Saturday, January 19, 2008


Nope.. I'm not depressed or anything. XD

Last week went to doctor coz got a cut on my cheek. It would never get better coz of the bacteria(s) in the mouth. Den doctor gave me 4 types of medicine.. 2 Anitbiotics, 1 Painkiller and one for swelling.. Klinik Paul it is.. Mum also had to get her headache treated. AND flu at the same time. Was prescribed a special antibiotic.. RM40 for 5 tablets... expensive wei..

Today, went to Klinik Thessan near Holiday Plaza. Very good doctor.. Had to get my leg treated. Was 'gifted' a nasty tackle while playing futsal last Sunday. First, the top of my ankle was swollen. A usual swell. Den yesterday, saw the swell spread to the whole ankle.. While talking to doctor, Melissa called. Den doctor gave me lecturing about answering calls while talking to doctor.. T.T.. So, prescribed me painkillers and some muscle relaxing drug...

AAA. Tablets are becoming a staple food for me..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year.. crap..

Ok, after this. My mum gonna take my laptop away. (but as usual, i use sis latop at nite when everyone's sleeping :P)

New Year wasnt special.. bleh... Me and family walked all the way to Eden. Den on the way got some motorcyclist show off... And few seconds later, they were speeding away in a different direction. I thought they waneted to do some other crap till i saw 2 police chasing them in bikes.. LAWL

Been playing SimCity these past few days. As usual, my city is very succesful. Learned some new crap from the game.

Brush before, after and during meals.
50% of Sims say YES.
All-purpose vehicle visibility enhancement (wind shield)
Threaded Hexogonal Fastener (bolt)
Manual multi-directional impact device (hammer)
Manual torque applicator (screwdriver)

I guess this is why i've been known to talk loads of crap..