Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Wan watch me perform during my awesome I.U day?
Jourdan's Band - Enter Tuckman (Tuck It In!)

A day to remember...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


You're on a date with your bf/gf. Both of you are at City Square and both of you decide to share a banana split at Baskin Robbins (The B.R Cafe to my mum, i'll explain later). Both of you are having fun and you just decided to give him/her a kiss on the cheek. But then, you think about it.

You're gonna get alot of attention from the passer by's. The uncles, the aunties. They're gonna go, "Ai Yoh!! So young already like this.. This generation har..". To think about it, whenever our uncles and aunties take us a ride around town, they'd tell us stories of how and where they go dating when they're teenagers. Yea la. They can we cannot lah?

And other teenagers like groups of ah bengs and other guys. They'd either stare at you or make noises. Have you people never seen couple havinmg a good time together? For once, you should try giving your girlfriends a hug, or a kiss. OR, you've only been kissing the middle part of your partners. And some of you should stop treating your gf's like trophies. Just because they're pretty or hot, doesnt mean you HAVE to make her your gf...

And about B.R Cafe? Today at CS, my mum asked to meet her at the car park if i wanted to follow her back home. I was waiting at Auntie Anne's till my mum called, obviously sounding very angry..

"BOY! I call you so many times edi. Where r u!?!?!"
"I'm at Auntie Anne's, going to the carpark edi"
"Where is that?!?!"
"Wait, where r u?"
"I'm at the B.R Cafe.. downstairs.."
"Hah? What B.R Cafe?"
"Ai yah.. The one near Bata.."
"=.="... You mean Baskin Robbins.."

Jesus Christ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For my friend, Jeremy...

I really worry for Jeremy's dogs...
I was browsing through wikipedia..
And i came upon this disease...
Which made Jeremy come to my mind..
And his dogs..

Other illness that may occur are:
Panosteitis-(definition from AKC encyclopedia) Excessive formation of bone growth or different maturity around some joints on young dogs resulting in intermittent lameness...

Pls pray..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do you know?

If you ask me whether everything is fine..
The answer is God-damned NO.

Have you ever felt like loving someone who is in the rush to get rid of you?
Cant really blame Her..
There is always this 3rd person..

Friday, July 11, 2008


WAHAHAHA! just borrowed jackspn's PSP last week and i'm still having fun wit it. Although some claim they get bored over it fast. But hey! Games at 5 bucks a piece and great portability, you can bring it anywhere!

So, to those who are reading my blog.

EC I.U cum Installation on 27th of July 2008.
Ticket price is RM18.
Fear not.
Good food and fully air-conditioned.
Has a lot of space to move around.
Oh, I forgot.. Its at 12 30 pm, MAWAR.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Erm.. Frist of all. I'm not a cheerleader.. But She is!
Haha.. Today had kinda like a preview at dataran...
But as soon as the cheerleaders started, everyone rushed to the field...
Blocking me and gurdave's view..
But still my so-called breakfast for Her was not a waste...
Managed to pass it to her before it was too late...
Hope she liked it tho. >.<

Ahh.. the thought of it just kills me.
Does the cheerleading thing starts at 11 or 12??!!
I have to play for church worship team..
I'm really afraid of disappointing Her by missing Her routine..
But if gets really late for me, i would have to leave church early..
Missing the last song, although i still dont know how to play those killer chords..

God, please forgive me if i do so..