Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm In Deep Faeces

I'm supposed to play guitar for the church today at 4pm. and now, its 5 20pm. I woke up late from my afternon slumber. I know i'm gonna get it from my mum wen she comes back. Maybe i'm still not used to it these past few days. Been missing church quite often and the last time i played guitar was a long long time ago. Before Zin Vi's wedding in November.

As i woke up just now, i keep thinking about the things i've done during this holiday. CHILL Camp, Christmas Play wif Sacred Heart, parties, parties and parties. DAMN! I left my monkey at Steve's house. Friday's on Friday was Sara's party. As usual, Jackson made me crash it. Had Jack Daniel's burger and chocolate chips milkshake. Sorry Sara! My present so last minute and so embarassing. XD...

And they took away my Friday's virginity.

Sara, still thinking wat song to sing.

Finally! She is singing! (notice some workers showing the =.= face. She took a long time thinking wad song to sing.. XD)

Jackson, Yvonne and Sara...

Oh yeah. Not forgetting Jackson, he left for NS today.

Nope, not in a body bag. He did this after happily driving Clara's car as far as 10m. Hope he has fun there. And i cant believe he still forgot wat happened to him the other night at Steve's place. XD...

God bless his soul and my soul... My mum coming back soon..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

CHILL Camp!!!

I just came back from a 7 hour bus ride which started at Ipoh. Good bus. XD...

First Day
Arrived at 5 something and Jenny from St.Peters picked me and Jef Fri up from the bus station.
Den arrived at the camp site when free time was almost over. All the guys had to sleep in 2 dorms on the floor, but with matresses la.. XD. Got to know some people and started the night by dividing all the campers into groups. My group leader was Chelsea (YES! SOMEONE I KNOW THAT HAS THE SAME NAME AS MY FAV CLUB). I tot she was 15 or 14 so we picked her as group leader. And our group name was Sheeps & Lambs!

Day Two
Had exercise in the morning. Den went to workshops and chose roles for small skits. Oh yeah, i went for drama btw... I chose to be Person 1 in the skit "Why Didn't You Tell Me?". Story of two friends who find themselves dead and one of them goes on to heaven and the other to hell. But the one going to hell finds out that the one going to heaven didnt tell her that he was a Christian. And she was disappointed.. We practiced so hard on that day..

Day Three
Today was like any other day. Except that we had CHILL Hunt! We played several games for points. The groups had to compete against one another in the duration of camp. We won the duck walk and another stuff. Got second and third in other stuff. BECOZ WE DRAMA PEOPLE PRACTICED HARD, we got the day off.. Everyone was working their ass off ad we drama people either did sports or slept in our dorms. Some of us volunteered to help the mime, which only had 2 participants! lol..

Day Four
Today we had intensive practice for our drama. We practiced once, and got everything perfect next! AGAIN! Free time! and then full scale rehersals. It was fine.. A lot of people cried wen the two mime fellas did their thing. It was really touching. I didnt cry coz i watched them practice before.

Day Five
Chapati Savaadi. The day. Jeremy put me in charge of practicing the mime before the concert and passed me the script for the mime. After practicing once, I followed Jeremy to get my phone in the facilitator's dorm. And wen i wanted to start the 2nd practice, i realised... i dont have the script anymore. The script which the narrator is gonna use too. o.O"... Spent the next 15 minutes sweating like mad finding it. AND i finally found it in the facilitator's dorm.. Came back and it was too late. Didnt have time to do one more practice for mime.. pfftt.

Ans so, it started and i missed the break dance. Haih. Damn. My drama was great tho.. Everything was done soon and it was time to negotiate sleeping time for the last nite. At the end, only got 12 am coz the warden have to lock the area at 12..

Here are some pics..

Joel and my funny facilitator, Jeremy Joseph. (Joel is not naturally cock-eyed)

Me and Jeremy. Go Sheeps & Lambs!

Me and Suet Meng. Looks abit like Sharlene.. >.< href="">

Joshua and I. After taking this pic, someone said that Joshua's face looked funny.

Bryan and Bryan.

Me and Chelsea. Yes. I repeat. Chelsea of Chelsea FC. She short k... I had to bend my legs in this pic... Shes the Sheeps & Lambs Captain k!

Elucia YONG and me. Haha.. She looks like my neighbour. Who is 4 months pregnant wit her 2nd child... No insults k!

Jacinta Agnes and Me. But i prefer to call her Jacinta Johnson coz it rhymes... o.O" Shes also Sheeps & Lambs.

Joel, Me and Jared. Joel and Jared are brothers btw...

Me and Steffie. Shes the one who went to hell. >.<

Adrian and Me. He is such a joker la.. Cute fella. Conclusion? Gentle Giant.

Jonathan and Me with Adrian trying to get in the picture. He is the angle who took me to heaven.

Me and O.o"... I forgot her name!

Terrence with curry puff after 12am, in the dorm.

Last Day
I woke up late and quickly acked my stuff. Den went to Jenny's car who will send us to the bus station. On the way to the car, there were a few people waiting in front of the hall. Me and Jef Fri said our good byes and i had a group hug wit Chelsea and her friends.

Was so sad in the bus. Missing everything and the last sessions as it was just only 9am and the camp finishes at 10 30am. I received an sms from Jacinta saying Sheeps & Lambs got 2nd place. Made me more sad and wats more saddening?

Mineral Water branded CHILLer by the bus company... pfftt..

Thats all. Thanks for your time. XD

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wise Teachings Of The Three Wise Men

There are three wise men,
Who were born men.

They are Bryan, Jackson, Jourdan,
Whose names end with an "N".

If you're wondering why this badly rhymes,
It is because im not talented and do not have time.

The Teachings

"Those who sleep early, wake up early"

"Education is like food. Wat you eat determines wat you shit.
Therefore, life is like shit. Wat you eat, you shit."

"The smart is smarter than the dumb."

"Think you've known everything about pigs?
You don't know Jackson."

"Those who sleep late, wake up late"

"Having a lot of problems with your computer?
You sure you bought a computer?"

"A bad driver is like an asshole.
Always holding up shit."

"Time is never wasted,
when you are wasted all the time."

"A bad day at the cyber cafe,
is better than a good day at school."

Thats all for now. Thank you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fui yoohh...

