Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Tonite! I shall name all the names people have named me. Its 1 34am. I know i should get some sleep. But i sleep early wan ok? *early in the morning

NAMES A.K.A Alias of Bryan Yong:-

Yong Tou Foo
Lan Jiau!!
Ci Bai!!
Petr Cech!!
Ming Ming

and more...
Bryan should sleep early more often.. i know..

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ok... on 11/11/2007. haha. nice date eh? Bryan Yong and Her officially together!!! wahahahahahahhaaha. *cough cough

I duwan tell further details!!

K... Had makan at arif's house 2 weeks ago. Den follow my mum to her friends Deepavali party at Tampoi.. Pulai View Condo.. WOOO HOOO! Freaking awesome party. Got lamb barbecue, where they barbecue the whole lamb in one piece!!! You want some, they cut a piece for you. Its delicious btw. Then have the standard satay too. And normal food.. But the condo was awesome! ( 2nd time edi... ). The party was at the poolside. The view was fantastic, cool wind blowing.

As i was sitting at the bench, enjoying barbecued lamb, a glass of Coke.. Den a guy and his baby son was walking by the poolside. Den the son stopped and stared at me. I smiled and he smiled back. Father also smile, not that he is gay.. Den his mother from out of nowhere.. "HOOII!! WHAT R U DOING!!?? DUN LET THIS GUY TOUCH OUR BABY!!!" O.o".. Do i really look so criminal-ish? Den i told my mum the whole story. And while i was taking more lamb, my mum came to me and said "i 'scolded' the woman edi.. haha".. Den i look over seeing the crazy woman smiling at me back. Oh well, Filipilo la.. XD

Den next day, makan t Malay friends house. Next day attend Wedding dinner.. One of my father's close friend's doughter's wedding. Next day Chiew's bday party.. Was late. Ate little food...

ARGH!!! CHELSEA DREW 1-1 WIT EVERTON!!!! >:-/ hmmpphh..

Life? its good.. ahh...