25 pounds..

And during the install i get to saw Her. Didnt get to say a word to Her coz teachers were like looking... Haiz.. Havent talked to Her in person for 3 months liao... T.T

thats all... now i learning how to tap a guitar.. XD

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Firstly, FOA was good. I was MC again. I was part of the Harry Potter sketch. There was somethnig wrong with the music. So, a lot of poeple didin't know what was going on at certain points... But, my 2 "great" MC partners were kinda inexperienced. One left me alone several times, the other stuttered on the stage. Next year, i wanna me MC again but with other juniors.. To get them some experience...

Anyway, the bitch didn't let me talk to Her. Not a single word. I asked Gujivan to pass the dog to Her. Then a few minutes later, i got it back. Then i realised why. So, nvm. Then, one of Nat's friends help me pass it to her on Monday. She said She like it when i asked her after school... Woo hoo!!

Now, basketball. SSI game coming soon. But the Setiausaha couldnt get the approval of the Pengetua to hold trainings just for this week. This shows that the school doesnt have trust in us. Thay think were doing this just for the sake of ponteng-ing class. And, my captain asked us to train tomorrow after school, 2 p.m at the school basketball court. Without shelter. This shows my captain got no brains.

So, She is going out with 2 other guys during the holidays. I just found this out. It makes me feel like one of those fools. Isnt that a little too bitchy? Well i guess its the other things in Her that i love about that keep me chasing Her. And Her sis got a problem with me. Should i confront Her sister or not? Hmm...