Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Its Not Fair

Its the holidays.
Church camp this Friday.
Sorry Jeremy, cant play basketball this Saturday.

Hai yo.. Still cant go out wif Her.
I don't understand!!!!!
Summore cant see Her this Friday coz got church camp.

Anyway, day before yesterday went out wif jeremy, kay, victoria, evelyn, jourdan, jackson, joanne and zeke. Lepak around CS till watch Narnia 2 which lasted for 2 and a half hours. EEE.. The queen is not pretty!!! BLUEK.

Ok. Yesterday watched movie again.. This time wif Eu Chuan. He begged me to watch Iron Man wif him. Hahaha.. Ok. A bit gay there.. The starting of the movie was the best la!!! In english its Iron Man. But the B.M subtitle wrote ORANG BESI!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! XD.... Ahh, my mum complained that i keep spending money going cs. This day, i spent RM7. How? I made Eu Chuan belanja me for the movie..

Ahh.. been thinking of wat to be. Doctor or physiotherapy?
Being a doctor is exciting.. But stressful..
A physiotherapist.. Not bad, but im very interested..


I shall end with a very embarassing story of myself.
One day at CS, before i went back home.. I decided to get something to eat at McDonald. Tapau in english is take away.. BUT..

"Good evening sir, what would you like?"
"Erm.. The Grilled Chicken Foldover"
"Value meal, sir?"
"Are you having it here?"
"Erm.. I wanna take over."
"Take over.. I wanna take over.."

OH MY GOD... I tell you. Den only i realise wat i was saying.. After successfully taking away my meal, i quickly went back home..

Saturday, May 24, 2008



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life is a gamble

Life is a gamble, may you ask why?
We win some, we lose some,
Maybe thats the reason why.

We dream, we hope,
We strive to be the best.
Much has been planned, much have been done,
But we might just end up like the rest.

Love at first sight,
She's a wonderful sight,
You tell her you want her in your arms,
You confess, give her time,
But will she come back to your arms?

Life is a gamble,
The future we will never know,
Statistics, analysis, data, predictions,
You think you know.

But one thing is for sure,
This only God knows,
But one thing i know,
Chelsea will win, that i am sure..

Tagged by Kay..

1.what do you hate most about life now?
-can't be wif Her as much as i want to..
2.what makes you different from other people?
-the Bryan Aura... XD
3.what will u wish for if u see a shooting star right now?
-erm.. lots of things..
4.what are the 3things u want to do before you die?
-get married.
-have kids.
-long romantic holiday
5.who is your secret keeper?
-Fantastico and a friend
6.what would u like to do b4 getting married?
-propose on a romantic date!
7.what do u feel like doing right now?
-eating a can of longan
* you hate anyone right now?
-nope.. everyone seems fine to me..
* prefer starbucks or coffeebean?
-coffee bean!
10.what do u feel like eating now?
- a can of longan!!!
11.where do u feel like going now?
-next to Her
12.what do u want to do in future?what are ur plans?
- have a steady job in medical field..
13.who are u thinking of now?
-Her la..
14.if u could slap someone now,who would it be
- jourdan.. he knows why.. XD
15.if u could hug someone now,who would it be?
16.who are u msging with now?
- not much credit.. have to save..
17.what do you hate about urself?
-shit happens before i relize it...
18.who do you miss most now?
-once again, Her..
19.if you could turn back time.when,why and where you wanna turn back to?
-those days, wish we could do more..
20.are u happy with what you are right now?
21.What is the one thing you wanna say to someone?
dun let wat people say about me change the way you think about me..

Monday, May 19, 2008


Friday went to tution. Waited for Her wif Kay... Wait until sho long but didn't show up. So, went for BM wit On The Rocks. Finished B.M, waited for Her summore, still didnt show up.. Even her sis dunno wats going on. Sho worried.. Den at Omega, got some crappy thing happen. As usual... Den, found out She was sick, from her sis and from the way she spoke on the phone wif me today.

Take care k... muackkss...
Will update on cousin's wedding.. argh!!! SLEEPY!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Jeremy & Coffee Bean

Today, was supposed to tumpang wit Gurdave A.K.A Bottoms Up On The Rocks! to school. I was kinda late so i ran to Gurdave's house and reached there at 7 only to see his father's car going away... His mum's car was parked outside so i just wanted to confirm if Gurdave has left. Rang the doorbell and noone answered. So, took the pubic bus to school..

Arrived at school, saw Gurdave, told him the whole story and he told me "Bryan, how is that possible.. I woke up like 6 50 and i was late. My dad went to send my bro to school but i was still at home."

Ladies & gentlemen, pls attend to the person who rang your doorbell at anytime.

Today, Jeremy was damn weird. For example, a conversation with him..

Me: wei, everytime your sis hold people hand hor, she keep doing the snapping thing wit her fingers..
Jeremy: ai ya.. she sexy wad..
Me: walau.. you called your sis sexy ar?!?! (unusual of him)
Jeremy: hahaha.. incest wad!!
Me: o.O'.. omg.. wats wrong wif you..
Jeremy:this is EROTICA man!!!

weird.. but still, he got me the ice-blended coffee bean crap he promised..
Thank You Chelsea FC..

Then, went to tution and crapped a lot wif Gurdave. I got confused wit 'on the rocks' and 'bottoms up'. Everytime i wanted to say bottoms up, i say thumbs up! =.="...

Den, i made up some things..

Jack Daniel's on the rocks

Rocks on the Rocks

Shot on the Rocks

Thumbs Up on the Rocks

YAY! Today get to see and talk to Her.. Exchanged a few letters.. :P Lurve Her sho much.. too bad cant celebrate on Sunday.. T_T

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today went to watch IronMan wif Fantastico and their friends. Joanne and Janice also. BUT. Couldn't watch coz too many people watch. The seats were filling out fast. So, we lepak at Coffee Bean.. Shared Jackson's SCANDINAVIAN ice blended something-something. Happy Jackson?

Nat ask me teman her go Tebrau City. I agreed and then suddely, she changed the whole plan! Den want me go her friend's house.

Den, lepak wif Jourdan, Brendan, Joanne and Janice. Went to arcade and practiced the drum game against some Chinese fella. WAHAHAHA!!! Won him!!! *narrowly... Damn shiok.. I improved.. XD

Den we go McDonalds. Me and Brendan tried the Mega Mac. Double the normal Big Mac. Den got this coupon for a free Big Mac if i say something within 4 seconds. Den, i told them about the 50 sec Sundae. They ask me buy. The line was long, but i still waited.

Damn. Saw a couple. Doing what She and me would usually do. T.T.. Wan go out wif Her...

Then, Jourdan used sign language to signal me to buy McFlurry instead. After that, we sat, chat.. shared some sad stuff together. Joanne and Janice went back, me, brendan and jourdan went Roibo. Lepak there and went back...

I want complain. For those who wear Gothic.. Please wear proper Gothic costume. Pls dont wear football socks with Adidas, Puma, Nike, Umbro, Lotto.. etc etc at the side..
and wear them

Totti style (loose at the calves)

Lampard style (just below the knee)

and Ronaldo style (just above the knee).

fine, sorry if i pissed you off. this is ronaldo again..

There are Gothic socks for sale, cheaper than football socks. If you want to wear football socks, why not wear shin pads and ankle guard?

If She is reading this, pls call me.. miss you!