Dallas Cowboys blog: Further evidence that Tony Romo really is a swell fella
By TIM MacMAHON / The Dallas Morning

A homeless man who goes by Doc was cashing in change at a Cinemark theater in Dallas when a guy walked up and offered to pay his way into the movie. Doc, who planned to spend his day passing out flyers for a few bucks, accepted a rain check before realizing that he recognized the generous gentleman.

"Was that Tony Romo?" Doc asked the kid behind the counter.

It sure was. Doc hustled across the street to the consignment store that paid him to occasionally pass out flyers and requested the day off. By the time he got back to the theater, "Role Model" had already started.

Romo, who confirmed the story but didn't want to elaborate, waved Doc over to sit by him and his buddy. Doc sheepishly mentioned that he hadn't showered in a few days.
"Don't worry about that," Romo said. "I'm used to locker rooms."

And so the $67 million quarterback and a man who doesn't have $6.70 to his name sat next to each other and shared laughs for 90 minutes or so.

For Romo, who made news by changing a couple's tire on the side of the road on the way home the night of the season opener, it was just another kind gesture to a random stranger. It meant the world to Doc.

"For me, it was a blessing," Doc said. "It came at just the right time. It gave me some encouragement and faith in mankind. I just wanted to say thank you."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jourdan's Band

Featuring Jourdan's Band's First's Album's release:


1. Enter Tuckman
2. Move Your Balls, Shake Your @#$%!
3. Run To The Well
4. Ruler, Rubber, Shaker
5. Master the Puppets
6. Hotel Malaya

Get your album now! Johor Bahru-wide! And stand a chance to win an outing to City Square with Jourdan's Band! All expenses paid by our sponsors:

Kapok Guitars

-Guitar Kapok can make in to musical instrument-


Jin Bao Drums

-Cat skin have never sounded this good!-

Thank You.

Friday, October 31, 2008


ARGH.. SPM damn near edi.. Thursday had Physics but didnt really study in class. Coz teacher gave us a stack of trial papers from other states to complete during the holidays. But i forgot to bring the papers and since he is a ganas teacher, I took out two old trial papers that he gave. One for me, and one for Jourdan, Jackson was doing some Physics work with Saravanan at the back that teacher gave to him..

Den i felt sleepy... And i slept awhile wit my head bent, facing the paper just in front of me on the table. When i woke up, the teacher was scolding Jourdan. And then, he pointed at me saying, "And you! I don't know what you doing, look at the paper and do nothing only!"

Physics was coming to an end and he wanted to collect everyone's marks for the paper. Everyone was saying 26, 28, 25.. etc.
And it was my turn! But i didnt have the paper wit me so i pretended.

Teacher : Bryan Yong!
Me : Erm.. 31..
Teacher : Hah? 21?!
Me : No. 31...
(teacher stares at me)
Teacher : Bryan Yong, i dont know how you get the 31.. When the full mark is 28!
(thinks awhile)
Me : Oh, oh.. i thought multiply by two.. 15.5, so 16 la...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Battlefield 2

Famous Quotes

"I eat American, I smell American and I respawn American", U.S Marine soldier.

"Sorry chief", U.S Marine in court marshall after killing one of his team mates.

"How I wish I was as goos as those medics in Battlefield 2", doctor who failed to save his patient.

Jackson forgot to take back his Walkman after drama practice today. so, i decided to listen to a few songs. The first three was ok. And then came These Hours Of Despair, one of his WWWHHHOOOOOAAAAA!!!!! songs... I think i got the meaning of the lyrics...

We burn this snow,
Custard blackened tarts,
If i learned the full song,
'Below Day Light',
Your raisins,
Your wonderful me.

Sha kha wo kan ni men!!!
Lying your light sha kanff!!!

Well I considered,
This thing to touch your lam-pah,
And snore inside your soft jaw,
The boy you crossed just now hurts,
Paid for hundreds,
Called me day after day.

White messiah,
Crying dwarf by the fire, cryyyyyy,
Life for life gorillaaaa,
Caught firey.

And I cried blood, wolf, Kraft.

These hours of despair,
Rich in gnolls....

KK.. my sis wan use edi.. i shall continue the song some other time...

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hope you like wat i gave you!

Picture of us after paintball.

And so, after raya holidays, it was back to school for us... On Friday, we reviewed the English test paper..

After that had BM.

And after rehat, Physics..
And more Physics...

After school, we watched The Grudge 5.

After everything, its tution again with Hell.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last Saturday had paintball with Melvin Soh's friends, together with Jackson, Jourdan and Vinesh. Played a few rounds and there was this guy which we called the terrorist coz he is from Uzbekistan and he didnt get shot at all during the first few rounds. Will upload the pics next time.. Oh wait, didnt i mention the incident where i got shot at the balls? Wait. The Ball? The right one. Once again, i got shot and i lifted my hand up. But this two unknown fellas shot 2 times, one of the bullets, i can see flying towards me and the other one, going somewhere else, somewhere dangrously low... As i stood there in agony, all Jackson could do was watch and ask, "YONG! WAT HAPPENED!?!?"

And Jourdan was the captain for a few rounds. FUI YOOH! Nope. Not so heroic.. We were playing 'Kill The Captain'. I planned to cover Jourdan and Jackson from the back while they advance, since the captain cant stay in one spot too long. So, Jackson would go frist. Den Jourdan would take his place, vice versa. Den as Jourdan took Jackson's position, that Jackass Jackson patah balik. 2 fellas hiding behind a palm tree under heavy fire and shouting at each other.

Jourdan: What you doing!?!?
Jackson: AAAAAAAA!!! (trying to find cover behind jourdan)
Jourdan: Fck you la! you go first!!!

Ok, after paintball went to Jackson's house wif Jourdan and treated us for dinner somewhere near my house. As i was finishing my drink, Jackson or Jourdan gave me a nudge. OHH! Nat's family was there!!

Went back home and den,

The sound of an M1 Garand, Jackson's fav weapon. Played Call of Duty 2 till i got bored and uninstalled it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Finally i transferred all my pics in the phone memory to the memory card..
I love my home.. The view is fantastic.. Exspecially the pieces of meat that lives in the house..
My Mum..
And sometimes, Aunty Jessica..

Ok, i almost forgot bout Jackson's party. AKA porky, saggy boobs, The Furious Zipper..
SPM around the corner. They do this in Sweden..

The Thai food during the party wasn't enough for some...

