Monday, October 22, 2007


History. Oh yeah.. I havent blogged in ages coz i was too busy playing Age Of Empires II. Ya la.. I a bit out dated playing a year 1999 game. But everybody admit its still fun. I like it when i play the Chinese. You click on a villager and ask them to go chop some wood, they'll answer "I'll get the axe" in Chinese. How cool eh, see your own kind in a game. Im Proud to be a Chinese. Although im partially Chinese....

I find it interesting reading and going through other countries history. England going it all out with France for 100 years.. The Roman Empire. Our history? The only part of our history that i like is during the British occupation and Japanese occupation... The rest? Malay people fighting foreigners who were armed with guns by trying to stab them with their keris.. Oh yeah. And they had balls too! Balls to try to catch cannon balls flying towards their faces.

OK! MY LIFE.. We are still not officially together..
Celine's bday was good.. very crowded.. Gave har a basketball jersey with her fav number and her name at the back. Nike wei... :P

Today didnt go school.. I decided it while bathing at 5 45am.. Coz today was Accounts.. something i dont study. So, i will be basically wasting my time at school. Before that, i slept at 1 40am after watching Kimi Raikonen crowned the Driver's Champion for the 2007 Formula 1 season... Den woke up at 5 40.. Slept again at 6am.. den wake up at 2 20.. I HAD MORE THAN 12 HOURS OF SLEEP...


Saturday, October 6, 2007


NOOOOOOOOO........ WE, the Fantastico Brothers are devastated by the new that there will be no SPEC this year... Aww, its ok. Theres always next year... HEHE

So, exam is next week. Starting on Wednesday. Then Thursday "holiday" and Friday holiday. And this year got the many of holidays (my english teacher gonna kill me for this part). I wanna get A for Add Maths.. I wana get that RM100 my tution teacher bet on me yesterday (although my tution teacher doesnt teach me Add Maths.. =.="). Modern Maths can go suck balls... lousy teacher at school.. But most inportantly, Biology must suck testicles... Why do my school Biology teacher love to suck testicles??!!

Thursday i watched my first ever Champions League match!!! Chelsea won 2-1 against Valencia!!! WOOO HOOO!!! slept at 5 and was extremely tired the next day at school. Couldnt focus...

And my life? Its ok la.. A bit on the good side. She and I not officially together yet.. But can consider together edi la... And some fella has been talking loads of bullshit behind me.. Pfftt..

Thank you.