Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Puppet Man (master of puppets translation)

I wanted the lyrics of this song.. but i was lazy. So, i just listened to it and wrote down wat i heard..

In the Pass-Leh-Vey,
Crumbling away,
I know a solider's dad's construction.

Painted up with pear,
Sucking Jaka's spear,
Kneeling on your dad's construction.

Taste me you will see,
Maurice is all you need,
Dedicated to bawang killing you!

Comforting faster,
Obey your master,
Your life burns faster,
Obey your master! Master!

Master of pupetta pulling your strings,
Twisting your mind as fast as you drink,
Daniel, I mean, you can't see a thing,
Just call my name coz I will scream!
Master, master!

Did you walk away?!
Nevermind you betray!
Lai Fok's death becoming clearer,
Playing monopoly,
Rico's misery,
Time your breakfast at a mirror....

Lai Fok = dunno who he is.. most probably asian, eastern...
I got tired of listening to the song..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A moustache, a gym, and a taxi driver..

I thought my condo gym was the crappiest gym on the whole wide world. Till i thought about it. The rules of the gym. The equipment. And it makes sense. Compared to other gyms, this one is made for personal use. Which brings its standards up from crappiest gym on the whole wide world to enough to make me wana stay there for an hour.

And yesterday i watched a movie with Her. Since i havent shaved my moustache in a long long time, i was walking to the cinema and received a lot of advertisements. Advertisements for life insurance, work insurance, business loans.. etc etc. And Her sister kept pestering me to shave.

Then, my moustache took a toll on my looks as i took a cab back home. Seeing that a taxi refused to take a group of guys, i quickly entered the taxi which offered me a good price.

Taximan: Hai yo. Itu budak-budak, saya sudah beri mereka murah kerana mereka pelajar. Tapi tak mahu.
Me: Ohh...
Taximan: So, kau baru balik kerja ah?
Me: Erm.. tak lah..
Taximan: Ohh.. Jalan-jalan ya..
Me: Yea..
Taximan: Habis, you kerja kat mana?
Me: Erm.. Saya masih belajar..
Taximan: Belajar kat universiti ke college mana?
Me: Saya masih Form 5, bang...
Taximan: FORM 5!?!?!?!?!?

One day i will shave, but not now..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hotel Malaya

This is one of the few songs i've been changing...

Hotel Malaya (hotel california)

(verse 1)
On a dark North-South Highway,
Break wind at my face,
Warm smell of nitrogen,
Rising up through the air,
Up ahead at a distance,
I saw a perhentian,
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim,
I had to stop for the night.

There he stood in the doorway,
I heard the ice-cream bell,
I was thinking to myself this could be KL or this could be Klang,
Then he switched on the flashlight,
And he show me the way,
There were workers down the corridor,
I thought i heard them say.

Welcome to the Hotel Malaya!
Such a lovely place,
Such a lovely face,
Plenty of room at the Hotel Malaya,
Any time or year,
You can find it here.

(verse 2)
My mind is tiffany twisted,
I got a Mercerdes Benz,
I got a lot of pretty pretty boys,
That i call friends,
I shall dance at the disco,
Cold but still i sweat,
Some dance to remember,
Some dance to forget.

So i called up the Captain,
Please bring me your wife,
He said "We haven't had that slut here since 1969"
But still those vioces are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night,
Just to hear them say!


People on the ceiling,
Cheap champange on ice,
And he said "We are all just prisoners her of our own demise"
Then in the Master's Chamber,
I stabbed it with my steely knife but i just cant feel the beef.

Last thing i remember,
I was running from the door,
I had to find my handphone at the place i slept before,
"Hello" said the madman,
"Ah Chai took your phone",
You can check out anytime you like,
But you can also leave....

Thank You.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yes, on Saturday i went school. Late. I tot i saw only a few students talking at the gate. To my dismay, as i entered the school compound, a teacher called me over with my phone in my pocket. I saw a window of opportunity to drop my phone into my inside shirt. But my balls were shivering and that opportunity disappeared.. So, he just took a touch of my pocket and he had my phone...

But, my mum came and tried to retrieve the phone coz i brought it so that Charlotte could contact me for the day's church band practice.. Rules are rules! Can only collect my phone on Friday without my mum since she came to school already to see the teacher..

As i was going to enter my class at 6 50 am, one of my schoolmates was waiting in front of my class and telling me not to go, claiming my class was snowing. To my dismay as i looked into the class, the class was covered in white powder, apparently sprayed from 3 empty fire extinguishers around the block. Vandelism obviously by form 2 students. Had to clean up the class on our own. But the good news is, teacher belanja us drinks and we didnt have to study for the day.

followed mum to the first Johor Overseas Filifino Association's 1st anniversary dinner. She was there and so was her sis and grandparents.. Couldnt say a word to Her in person so used only hand gestures and eye contact...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Julian Seow Kueh Teow United

Yesterday had Interhouse basketball tournament.. My team consisted of Subhash, Jourdan, Jeffrey, Parthiban, Chen and me! Now if youre wondering why we named our team Julian Seow, its becoz he paid 5 buck, but didnt get to play. Well, at least he said it was worth the money during Subhash's bday party....

Yea.. We lost. But we lost with pride! 4 out of my team's 6 players dont play basketball! I gave them a 30 minute crash course each.. I told them to come at 7 but i myself came at 7 30.. =.=". Oh yeah.. I was CAPTAIN!!! I told them i was coming at 6 30.. >.<..

First game my team was leading for 1 minute after i scored the first point through a lay up (everyone had a shock!).. Den, we lost 13-20. I scored 7 points, Parthiban wif 4 and Jourdan wif 2... Den Clara showed me a video of me scoring..

You can hear in the background of the video...
"OMG!!! Bryan scored!?!?!?"
"------ that team sucks lah..."

Den subhash party was fun. Knew him since we were 10. Then at the end of the party, everyone kumpul at the gate for no reason and i took pictures of cars also.. As if they were mine.. And everyone was so thirsty for a drink, we quickly ran to the house again only to see his sis drinking a bottle of Ice Cream soda... so, we had to settle for plain water..

Thank You.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yeap... its off..

Michael Learns To Rock - Complicated Heart

Don’t know what to say now
Don’t know where to start
I don’t know how to handle
A complicated heart

You tell me you are leaving
But I just have to say
Before you throw it all away

Even if you want to go alone
I will be waiting when you’re coming home
If you need someone to ease the pain
You can lean on me, my love will still remain

Don’t know what you’re thinking
To me it seems quite tough
To hold a conversation
When words are not enough

So this is your decision
And there’s nothing I can do
I can only say to you

Even if you want to go alone
I will be waiting when you’re coming home
If you need someone to ease the pain
You can lean on me, my love will still remain