10 September 2008. The best school day of my life. Cabut-ing school isnt a big deal among my friends. But that day was extremely fun. First, one whole group of chinese fellas including me tried to walk out through the front gate. We were so close till the dicipline teacher appeared out of nowhere. We ran like chickens and took the jungle way. I followed Gurdave, the expert who let the other guys go frist stating his wise words "Let them go, we will see wat happens from afar. Like in chess, let the pawns go first." He was rite, we suddenly saw a huge group of Chinese fellas running up the hill to SETA (where we exit from the jungle). We rethinked our plans and settled at MAWAR for awhile. I wanted to get out of there fast. Gurdave and Brendan went off first, planning to walk all the way to the hospital to catch a bus. I had to follow Jackson and the physically unfit people who wanted to catch their breaths a little longer.. DUM DUM DUM. A security guard came to us and asked for our names, we wrote on the paper a list of names that could only be found in Mongolia.. But, he let us go and we took a cab to Subhash's house, soon i return home VIA Jackson's mum...

Trials are now! BUSY BUSY BUSY...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Puppet Man (master of puppets translation)

I wanted the lyrics of this song.. but i was lazy. So, i just listened to it and wrote down wat i heard..

In the Pass-Leh-Vey,
Crumbling away,
I know a solider's dad's construction.

Painted up with pear,
Sucking Jaka's spear,
Kneeling on your dad's construction.

Taste me you will see,
Maurice is all you need,
Dedicated to bawang killing you!

Comforting faster,
Obey your master,
Your life burns faster,
Obey your master! Master!

Master of pupetta pulling your strings,
Twisting your mind as fast as you drink,
Daniel, I mean, you can't see a thing,
Just call my name coz I will scream!
Master, master!

Did you walk away?!
Nevermind you betray!
Lai Fok's death becoming clearer,
Playing monopoly,
Rico's misery,
Time your breakfast at a mirror....

Lai Fok = dunno who he is.. most probably asian, eastern...
I got tired of listening to the song..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A moustache, a gym, and a taxi driver..

I thought my condo gym was the crappiest gym on the whole wide world. Till i thought about it. The rules of the gym. The equipment. And it makes sense. Compared to other gyms, this one is made for personal use. Which brings its standards up from crappiest gym on the whole wide world to enough to make me wana stay there for an hour.

And yesterday i watched a movie with Her. Since i havent shaved my moustache in a long long time, i was walking to the cinema and received a lot of advertisements. Advertisements for life insurance, work insurance, business loans.. etc etc. And Her sister kept pestering me to shave.

Then, my moustache took a toll on my looks as i took a cab back home. Seeing that a taxi refused to take a group of guys, i quickly entered the taxi which offered me a good price.

Taximan: Hai yo. Itu budak-budak, saya sudah beri mereka murah kerana mereka pelajar. Tapi tak mahu.
Me: Ohh...
Taximan: So, kau baru balik kerja ah?
Me: Erm.. tak lah..
Taximan: Ohh.. Jalan-jalan ya..
Me: Yea..
Taximan: Habis, you kerja kat mana?
Me: Erm.. Saya masih belajar..
Taximan: Belajar kat universiti ke college mana?
Me: Saya masih Form 5, bang...
Taximan: FORM 5!?!?!?!?!?

One day i will shave, but not now..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hotel Malaya

This is one of the few songs i've been changing...

Hotel Malaya (hotel california)

(verse 1)
On a dark North-South Highway,
Break wind at my face,
Warm smell of nitrogen,
Rising up through the air,
Up ahead at a distance,
I saw a perhentian,
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim,
I had to stop for the night.

There he stood in the doorway,
I heard the ice-cream bell,
I was thinking to myself this could be KL or this could be Klang,
Then he switched on the flashlight,
And he show me the way,
There were workers down the corridor,
I thought i heard them say.

Welcome to the Hotel Malaya!
Such a lovely place,
Such a lovely face,
Plenty of room at the Hotel Malaya,
Any time or year,
You can find it here.

(verse 2)
My mind is tiffany twisted,
I got a Mercerdes Benz,
I got a lot of pretty pretty boys,
That i call friends,
I shall dance at the disco,
Cold but still i sweat,
Some dance to remember,
Some dance to forget.

So i called up the Captain,
Please bring me your wife,
He said "We haven't had that slut here since 1969"
But still those vioces are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night,
Just to hear them say!


People on the ceiling,
Cheap champange on ice,
And he said "We are all just prisoners her of our own demise"
Then in the Master's Chamber,
I stabbed it with my steely knife but i just cant feel the beef.

Last thing i remember,
I was running from the door,
I had to find my handphone at the place i slept before,
"Hello" said the madman,
"Ah Chai took your phone",
You can check out anytime you like,
But you can also leave....

Thank You.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yes, on Saturday i went school. Late. I tot i saw only a few students talking at the gate. To my dismay, as i entered the school compound, a teacher called me over with my phone in my pocket. I saw a window of opportunity to drop my phone into my inside shirt. But my balls were shivering and that opportunity disappeared.. So, he just took a touch of my pocket and he had my phone...

But, my mum came and tried to retrieve the phone coz i brought it so that Charlotte could contact me for the day's church band practice.. Rules are rules! Can only collect my phone on Friday without my mum since she came to school already to see the teacher..

As i was going to enter my class at 6 50 am, one of my schoolmates was waiting in front of my class and telling me not to go, claiming my class was snowing. To my dismay as i looked into the class, the class was covered in white powder, apparently sprayed from 3 empty fire extinguishers around the block. Vandelism obviously by form 2 students. Had to clean up the class on our own. But the good news is, teacher belanja us drinks and we didnt have to study for the day.

followed mum to the first Johor Overseas Filifino Association's 1st anniversary dinner. She was there and so was her sis and grandparents.. Couldnt say a word to Her in person so used only hand gestures and eye contact...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Julian Seow Kueh Teow United

Yesterday had Interhouse basketball tournament.. My team consisted of Subhash, Jourdan, Jeffrey, Parthiban, Chen and me! Now if youre wondering why we named our team Julian Seow, its becoz he paid 5 buck, but didnt get to play. Well, at least he said it was worth the money during Subhash's bday party....

Yea.. We lost. But we lost with pride! 4 out of my team's 6 players dont play basketball! I gave them a 30 minute crash course each.. I told them to come at 7 but i myself came at 7 30.. =.=". Oh yeah.. I was CAPTAIN!!! I told them i was coming at 6 30.. >.<..

