Friday, October 31, 2008


ARGH.. SPM damn near edi.. Thursday had Physics but didnt really study in class. Coz teacher gave us a stack of trial papers from other states to complete during the holidays. But i forgot to bring the papers and since he is a ganas teacher, I took out two old trial papers that he gave. One for me, and one for Jourdan, Jackson was doing some Physics work with Saravanan at the back that teacher gave to him..

Den i felt sleepy... And i slept awhile wit my head bent, facing the paper just in front of me on the table. When i woke up, the teacher was scolding Jourdan. And then, he pointed at me saying, "And you! I don't know what you doing, look at the paper and do nothing only!"

Physics was coming to an end and he wanted to collect everyone's marks for the paper. Everyone was saying 26, 28, 25.. etc.
And it was my turn! But i didnt have the paper wit me so i pretended.

Teacher : Bryan Yong!
Me : Erm.. 31..
Teacher : Hah? 21?!
Me : No. 31...
(teacher stares at me)
Teacher : Bryan Yong, i dont know how you get the 31.. When the full mark is 28!
(thinks awhile)
Me : Oh, oh.. i thought multiply by two.. 15.5, so 16 la...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Battlefield 2

Famous Quotes

"I eat American, I smell American and I respawn American", U.S Marine soldier.

"Sorry chief", U.S Marine in court marshall after killing one of his team mates.

"How I wish I was as goos as those medics in Battlefield 2", doctor who failed to save his patient.

Jackson forgot to take back his Walkman after drama practice today. so, i decided to listen to a few songs. The first three was ok. And then came These Hours Of Despair, one of his WWWHHHOOOOOAAAAA!!!!! songs... I think i got the meaning of the lyrics...

We burn this snow,
Custard blackened tarts,
If i learned the full song,
'Below Day Light',
Your raisins,
Your wonderful me.

Sha kha wo kan ni men!!!
Lying your light sha kanff!!!

Well I considered,
This thing to touch your lam-pah,
And snore inside your soft jaw,
The boy you crossed just now hurts,
Paid for hundreds,
Called me day after day.

White messiah,
Crying dwarf by the fire, cryyyyyy,
Life for life gorillaaaa,
Caught firey.

And I cried blood, wolf, Kraft.

These hours of despair,
Rich in gnolls....

KK.. my sis wan use edi.. i shall continue the song some other time...

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hope you like wat i gave you!

Picture of us after paintball.

And so, after raya holidays, it was back to school for us... On Friday, we reviewed the English test paper..

After that had BM.

And after rehat, Physics..
And more Physics...

After school, we watched The Grudge 5.

After everything, its tution again with Hell.