Sunday, April 27, 2008


Last week, the Pope visited America.
So, i told Jackson that on the way down the plane, the Pope flashed and showed his 6-pacs.
And Jackson BELIEVED!!!!!


Theres nothing you can do misses Her sho much.
Wan go out wif her.
Love sick.

*chelsea win man u 2-1... hehe

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A shirt, chocolates and lots of money...

Today is my birthday.

Today started off wit me waking up late for our first Community Service of Interact Club. Went ad clean the zoo. Yup. The pathetic zoo...

Me and an indian guy got the duty to clean the bird cages. We tought we got the job of cleaning the tigers. BUT, some technical error and we got the bird cages instead. ANYWAY. It was better than expected. Tiring it is, but it felt great seeing those terribly dirty cages clean again. Den i was cleaning a bird cage, and 2 to 3 birds kept flying to my shoulder. Quite nice la, small birds gt big balls to sit on a man's shoulders. The bigger birds tho always run away when we're not even close.

As me and Shan were about to go back until we heard that the camel was giving birth! We ran like jakun and watched till everything was done. The female camel seemed to be in a lot of pain. A group of girl scouts that joined us earlier were watching too. Then i told them "eh, kau jangan ketawa. dalam masa 5 tahun, kau pun sama.."

Then, went back home, slept and forgot about band practice.. O.o". Sorry Mel.. Chatted wif Her online. Then went to party downstairs. WAHAHAHA! 2 Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence cakes!!! Received presents, ate food and at 10, went upstairs.

I received:
Chocolates (pastor, trying to keep me away from alcohol and drugs)
Chocolates (ming sheng, i dunno why)
Chocolates (tho i received this from Her on Friday, its still a present. Love Her. Muackssess.)
Magic the Gathering Booster Pack (jackson, trying his best to promote his favourite card game and Sweden/ subhash)
Long Sleeve Shirt (Yap family. they knew i needed one..)
Cash (mrs tan. she even has a problem remembering my name)
Cash (susan & ye ye. not suprised they dun remember my birthday)
Cash (mum's friend's family. aww well. they came late, so i supposed they had something to do earlier..)

Dun really like cash as presents coz you earn some, you lose some.
Her present was the best.
Didnt have the time to wrap it. But i can see she tried her best and she did it wit lote of LOVE. As shown on the wrapper.

Love You.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Do not copy each other's answers
The tag questions must be 100% the same
List Out 20 names
Tag people after doing it

1. erica
2. brendan
3. jackson
4. jourdan
5. celine
6. melissa
7. calven
8. jeremy
9. qi ren
10. jeffrey
11. joanne
12. natalie
13. kimberly
14. karyn
15. kaytrieese
16. zeke
17. gurvinder
18. subhash
19. julian
20. shan

How do you know 14? (karyn)
- erm... friend's sis..

What would you do if you had never met 1? (erica)
- fui yooo... cant tell...

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you? (qi ren and shan)
- wtf... how gay can this be!!??

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? (melissa and gurvinder)
- i dun think so.. one believes in Christ. The other, Alcoholism...

Do you think 8 is attractive? (jeremy)
- YES. everytime i walk beside him, i see girls taking a peek at him.. ALWAYS..

Do you know anything about 12's family? (natalie)
- HAKKA. lee kuan yew is hakka!! The president of china and taiwan are hakka!!! HAKKA POWER!!!!

Tell me something about 7.(calven)
- he is tall.. i have face to chest conversations with him...

What is 18's favourite? (subhash)
- PlanetShakers, Hillsongs.. Exspecially I Love Jesus, Give Me Oil In My Lamp, Read Your Bible Pray Everyday.. etc etc.

What language does 15 speak? (kaytrieese)
- english, chinese, hokkien, hakka, cantonese, teo chew... etc etc

Who is going out with 19? (julian)
- his mum...

How old is 16 now? (zeke)
- 16 is still 16

When was the last time you talked to 13? (kimberly)
- erm.. JB debate final..

Who is 2's favourite singer? (brendan)
- Bryan Yong and The Penguin Song

Would you date 4? (jourdan)
- of course.... heheheehehehehhe

Would you date 17? (gurvinder)
- nope. im wif jourdan...

Is 15 single? (kaytrieese)
- yeap.... at the moment i guess..

What is 10's last name? (jeffrey)
- toe chun ming.. WOOO HOOO

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? (joanne)

Which school does 3 go to? (jackson)
- the international school of the embassy of Sweden

Where does 6 live? (melissa)
- damn far...

What is your favourite thing about 5? (celine)
- make me feel sho tall...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I cant believe it! But theres nothing i can do..

Today, i finished downloading CABAL Online. But i downloaded the wrong ones!!! I downloaded the Europe and US versions.. =.=".. I couldn't find the SEA wan.. Till Shar helped me...

I spent 3 days downloading the Europe version. Then the whole day today on the US version. (pause)


I finally get to use my own laptop!! An EXTRA ASS-WHOOPING 0.13Gz compared to my sis's laptop. Damn. I miss the pokemon game in her laptop tho. I still fighting the ghosts in Lavander Town...

I cant believe it. Chelsea FC first choice goalkeeper, during training, on his recovery, on his way to the important football match tonight, HAS TO GO GOR A FACIAL SURGERY AFTER GETTING KNOCKED BY HIS TEAM-MATE DURING TRAINING... =.=".........

First district level basketball game this Thusday.. MATI LO!!!

I just hope Chelsea wins tonight...
And, i love Her. theres nothing you can do about it...

Sunday, April 6, 2008



There's Nothing You Can Do's happiest day of his life... and theres nothing you can do.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st of april

its april fool...

and theres nothing we can do is love sick..