First game my team was leading for 1 minute after i scored the first point through a lay up (everyone had a shock!).. Den, we lost 13-20. I scored 7 points, Parthiban wif 4 and Jourdan wif 2... Den Clara showed me a video of me scoring..

You can hear in the background of the video...
"OMG!!! Bryan scored!?!?!?"
"------ that team sucks lah..."

Den subhash party was fun. Knew him since we were 10. Then at the end of the party, everyone kumpul at the gate for no reason and i took pictures of cars also.. As if they were mine.. And everyone was so thirsty for a drink, we quickly ran to the house again only to see his sis drinking a bottle of Ice Cream soda... so, we had to settle for plain water..

Thank You.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yeap... its off..

Michael Learns To Rock - Complicated Heart

Don’t know what to say now
Don’t know where to start
I don’t know how to handle
A complicated heart

You tell me you are leaving
But I just have to say
Before you throw it all away

Even if you want to go alone
I will be waiting when you’re coming home
If you need someone to ease the pain
You can lean on me, my love will still remain

Don’t know what you’re thinking
To me it seems quite tough
To hold a conversation
When words are not enough

So this is your decision
And there’s nothing I can do
I can only say to you

Even if you want to go alone
I will be waiting when you’re coming home
If you need someone to ease the pain
You can lean on me, my love will still remain

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Wan watch me perform during my awesome I.U day?
Jourdan's Band - Enter Tuckman (Tuck It In!)

A day to remember...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


You're on a date with your bf/gf. Both of you are at City Square and both of you decide to share a banana split at Baskin Robbins (The B.R Cafe to my mum, i'll explain later). Both of you are having fun and you just decided to give him/her a kiss on the cheek. But then, you think about it.

You're gonna get alot of attention from the passer by's. The uncles, the aunties. They're gonna go, "Ai Yoh!! So young already like this.. This generation har..". To think about it, whenever our uncles and aunties take us a ride around town, they'd tell us stories of how and where they go dating when they're teenagers. Yea la. They can we cannot lah?

And other teenagers like groups of ah bengs and other guys. They'd either stare at you or make noises. Have you people never seen couple havinmg a good time together? For once, you should try giving your girlfriends a hug, or a kiss. OR, you've only been kissing the middle part of your partners. And some of you should stop treating your gf's like trophies. Just because they're pretty or hot, doesnt mean you HAVE to make her your gf...

And about B.R Cafe? Today at CS, my mum asked to meet her at the car park if i wanted to follow her back home. I was waiting at Auntie Anne's till my mum called, obviously sounding very angry..

"BOY! I call you so many times edi. Where r u!?!?!"
"I'm at Auntie Anne's, going to the carpark edi"
"Where is that?!?!"
"Wait, where r u?"
"I'm at the B.R Cafe.. downstairs.."
"Hah? What B.R Cafe?"
"Ai yah.. The one near Bata.."
"=.="... You mean Baskin Robbins.."

Jesus Christ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For my friend, Jeremy...

I really worry for Jeremy's dogs...
I was browsing through wikipedia..
And i came upon this disease...
Which made Jeremy come to my mind..
And his dogs..

Other illness that may occur are:
Panosteitis-(definition from AKC encyclopedia) Excessive formation of bone growth or different maturity around some joints on young dogs resulting in intermittent lameness...

Pls pray..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do you know?

If you ask me whether everything is fine..
The answer is God-damned NO.

Have you ever felt like loving someone who is in the rush to get rid of you?
Cant really blame Her..
There is always this 3rd person..

Friday, July 11, 2008


WAHAHAHA! just borrowed jackspn's PSP last week and i'm still having fun wit it. Although some claim they get bored over it fast. But hey! Games at 5 bucks a piece and great portability, you can bring it anywhere!

So, to those who are reading my blog.

EC I.U cum Installation on 27th of July 2008.
Ticket price is RM18.
Fear not.
Good food and fully air-conditioned.
Has a lot of space to move around.
Oh, I forgot.. Its at 12 30 pm, MAWAR.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Erm.. Frist of all. I'm not a cheerleader.. But She is!
Haha.. Today had kinda like a preview at dataran...
But as soon as the cheerleaders started, everyone rushed to the field...
Blocking me and gurdave's view..
But still my so-called breakfast for Her was not a waste...
Managed to pass it to her before it was too late...
Hope she liked it tho. >.<

Ahh.. the thought of it just kills me.
Does the cheerleading thing starts at 11 or 12??!!
I have to play for church worship team..
I'm really afraid of disappointing Her by missing Her routine..
But if gets really late for me, i would have to leave church early..
Missing the last song, although i still dont know how to play those killer chords..

God, please forgive me if i do so..

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Its the 29th of June, 5 44 am.. Cant seem to sleep after what happened today..

Not that i'm all excited about FOA..
It was ok. Ahh! My co-emcee make me wanna scratch my head till it bleeds!!!

I'm so sorry for Her. Couldn't spend much time with her coz i was busy.
But i did try my best to make time for us.
Yes, i know she was unhappy.. But wat she did later really..
Cant really say.. Mixed feelings..

Yeah, she liked Alton a lot before me..
But the way She talked, he talked..
In front of me..
And ignore me for 15 minutes..
And then walk together past in front of me..

Ok.. I've got Your message. You were unhappy..
But pls.. It hurts me k..
To see another man, so proud, so much ego on his face..
He even asked if You have a bf..

When was the last time we went out?
5th of April i guess..
I know You cant go out often..
So, i am patiently waiting for the chance to go out with You..

And when You did, You spent the time with your friends..
I dont mind about You going out wif them..
Thats what friends do, hang out.. have fun..
But you never had time for me..

I'd do anything for you..
Spend time with you..
Stay up late every night..
I dont want anything back..
Just your love, k..

Its not that i dont trust You..
Pls, just make me feel like we have each other's trust..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heart Of A Champion?

Yesterday was invited to play with Jordan's team in a futsal competition as a goalkeeper. First game was easy, won 5-0. This time, our team started to get over-confident. A sign of INEXPERIENCE.

Second game, we were up against a younger team, and better. We had no midfield, so after conceding 3 goals, i demanded that i play midfield to try and slow things down agianst a speedy opponent. Yes, we can score, but the OVER-CONFIDENT captain, Jeremy told me we can get back into the game. We had no pace, control and whatsoever. Every goal i conceded was a 3 0n 1 situation. As i sat there on the floor, i watch the ball roll past me slowly as my team watch in horror. I did not react. So what if i did? Probably the other 2 strikers will pounce on the ball that i save. After that game, they scolded me and replaced me with another Chinese gaolkeeper. As if he is as good as me..

