Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 (1)

Hmm.. An early conclusion for 2007. Got loads of things on my mind i want to say.. Couldnt sleep. And its 4 am... o.O"

So, 2007 is the best year so far. Some people call it the honeymoon, Form 4. School was ok.. Learning new subjects was fun. But Bio and Physics were boring. Erm... Physics was boring coz the teacher was boring. But Bio is total crap.... The subject was boring enough. And the teacher could only made it worse... Wow. Finally got a teacher whose English is better than mine.. lol.. Add maths was a total nightmare in the early months for me. I totally suck at Chapter 1.. And i still do, believe it or not. Finally got into the school basketball team in the mid term. Got Sergeant-In-Arms in Interact Club, Publicity Director in LDDS. Fantasticos were fantastico.. Did lots of crazy stuffs, whcking tables with brooms to release stress.. lol. 2007 was an awesome school year..

Socially, 2 new person came and made a huge difference in my life. Natalie and Erica... Knowing them both had given me more possibilities socially.. Had a roller coaster love life. Serious fcking shit happened. Was very sad.. But a Fantastico stays fantastico... This year, i had my first ever girlfriend.. And I'm loving her more everyday.. For the first time, i say her name.. Her name is Erica Lee Yee Ling... Hmm. But 2007 also saw a very close friend of mine leaving JB for KL... Yup. Its Celine Yap!!! She influenced my year in my love life.. Advices.. bleh. Thank You la...

Hmm... Next year, i'll be losing my laptop, says my mum coz its SPM for me. Bleh.. There goes all the games.. In sports, it was a good year. 3rd in the EC Futsal Open. 1st For the InterChurch Futsal tournament.. all together. I futsal, i had 4 first place and 3 third place finishes...

After next year, gonna leave the tution i've been attending since i was 8..

finally cleared my mind.. hope i can sleep..

Monday, December 17, 2007


First of all, i would lie to thank jeremy chian leet sern for not adding me into his bday wish list after my call from 11.55-12 wishing him happy bday. I even reminded your sweetheart (=.="... of all people) to wish you..

Secondly, Chelsea lost.

Thirdly, CRAZY Camp was okay.. Of all 97 people that came, only 2 Chinese chicks.. =.="... And 95% of the poeple there were Indians! THEY HAD STINKY FEET!!! XD. For the first time, me as a Chinese felt over powered by Indians.. (my "racial war") The last nite was the best. Me and a group of people consisting campers, facilitators and people in charge sang great oldies from the past.. haha. I joined them when they started siging Take Me Home Country Roads.. XD

Me and Her are doing great.. ty