Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last Saturday had paintball with Melvin Soh's friends, together with Jackson, Jourdan and Vinesh. Played a few rounds and there was this guy which we called the terrorist coz he is from Uzbekistan and he didnt get shot at all during the first few rounds. Will upload the pics next time.. Oh wait, didnt i mention the incident where i got shot at the balls? Wait. The Ball? The right one. Once again, i got shot and i lifted my hand up. But this two unknown fellas shot 2 times, one of the bullets, i can see flying towards me and the other one, going somewhere else, somewhere dangrously low... As i stood there in agony, all Jackson could do was watch and ask, "YONG! WAT HAPPENED!?!?"

And Jourdan was the captain for a few rounds. FUI YOOH! Nope. Not so heroic.. We were playing 'Kill The Captain'. I planned to cover Jourdan and Jackson from the back while they advance, since the captain cant stay in one spot too long. So, Jackson would go frist. Den Jourdan would take his place, vice versa. Den as Jourdan took Jackson's position, that Jackass Jackson patah balik. 2 fellas hiding behind a palm tree under heavy fire and shouting at each other.

Jourdan: What you doing!?!?
Jackson: AAAAAAAA!!! (trying to find cover behind jourdan)
Jourdan: Fck you la! you go first!!!

Ok, after paintball went to Jackson's house wif Jourdan and treated us for dinner somewhere near my house. As i was finishing my drink, Jackson or Jourdan gave me a nudge. OHH! Nat's family was there!!

Went back home and den,

The sound of an M1 Garand, Jackson's fav weapon. Played Call of Duty 2 till i got bored and uninstalled it...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Finally i transferred all my pics in the phone memory to the memory card..
I love my home.. The view is fantastic.. Exspecially the pieces of meat that lives in the house..
My Mum..
And sometimes, Aunty Jessica..

Ok, i almost forgot bout Jackson's party. AKA porky, saggy boobs, The Furious Zipper..
SPM around the corner. They do this in Sweden..

The Thai food during the party wasn't enough for some...

10 September 2008. The best school day of my life. Cabut-ing school isnt a big deal among my friends. But that day was extremely fun. First, one whole group of chinese fellas including me tried to walk out through the front gate. We were so close till the dicipline teacher appeared out of nowhere. We ran like chickens and took the jungle way. I followed Gurdave, the expert who let the other guys go frist stating his wise words "Let them go, we will see wat happens from afar. Like in chess, let the pawns go first." He was rite, we suddenly saw a huge group of Chinese fellas running up the hill to SETA (where we exit from the jungle). We rethinked our plans and settled at MAWAR for awhile. I wanted to get out of there fast. Gurdave and Brendan went off first, planning to walk all the way to the hospital to catch a bus. I had to follow Jackson and the physically unfit people who wanted to catch their breaths a little longer.. DUM DUM DUM. A security guard came to us and asked for our names, we wrote on the paper a list of names that could only be found in Mongolia.. But, he let us go and we took a cab to Subhash's house, soon i return home VIA Jackson's mum...

Trials are now! BUSY BUSY BUSY...