Gone are the glory days when Sputnikers used to strike
FEAR into the opposition. We could win games at 8-0, 11-0.. Concede only 1 goal in a single tournament. We could beat the school team at futsal. Only me, Jeremy and Sharan are whats left of the remaining squad. Unable to form a new team, Sharan separated to join his friends.

The Malays in school used to respect the non-malays in futsal. Today, the best the non-Malays could do is qualify for knockout stages..

Oh well, interchurch futsal competition is coming soon i guess. Must defend the title.. XD Bought new golves coz the old ones had the only thin layer of latex come off.

P.S- call me!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Every Friday, i am IGNORED by Her...
Everytime we miss each other, we CAN'T GO OUT together...
Ya la.. She go out with other people can lah..
Have Fun..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tai Lo Credit Snd Bhd..

(numbers changed)

Hmm.. Exactly one week ago, went to church camp.. At Kuantan, Pahang. Coldn't sleep on the way coz the road was uber bumpy. Uncle Nicholas was the one in charge of the trip in the bus A.K.A Captain Nicholas. I was Captain Ah Loong coz i was busy promoting..
Tai Lo Credit, motto "Kita bukan Ah Long, kita mahu bantu sahaja.."

Den, on the first night i had asthma, couldnt breathe coz it was too cold and dry in the hotel. Waited for my room mate till 1 30a.m coz he was one of the few that couldnt get a holiday on work that day. Next morning went to a doctor and everything cost RM125!!! The consultation itself was RM48!!! If i could remember, his name is Dato' Dr. Ooi Hooi Yong. Yeap.. easy to remember.

Sunday went back. Worship is the best la.. Finally got a strap for my guitar after one year without one and boy, it is very useful. Jumped and moved around during worship. Theres one song where we kept repeating it coz it was simple and had a funky beat till i got off the stage and ran in front of the guest speaker and his team while playing.. XD

Ahhh.. Now feeling sho sleepy. Must be the medicine.. Waa. The drugs are powerful wei. One of them is Clenbuterol. A banned substance in sports. Mainly used for people with asthma but also athletes coz it increases lung capacity, metabolism rate, lower glucose level and supports a higher muscle to fat crap..

Now wan sleep edi..
Miss YOU sho much.. Cant wait to see YOU tomorrow!
LOVE YOU more than you think you love me more.. >.<.. bleh.. Embarassing moment! It was December 31st 1997, Eden Garden, Johor during the new year celebration. The mayor of Johor Bahru invited someone to sing the farewell song.. (tell me if you know..) it goes, "should all ????? be forgot and sumthin sumthin sumthin.. Noone answered so i raised my hand up. I was only 6 years old but i knew the song really well coz it was my last year of kindergarden and teacher thought us the song.. Waa. My parents was like O.o"... Then the mayor called me up, i wan i pajamas, infront of 1000 people.. and sang the song after the countdown.. LOL. He gave me a big stuffed toy in reward... XD

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Its Not Fair

Its the holidays.
Church camp this Friday.
Sorry Jeremy, cant play basketball this Saturday.

Hai yo.. Still cant go out wif Her.
I don't understand!!!!!
Summore cant see Her this Friday coz got church camp.

Anyway, day before yesterday went out wif jeremy, kay, victoria, evelyn, jourdan, jackson, joanne and zeke. Lepak around CS till watch Narnia 2 which lasted for 2 and a half hours. EEE.. The queen is not pretty!!! BLUEK.

Ok. Yesterday watched movie again.. This time wif Eu Chuan. He begged me to watch Iron Man wif him. Hahaha.. Ok. A bit gay there.. The starting of the movie was the best la!!! In english its Iron Man. But the B.M subtitle wrote ORANG BESI!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! XD.... Ahh, my mum complained that i keep spending money going cs. This day, i spent RM7. How? I made Eu Chuan belanja me for the movie..

Ahh.. been thinking of wat to be. Doctor or physiotherapy?
Being a doctor is exciting.. But stressful..
A physiotherapist.. Not bad, but im very interested..


I shall end with a very embarassing story of myself.
One day at CS, before i went back home.. I decided to get something to eat at McDonald. Tapau in english is take away.. BUT..

"Good evening sir, what would you like?"
"Erm.. The Grilled Chicken Foldover"
"Value meal, sir?"
"Are you having it here?"
"Erm.. I wanna take over."
"Take over.. I wanna take over.."

OH MY GOD... I tell you. Den only i realise wat i was saying.. After successfully taking away my meal, i quickly went back home..

Saturday, May 24, 2008



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life is a gamble

Life is a gamble, may you ask why?
We win some, we lose some,
Maybe thats the reason why.

We dream, we hope,
We strive to be the best.
Much has been planned, much have been done,
But we might just end up like the rest.

Love at first sight,
She's a wonderful sight,
You tell her you want her in your arms,
You confess, give her time,
But will she come back to your arms?

Life is a gamble,
The future we will never know,
Statistics, analysis, data, predictions,
You think you know.

But one thing is for sure,
This only God knows,
But one thing i know,
Chelsea will win, that i am sure..

Tagged by Kay..

1.what do you hate most about life now?
-can't be wif Her as much as i want to..
2.what makes you different from other people?
-the Bryan Aura... XD
3.what will u wish for if u see a shooting star right now?
-erm.. lots of things..
4.what are the 3things u want to do before you die?
-get married.
-have kids.
-long romantic holiday
5.who is your secret keeper?
-Fantastico and a friend
6.what would u like to do b4 getting married?
-propose on a romantic date!
7.what do u feel like doing right now?
-eating a can of longan
* you hate anyone right now?
-nope.. everyone seems fine to me..
* prefer starbucks or coffeebean?
-coffee bean!
10.what do u feel like eating now?
- a can of longan!!!
11.where do u feel like going now?
-next to Her
12.what do u want to do in future?what are ur plans?
- have a steady job in medical field..
13.who are u thinking of now?
-Her la..
14.if u could slap someone now,who would it be
- jourdan.. he knows why.. XD
15.if u could hug someone now,who would it be?
16.who are u msging with now?
- not much credit.. have to save..
17.what do you hate about urself?
-shit happens before i relize it...
18.who do you miss most now?
-once again, Her..
19.if you could turn back time.when,why and where you wanna turn back to?
-those days, wish we could do more..
20.are u happy with what you are right now?
21.What is the one thing you wanna say to someone?
dun let wat people say about me change the way you think about me..

