Saturday, June 28, 2008


Its the 29th of June, 5 44 am.. Cant seem to sleep after what happened today..

Not that i'm all excited about FOA..
It was ok. Ahh! My co-emcee make me wanna scratch my head till it bleeds!!!

I'm so sorry for Her. Couldn't spend much time with her coz i was busy.
But i did try my best to make time for us.
Yes, i know she was unhappy.. But wat she did later really..
Cant really say.. Mixed feelings..

Yeah, she liked Alton a lot before me..
But the way She talked, he talked..
In front of me..
And ignore me for 15 minutes..
And then walk together past in front of me..

Ok.. I've got Your message. You were unhappy..
But pls.. It hurts me k..
To see another man, so proud, so much ego on his face..
He even asked if You have a bf..

When was the last time we went out?
5th of April i guess..
I know You cant go out often..
So, i am patiently waiting for the chance to go out with You..

And when You did, You spent the time with your friends..
I dont mind about You going out wif them..
Thats what friends do, hang out.. have fun..
But you never had time for me..

I'd do anything for you..
Spend time with you..
Stay up late every night..
I dont want anything back..
Just your love, k..

Its not that i dont trust You..
Pls, just make me feel like we have each other's trust..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heart Of A Champion?

Yesterday was invited to play with Jordan's team in a futsal competition as a goalkeeper. First game was easy, won 5-0. This time, our team started to get over-confident. A sign of INEXPERIENCE.

Second game, we were up against a younger team, and better. We had no midfield, so after conceding 3 goals, i demanded that i play midfield to try and slow things down agianst a speedy opponent. Yes, we can score, but the OVER-CONFIDENT captain, Jeremy told me we can get back into the game. We had no pace, control and whatsoever. Every goal i conceded was a 3 0n 1 situation. As i sat there on the floor, i watch the ball roll past me slowly as my team watch in horror. I did not react. So what if i did? Probably the other 2 strikers will pounce on the ball that i save. After that game, they scolded me and replaced me with another Chinese gaolkeeper. As if he is as good as me..

Gone are the glory days when Sputnikers used to strike
FEAR into the opposition. We could win games at 8-0, 11-0.. Concede only 1 goal in a single tournament. We could beat the school team at futsal. Only me, Jeremy and Sharan are whats left of the remaining squad. Unable to form a new team, Sharan separated to join his friends.

The Malays in school used to respect the non-malays in futsal. Today, the best the non-Malays could do is qualify for knockout stages..

Oh well, interchurch futsal competition is coming soon i guess. Must defend the title.. XD Bought new golves coz the old ones had the only thin layer of latex come off.

P.S- call me!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Every Friday, i am IGNORED by Her...
Everytime we miss each other, we CAN'T GO OUT together...
Ya la.. She go out with other people can lah..
Have Fun..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tai Lo Credit Snd Bhd..

(numbers changed)

Hmm.. Exactly one week ago, went to church camp.. At Kuantan, Pahang. Coldn't sleep on the way coz the road was uber bumpy. Uncle Nicholas was the one in charge of the trip in the bus A.K.A Captain Nicholas. I was Captain Ah Loong coz i was busy promoting..
Tai Lo Credit, motto "Kita bukan Ah Long, kita mahu bantu sahaja.."

Den, on the first night i had asthma, couldnt breathe coz it was too cold and dry in the hotel. Waited for my room mate till 1 30a.m coz he was one of the few that couldnt get a holiday on work that day. Next morning went to a doctor and everything cost RM125!!! The consultation itself was RM48!!! If i could remember, his name is Dato' Dr. Ooi Hooi Yong. Yeap.. easy to remember.

Sunday went back. Worship is the best la.. Finally got a strap for my guitar after one year without one and boy, it is very useful. Jumped and moved around during worship. Theres one song where we kept repeating it coz it was simple and had a funky beat till i got off the stage and ran in front of the guest speaker and his team while playing.. XD

Ahhh.. Now feeling sho sleepy. Must be the medicine.. Waa. The drugs are powerful wei. One of them is Clenbuterol. A banned substance in sports. Mainly used for people with asthma but also athletes coz it increases lung capacity, metabolism rate, lower glucose level and supports a higher muscle to fat crap..

Now wan sleep edi..
Miss YOU sho much.. Cant wait to see YOU tomorrow!
LOVE YOU more than you think you love me more.. >.<.. bleh.. Embarassing moment! It was December 31st 1997, Eden Garden, Johor during the new year celebration. The mayor of Johor Bahru invited someone to sing the farewell song.. (tell me if you know..) it goes, "should all ????? be forgot and sumthin sumthin sumthin.. Noone answered so i raised my hand up. I was only 6 years old but i knew the song really well coz it was my last year of kindergarden and teacher thought us the song.. Waa. My parents was like O.o"... Then the mayor called me up, i wan i pajamas, infront of 1000 people.. and sang the song after the countdown.. LOL. He gave me a big stuffed toy in reward... XD