Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm In Deep Faeces

I'm supposed to play guitar for the church today at 4pm. and now, its 5 20pm. I woke up late from my afternon slumber. I know i'm gonna get it from my mum wen she comes back. Maybe i'm still not used to it these past few days. Been missing church quite often and the last time i played guitar was a long long time ago. Before Zin Vi's wedding in November.

As i woke up just now, i keep thinking about the things i've done during this holiday. CHILL Camp, Christmas Play wif Sacred Heart, parties, parties and parties. DAMN! I left my monkey at Steve's house. Friday's on Friday was Sara's party. As usual, Jackson made me crash it. Had Jack Daniel's burger and chocolate chips milkshake. Sorry Sara! My present so last minute and so embarassing. XD...

And they took away my Friday's virginity.

Sara, still thinking wat song to sing.

Finally! She is singing! (notice some workers showing the =.= face. She took a long time thinking wad song to sing.. XD)

Jackson, Yvonne and Sara...

Oh yeah. Not forgetting Jackson, he left for NS today.

Nope, not in a body bag. He did this after happily driving Clara's car as far as 10m. Hope he has fun there. And i cant believe he still forgot wat happened to him the other night at Steve's place. XD...

God bless his soul and my soul... My mum coming back soon..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

CHILL Camp!!!

I just came back from a 7 hour bus ride which started at Ipoh. Good bus. XD...

First Day
Arrived at 5 something and Jenny from St.Peters picked me and Jef Fri up from the bus station.
Den arrived at the camp site when free time was almost over. All the guys had to sleep in 2 dorms on the floor, but with matresses la.. XD. Got to know some people and started the night by dividing all the campers into groups. My group leader was Chelsea (YES! SOMEONE I KNOW THAT HAS THE SAME NAME AS MY FAV CLUB). I tot she was 15 or 14 so we picked her as group leader. And our group name was Sheeps & Lambs!

Day Two
Had exercise in the morning. Den went to workshops and chose roles for small skits. Oh yeah, i went for drama btw... I chose to be Person 1 in the skit "Why Didn't You Tell Me?". Story of two friends who find themselves dead and one of them goes on to heaven and the other to hell. But the one going to hell finds out that the one going to heaven didnt tell her that he was a Christian. And she was disappointed.. We practiced so hard on that day..

Day Three
Today was like any other day. Except that we had CHILL Hunt! We played several games for points. The groups had to compete against one another in the duration of camp. We won the duck walk and another stuff. Got second and third in other stuff. BECOZ WE DRAMA PEOPLE PRACTICED HARD, we got the day off.. Everyone was working their ass off ad we drama people either did sports or slept in our dorms. Some of us volunteered to help the mime, which only had 2 participants! lol..

Day Four
Today we had intensive practice for our drama. We practiced once, and got everything perfect next! AGAIN! Free time! and then full scale rehersals. It was fine.. A lot of people cried wen the two mime fellas did their thing. It was really touching. I didnt cry coz i watched them practice before.

Day Five
Chapati Savaadi. The day. Jeremy put me in charge of practicing the mime before the concert and passed me the script for the mime. After practicing once, I followed Jeremy to get my phone in the facilitator's dorm. And wen i wanted to start the 2nd practice, i realised... i dont have the script anymore. The script which the narrator is gonna use too. o.O"... Spent the next 15 minutes sweating like mad finding it. AND i finally found it in the facilitator's dorm.. Came back and it was too late. Didnt have time to do one more practice for mime.. pfftt.

Ans so, it started and i missed the break dance. Haih. Damn. My drama was great tho.. Everything was done soon and it was time to negotiate sleeping time for the last nite. At the end, only got 12 am coz the warden have to lock the area at 12..

Here are some pics..

Joel and my funny facilitator, Jeremy Joseph. (Joel is not naturally cock-eyed)

Me and Jeremy. Go Sheeps & Lambs!

Me and Suet Meng. Looks abit like Sharlene.. >.< href="">

Joshua and I. After taking this pic, someone said that Joshua's face looked funny.

Bryan and Bryan.

Me and Chelsea. Yes. I repeat. Chelsea of Chelsea FC. She short k... I had to bend my legs in this pic... Shes the Sheeps & Lambs Captain k!

Elucia YONG and me. Haha.. She looks like my neighbour. Who is 4 months pregnant wit her 2nd child... No insults k!

Jacinta Agnes and Me. But i prefer to call her Jacinta Johnson coz it rhymes... o.O" Shes also Sheeps & Lambs.

Joel, Me and Jared. Joel and Jared are brothers btw...

Me and Steffie. Shes the one who went to hell. >.<

Adrian and Me. He is such a joker la.. Cute fella. Conclusion? Gentle Giant.

Jonathan and Me with Adrian trying to get in the picture. He is the angle who took me to heaven.

Me and O.o"... I forgot her name!

Terrence with curry puff after 12am, in the dorm.

Last Day
I woke up late and quickly acked my stuff. Den went to Jenny's car who will send us to the bus station. On the way to the car, there were a few people waiting in front of the hall. Me and Jef Fri said our good byes and i had a group hug wit Chelsea and her friends.

Was so sad in the bus. Missing everything and the last sessions as it was just only 9am and the camp finishes at 10 30am. I received an sms from Jacinta saying Sheeps & Lambs got 2nd place. Made me more sad and wats more saddening?

Mineral Water branded CHILLer by the bus company... pfftt..

Thats all. Thanks for your time. XD

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wise Teachings Of The Three Wise Men

There are three wise men,
Who were born men.

They are Bryan, Jackson, Jourdan,
Whose names end with an "N".

If you're wondering why this badly rhymes,
It is because im not talented and do not have time.

The Teachings

"Those who sleep early, wake up early"

"Education is like food. Wat you eat determines wat you shit.
Therefore, life is like shit. Wat you eat, you shit."

"The smart is smarter than the dumb."

"Think you've known everything about pigs?
You don't know Jackson."

"Those who sleep late, wake up late"

"Having a lot of problems with your computer?
You sure you bought a computer?"

"A bad driver is like an asshole.
Always holding up shit."

"Time is never wasted,
when you are wasted all the time."

"A bad day at the cyber cafe,
is better than a good day at school."

Thats all for now. Thank you.