Monday, May 19, 2008


Friday went to tution. Waited for Her wif Kay... Wait until sho long but didn't show up. So, went for BM wit On The Rocks. Finished B.M, waited for Her summore, still didnt show up.. Even her sis dunno wats going on. Sho worried.. Den at Omega, got some crappy thing happen. As usual... Den, found out She was sick, from her sis and from the way she spoke on the phone wif me today.

Take care k... muackkss...
Will update on cousin's wedding.. argh!!! SLEEPY!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Jeremy & Coffee Bean

Today, was supposed to tumpang wit Gurdave A.K.A Bottoms Up On The Rocks! to school. I was kinda late so i ran to Gurdave's house and reached there at 7 only to see his father's car going away... His mum's car was parked outside so i just wanted to confirm if Gurdave has left. Rang the doorbell and noone answered. So, took the pubic bus to school..

Arrived at school, saw Gurdave, told him the whole story and he told me "Bryan, how is that possible.. I woke up like 6 50 and i was late. My dad went to send my bro to school but i was still at home."

Ladies & gentlemen, pls attend to the person who rang your doorbell at anytime.

Today, Jeremy was damn weird. For example, a conversation with him..

Me: wei, everytime your sis hold people hand hor, she keep doing the snapping thing wit her fingers..
Jeremy: ai ya.. she sexy wad..
Me: walau.. you called your sis sexy ar?!?! (unusual of him)
Jeremy: hahaha.. incest wad!!
Me: o.O'.. omg.. wats wrong wif you..
Jeremy:this is EROTICA man!!!

weird.. but still, he got me the ice-blended coffee bean crap he promised..
Thank You Chelsea FC..

Then, went to tution and crapped a lot wif Gurdave. I got confused wit 'on the rocks' and 'bottoms up'. Everytime i wanted to say bottoms up, i say thumbs up! =.="...

Den, i made up some things..

Jack Daniel's on the rocks

Rocks on the Rocks

Shot on the Rocks

Thumbs Up on the Rocks

YAY! Today get to see and talk to Her.. Exchanged a few letters.. :P Lurve Her sho much.. too bad cant celebrate on Sunday.. T_T

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today went to watch IronMan wif Fantastico and their friends. Joanne and Janice also. BUT. Couldn't watch coz too many people watch. The seats were filling out fast. So, we lepak at Coffee Bean.. Shared Jackson's SCANDINAVIAN ice blended something-something. Happy Jackson?

Nat ask me teman her go Tebrau City. I agreed and then suddely, she changed the whole plan! Den want me go her friend's house.

Den, lepak wif Jourdan, Brendan, Joanne and Janice. Went to arcade and practiced the drum game against some Chinese fella. WAHAHAHA!!! Won him!!! *narrowly... Damn shiok.. I improved.. XD

Den we go McDonalds. Me and Brendan tried the Mega Mac. Double the normal Big Mac. Den got this coupon for a free Big Mac if i say something within 4 seconds. Den, i told them about the 50 sec Sundae. They ask me buy. The line was long, but i still waited.

Damn. Saw a couple. Doing what She and me would usually do. T.T.. Wan go out wif Her...

Then, Jourdan used sign language to signal me to buy McFlurry instead. After that, we sat, chat.. shared some sad stuff together. Joanne and Janice went back, me, brendan and jourdan went Roibo. Lepak there and went back...

I want complain. For those who wear Gothic.. Please wear proper Gothic costume. Pls dont wear football socks with Adidas, Puma, Nike, Umbro, Lotto.. etc etc at the side..
and wear them

Totti style (loose at the calves)

Lampard style (just below the knee)

and Ronaldo style (just above the knee).

fine, sorry if i pissed you off. this is ronaldo again..

There are Gothic socks for sale, cheaper than football socks. If you want to wear football socks, why not wear shin pads and ankle guard?

If She is reading this, pls call me.. miss you!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Last week, the Pope visited America.
So, i told Jackson that on the way down the plane, the Pope flashed and showed his 6-pacs.
And Jackson BELIEVED!!!!!


Theres nothing you can do misses Her sho much.
Wan go out wif her.
Love sick.

*chelsea win man u 2-1... hehe

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A shirt, chocolates and lots of money...

Today is my birthday.

Today started off wit me waking up late for our first Community Service of Interact Club. Went ad clean the zoo. Yup. The pathetic zoo...

Me and an indian guy got the duty to clean the bird cages. We tought we got the job of cleaning the tigers. BUT, some technical error and we got the bird cages instead. ANYWAY. It was better than expected. Tiring it is, but it felt great seeing those terribly dirty cages clean again. Den i was cleaning a bird cage, and 2 to 3 birds kept flying to my shoulder. Quite nice la, small birds gt big balls to sit on a man's shoulders. The bigger birds tho always run away when we're not even close.

As me and Shan were about to go back until we heard that the camel was giving birth! We ran like jakun and watched till everything was done. The female camel seemed to be in a lot of pain. A group of girl scouts that joined us earlier were watching too. Then i told them "eh, kau jangan ketawa. dalam masa 5 tahun, kau pun sama.."

Then, went back home, slept and forgot about band practice.. O.o". Sorry Mel.. Chatted wif Her online. Then went to party downstairs. WAHAHAHA! 2 Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence cakes!!! Received presents, ate food and at 10, went upstairs.

I received:
Chocolates (pastor, trying to keep me away from alcohol and drugs)
Chocolates (ming sheng, i dunno why)
Chocolates (tho i received this from Her on Friday, its still a present. Love Her. Muackssess.)
Magic the Gathering Booster Pack (jackson, trying his best to promote his favourite card game and Sweden/ subhash)
Long Sleeve Shirt (Yap family. they knew i needed one..)
Cash (mrs tan. she even has a problem remembering my name)
Cash (susan & ye ye. not suprised they dun remember my birthday)
Cash (mum's friend's family. aww well. they came late, so i supposed they had something to do earlier..)

Dun really like cash as presents coz you earn some, you lose some.
Her present was the best.
Didnt have the time to wrap it. But i can see she tried her best and she did it wit lote of LOVE. As shown on the wrapper.

Love You.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Do not copy each other's answers
The tag questions must be 100% the same
List Out 20 names
Tag people after doing it

1. erica
2. brendan
3. jackson
4. jourdan
5. celine
6. melissa
7. calven
8. jeremy
9. qi ren
10. jeffrey
11. joanne
12. natalie
13. kimberly
14. karyn
15. kaytrieese
16. zeke
17. gurvinder
18. subhash
19. julian
20. shan

How do you know 14? (karyn)
- erm... friend's sis..

What would you do if you had never met 1? (erica)
- fui yooo... cant tell...

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you? (qi ren and shan)
- wtf... how gay can this be!!??

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? (melissa and gurvinder)
- i dun think so.. one believes in Christ. The other, Alcoholism...

Do you think 8 is attractive? (jeremy)
- YES. everytime i walk beside him, i see girls taking a peek at him.. ALWAYS..

Do you know anything about 12's family? (natalie)
- HAKKA. lee kuan yew is hakka!! The president of china and taiwan are hakka!!! HAKKA POWER!!!!

Tell me something about 7.(calven)
- he is tall.. i have face to chest conversations with him...

What is 18's favourite? (subhash)
- PlanetShakers, Hillsongs.. Exspecially I Love Jesus, Give Me Oil In My Lamp, Read Your Bible Pray Everyday.. etc etc.

What language does 15 speak? (kaytrieese)
- english, chinese, hokkien, hakka, cantonese, teo chew... etc etc

Who is going out with 19? (julian)
- his mum...

How old is 16 now? (zeke)
- 16 is still 16

When was the last time you talked to 13? (kimberly)
- erm.. JB debate final..

Who is 2's favourite singer? (brendan)
- Bryan Yong and The Penguin Song

Would you date 4? (jourdan)
- of course.... heheheehehehehhe

Would you date 17? (gurvinder)
- nope. im wif jourdan...

Is 15 single? (kaytrieese)
- yeap.... at the moment i guess..

What is 10's last name? (jeffrey)
- toe chun ming.. WOOO HOOO

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? (joanne)

Which school does 3 go to? (jackson)
- the international school of the embassy of Sweden

Where does 6 live? (melissa)
- damn far...

What is your favourite thing about 5? (celine)
- make me feel sho tall...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I cant believe it! But theres nothing i can do..

Today, i finished downloading CABAL Online. But i downloaded the wrong ones!!! I downloaded the Europe and US versions.. =.=".. I couldn't find the SEA wan.. Till Shar helped me...

I spent 3 days downloading the Europe version. Then the whole day today on the US version. (pause)


I finally get to use my own laptop!! An EXTRA ASS-WHOOPING 0.13Gz compared to my sis's laptop. Damn. I miss the pokemon game in her laptop tho. I still fighting the ghosts in Lavander Town...

I cant believe it. Chelsea FC first choice goalkeeper, during training, on his recovery, on his way to the important football match tonight, HAS TO GO GOR A FACIAL SURGERY AFTER GETTING KNOCKED BY HIS TEAM-MATE DURING TRAINING... =.=".........

First district level basketball game this Thusday.. MATI LO!!!

I just hope Chelsea wins tonight...
And, i love Her. theres nothing you can do about it...

Sunday, April 6, 2008



There's Nothing You Can Do's happiest day of his life... and theres nothing you can do.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st of april

its april fool...

and theres nothing we can do is love sick..

Sunday, March 30, 2008

There's Nothing You Can Do

After more than 2 months without going out wif her, There's Nothing You Can Do..

misses Her very very very very very very very much
is jealous when he sees couples together
wants to go out wif Her badly
wished She was there at juju's party
wants more time wif Her, not just 2 minutes a week
wants to see Her
got no semangat to play guitar for worship

Wad can i say.. there's nothing you can do LOVES Her alot..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I give you the red card, and theres nothnig you can do..

Yesterday went for LDDS Futsal. My crap arse team didnt make it to the next round (as expected). So, Gwee asked me to be referee coz a lot of people tak puas with his decisions. The 2nd game i refereed was very very physical. I gave them many chances as i play many advantages.. Den, thier temper let loose and one of them insulted me, the ref. I gave him a yellow card.. The other guy from the opposing team was worse. First, he told me "ref jibai lan jiao". Den "you mother fucker".. Oh well, i sent him off with his 2nd yellow of the game.

Jordan's phone and wallet got stollen.. The Form 3 Jordan. Pfftt.. By the time he told me he couldnt find his phone, i already had a feeling that his bag got taken away.. I kena once before. Instead, Subhash's phone got stolen instead of mine coz i hid mine inside my shoe.. XD. That was 2 years ago.. Got 3rd place that time..

Miss my old team.

And, i got tagged by Celine.

Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. Who is your all-time inspiration?
= Mother Teresa

2. Why do people have tags going on?
= i have no idea...

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why?
= Her.. :P (dun have to ask why)
= Jeremy (shade, football and to make me the funniest there)
= Jackson's dad (bak kut teh)

4.. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
= LaLaLand for sure...

5.. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
= football player.. >.< ok! at least a bench warmer...

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
= Yes.. i also believe in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...

7.. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
= close friends and most inportantly, Her..

8.. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
= go holiday wif friends.. Ahem.. to Sweden..

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
= Yeah.. later confess more awkward..

10.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
= Celine. She makes me feel tall, let me pose retarderdly in pictures and acknowledge my dancing skills

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
= Funny, loyal, open, cuddly.. and more..

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
= people who underestimate others...

13. What is your ambition?
= aiyoyoyo.. well. in reality, physiotherapist...

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
= Everything..

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
= does makan count? o.O"

17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
= Short.

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
= Getting annoyed very very easily..

19. Whats the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
= Barnsley 1-0 Chelsea

20. What is happiness?
= wen you dun worry about the future..

i shall tag noone.. this wasted 30 mins of my life..

Friday, March 21, 2008


Its been like.. hmm.. A year since i played the guitar.

Few months ago, i looked at the chords for Now & Forever and i was like..

D/F#, G6, Dsus2/F#, B7, D5 and a really WTF-ing C#m7(b5)...

But now.. yeah.. can play. Practice-practice-practice. It all took off wit the 1 month lesson from a private tutor.. Everyday he came. And i buat "sial". Always sigh alot during lessons... Well, i guess he cracked into my hard head. Learnt a lot from that guy...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Adrian Tan loves his dogs...
Alven loves his super emo-clothings...
Arif loves the sea...
Ashwin Nair loves cars...
Benson loves drums...
Brendan loves guitar...
Bryan Loh loves walls...
Bulu! loves the sea...
Careen loves anime...
Celine loves the dance floor...
Chee Keong loves the penjaja near my school...
Cheng(tom) loves boobs...
Chian Cher Lek loves checking people's eyesight...
Christoper loves bean curds...
Chua loves St.John
Erica loves Bryan.. >.<
Eu Chuan loves making new friends...
Fong loves badminton...
Greame loves keyboards...
Gurdave loves 6 strings attached on a plank of wood...
Gurjivan loves doing meaningful things unlike his bro...

I shall continue later...
theres nothing we can do...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Whee! I just ordered a Chicken McDeluxe value meal just now. Waiting for it to come. Had to bare with the irritating song that plays when youre call is on hold. My mum went to KL wif sis to go shopping... IN ONE DAY ONLY! crazy, i know...

Basketball tournament was loco-loco. Me and subhash were on the same team. The other guy was Maharaj ( i shall name my son Maharaja ). 3 on 3 it was. I scored three 3 pointers on our first match but lost as usual. Den scored only 2 in second match and none in the third. Coz my whole body was so friggin tired. Like i'll feel wasted after 1 minute of playing. Soon, my accurate high-angle 3 pointers became air balls..

I'm also happy that Subhash found out where i got the "theres nothing we can do" line...
Yesterday watched movie wit Celine, Benson, Karyn, Joanne and kim.. Watched Step Up 2. Their type of movie. Not mine. I watch coz i know the storyline..

Today, played futsal. Waa.. i scored alot today.. XD. Den, was friggin late for movie. HAD TO WATCH Step Up 2 again.. pfftt. Bavitra invite me come coz i had to help her wid sumthing. :P
Her friend that sat beside me was @#$%-ing sombong. I was enjoying my seat all alone and suddenly this fella interrupt me. Didnt even care to share his popcorn wit me summore.. XD

After movie, (wait.. mcdonald delivery guy came.. 5 min later.. ) joined FANTASTICO under an escalator. Had ice cream, saw a group of people doing cosplay.. o.O"... Saw many emo people around CS. Ate taiwanese chicken, was great. Went to arcade, and i played the para-para dance. I did superb, passing the first stage. XD... Saw Eleanor after that.. then went back.

Wen the mcdonald delivery guy came, my gate was still locked. And i didnt realised that. Waiting for my food to be presented, I stared at him for a moment, testing my patience. He finally broke the silince saying, "boleh muat ke?". o.O"... I forgot to unlock the gate... Ok la.. now i wan eat edi.. ciao..

Theres nothing we can do...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If I Am The President

My first priority is to eliminate criticisms of Indians and Chinese people haveng unfair treatment.

Therefore, i shall make it compulsory to have Indian families to have at least 7 children and 4 for the Chinese. With this, i believe we can outnumber the Malay community in our country. Then, I shall increase the price of motorbikes and cigarettes by AT LEAST 800%. Coz i know Malays cant live without them. Other than that, I shall make a crappy story that hopefully everyone will believe about Chinese and Indians being the real bumiputera. And a conspiracy about how Malays managed to trick the old government into believing they are bumiputeras..

I shall continue my quest next time...
For it is now 2am in the morning. Thank You.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

bloggers... pfftt..

There are 2 types of bloggers:

1. Those who blog regularly and maintain the same blog..
2. Those that make new blogs when blogging becomes popular among his/her friends. And when the popularity dies, they abandon the blog. vice-verca...

I've seen people on MSN type, "check out my blog!". A year later.. "check out my new blog!". Next year... "finally got a blog!".

Ok. Found out some people have problems wit me being Her bf.. I'm not sure if they really hate me or not. Or they're ones that believe in rumours...

Me and Jourdan has been speaking in Cantonese in class these past few days. Our level of Cantonese is so good, average speakers won't understand a word we say. He also advised me to consider councelling. Haiz... Wat can I say? Theres nothing we can do...

ngo chek lai chak bo..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i see spider-webs

Nope, im not going crazy. Its just that i've not been updating this blog for a very very long time.

Yester celebrated joanne's bday. Went to her house early. The whole point of it is, it was gonna be a suprise party. Ok. We kinda blew the suprise coz we made too much noise when she arrived. It was ok lah.. Had fun playing basketball. The whole house was hot..

School is ok.. Exam this week. Going out wif Her on wednesday...

Now focused on improving my vertical leaps for basketball...
MSSD on April.

thank you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Nope.. I'm not depressed or anything. XD

Last week went to doctor coz got a cut on my cheek. It would never get better coz of the bacteria(s) in the mouth. Den doctor gave me 4 types of medicine.. 2 Anitbiotics, 1 Painkiller and one for swelling.. Klinik Paul it is.. Mum also had to get her headache treated. AND flu at the same time. Was prescribed a special antibiotic.. RM40 for 5 tablets... expensive wei..

Today, went to Klinik Thessan near Holiday Plaza. Very good doctor.. Had to get my leg treated. Was 'gifted' a nasty tackle while playing futsal last Sunday. First, the top of my ankle was swollen. A usual swell. Den yesterday, saw the swell spread to the whole ankle.. While talking to doctor, Melissa called. Den doctor gave me lecturing about answering calls while talking to doctor.. T.T.. So, prescribed me painkillers and some muscle relaxing drug...

AAA. Tablets are becoming a staple food for me..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year.. crap..

Ok, after this. My mum gonna take my laptop away. (but as usual, i use sis latop at nite when everyone's sleeping :P)

New Year wasnt special.. bleh... Me and family walked all the way to Eden. Den on the way got some motorcyclist show off... And few seconds later, they were speeding away in a different direction. I thought they waneted to do some other crap till i saw 2 police chasing them in bikes.. LAWL

Been playing SimCity these past few days. As usual, my city is very succesful. Learned some new crap from the game.

Brush before, after and during meals.
50% of Sims say YES.
All-purpose vehicle visibility enhancement (wind shield)
Threaded Hexogonal Fastener (bolt)
Manual multi-directional impact device (hammer)
Manual torque applicator (screwdriver)

I guess this is why i've been known to talk loads of crap..