Friday, November 27, 2009

Top Gear

Top Gear......

Ok, but seriously, go check out some of their videos on Youtube. Oh yea, they talk about cars but NO! they have bucket loads of humour in them especially with Captain Slow's lameness. And The Stig is like.. Im sorry, but cute.. XD

I can't explain it, but you just have to watch it.

Andddd.. That inspires me to go around telling my friends that we have to get cheap ass 2nd hand cars one day and drive around Malaysia. AND that means i get to hit sumone's bumper without the driver getting out from his car and scolding me..

Ah man, stupid fibreglass bumpers these days. Like those of a MyVi.. Just a small bump and you can see the insides of the bumper.. Pffttt. I love my Proton Iswara bumper! Plastic with rubber edges that allows my car to bump and get bumped and the bumper of my car will still be intact.

Somebody, bump my car pls. BUT NOT AT THE SIDES!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to create genuises...

So, Malaysia... Frankly has not created anybody thats top notch in their working field, before, after this and now. As a student, i do know whats the problem with it.

Some of you might say its stupid, while the rest might agree with me. But i'm sure i can turn the first group of people to my side. Ok, enough of the suspense, the problem is our education system. Nah, im not gonna talk about the English education to BM education crap, however, the problem lies in the old and outdated Stream based system.

Few decades ago, it was introduced and it was a major success. Oh, if its a success, why am i calling it outdated? Coz decades ago, bio chemistry, engineering, and more of these old jobs were in huge demand and anyone who are involved had huge potentials... Yeah, sounds familiar with the subjects available in the streams available in schools.

BUT, and the big BUTT is, the world today compared to decades ago has developed. Once again, congratulations Captain Obvious. Heh, but it does mean that Physics and Chemistry or Bio and Chemistry just doesnt keep up with the many jobs that are in demand today. "Oh, yeah so what?" you're asking.

Which stream are you gonna take if you wanna study bio-engineering? Chemical engineering? Alright. This creates 2 cases here.

Take me, as an example of the first case. The first case is, i wanna study Physiotherapy. But i'm currently stuck with General Knowledge, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and MUET. Nevermind MUET, its advanced English.

Physical therapy
(physiotherapy in many English speaking countries) is a health care profession which provides services to individuals in order to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout life. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors.

So, what in the god-damned hell am i studying chemistry for? Its taking up 8 periods a week in school. If i had the choice, i'd rather take up sports science rather than that. No probs in my school, coz theres a teacher who has a degree in sports science. Pls, i've heard people respond by saying "Chemistry is the basis of life". Come on, you guys go make clean drinkable water but you sure can't fix a broken bone.

Second case is, we follow the streaming shit.. bla bla bla bla. And when we further in our studies, we start from.. Z.E.R.O.. Like, we have to study not from chapter one, but from the book cover. =.="... If we studied what we want or what we need at school, and by the time we advance our studies, we'd be steps ahead by the time we step into our campuses for the first time.

So, unless this streaming shit changes, our country isn't gonna produce any geniuses anytime. Right, from here, we can conclude that our government is stupid eh? Well, the blame is on us too.

Trust me, 80% of SPM students don't even know what they wanna be when they grow up. 95% applies to STPM students..

Friday, October 30, 2009


Something happened today that made me wanna say this.

At times, we'd wish we could just turn back time and rewrite the mistakes we made.
Life is an art of drawing without an eraser.
You still can do something about it. Its just that there are 2 outcomes.
You can either make it better or for worse..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


its that time AGAIN.. just had to happen...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wonder why...

Wonder what love is.. Haven't experienced that but i assume its stupid and causes "special cases" to happen..
Here's where those who are ignorant come from...

Hey, i've got everything i need. Great friends, great family and i'm studying now. So, no point of having a bf/gf rite? And i wanna have a gf/bf like this, like that AFTER SCHOOL AND ONLY AFTER SCHOOL.
These are the people who have no idea what sort of people to expect in their 'world' and are determined to follow their so-called 'plan'.

I wonder how it feels like to be with him/her. But if i get serious with this person, i won't be able to have my fun with other guys/girls so that sucks.
Obviously, flirts.

I'm so in love with this person, or so i think. But, i do wonder how it feels like to be with this other person. I don't know what to do. I miss the 'fun' and whenever i flirt with someone else, i can feel my heart pumping faster and passion in my blood, all to be overcomed with utter guilt when i remember i have someone already.
Total heartbreakers.

I didn't know what i was getting myself into. Who or what type of person may i find? A 'genetically gifted', but flirtatious person or a loyal loving but not really 'genetically gifted' person OR but my luck, both of the best qualities? I took my chances and i really love this person alot. A one in a million chance of meeting this individual. Sometimes when i meet someone, i wonder how it would turn out with this person, worse or better than the one i have right now. But heck, my needs are fulfilled, noone's better. Now, i place a lot of trust in this individual, even my life if i had to. But, is this human 'sharing' its 'love' to other humans too? Am i ready to be heartbroken one fine day when something unforseen happens? Most importantly, am i ready to take the chance to accept this person forever and not think and contemplate of the could-beens in my life? Will i live to 50 and regret not accepting this other person when i was 18?

Life is truly a mystery. Wow, awesome job Captain Obvious. Back to the topic, a person can change your life in the biggest and smallest ways. We wonder why there are flirts, but could they be wise that they chose to be with several 'partners' and choose the best of them? And they are those who have serious but short term relationships whom we call sluts and bitches, but hey, good sex is important in maintaining a good marriage.

If you can handle all of the questions raised up in that long paragraph, then thats what i call Corny, but True Love.

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Well, not really amazing. But me and Shan observed and lots of old school EC guys change when they enter form six. No, im not talking about facial hair. But they change when girls come into the equation. They've become more aggroant and all. AND!!! Those guys who has the gay-ness bond are still the same. Like me, Shan, Kua.. and of course, the KING OF GAY, NG EE YOUNG!!!

Alrite, few days ago, Shan was reading the newspaper in class , on an aritcle about Malaysians overstaying in UK and our 6-month visas may be revoked. Then, this conv started..

Shan: See la, your Chinese people responsible for this!
Me: Hah? how?
Shan: 98% of those people are Chinese...
Me: *thinks awhile......* You know why most of them are Chinese?
Shan: Why?
Me: Coz Indians and Malays cannot afford the airway ticket to UK..
Shan: Celaka... =.="
Me: Good one rite?
Shan: Yeah wei....

Some event just passed by a week ago from now. Well, couldn't believe it but that person was up to no good again. Worse thing is, the other side was up to no good to. Well, at least sumone like nette nette understands..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Monday, September 14, 2009

YEAH!!! Ohh.. hold on..... NO!

"Noone learns from your mistakes."
"We don't learn from other's mistakes."

Oh yea.. These saying or some that have similar meanings have been going around, and to my amazement, people still call it wise.

Haven't you taken a few minutes to think about it... I mean, not that i'm disagreeing with everyone who likes the saying.

But, do we have to kill another person to learn that its wrong?
Do we have to drive without hands on the steering to learn that we must hold it while driving?

A more suitable phrase would be "Lessons are better caught than taught".

Yesterday, a friend told me she was getting a bit annoyed by this guy, who is mad at a girl who has not replied his messages for a month. Well, come on, he has every right to be angry. FROM MY EXPERIENCE, getting dissed and "thrown away" by 2 people very close to you is the biggest mystery youre gonna be asking yourself for the first few days. And when we dont get the answers that we want, we get fustrated. So, we'll try to look for alternatives, their friends for the answers that we're looking for.

Months have passed and when a certain something reminds me of them, that feeling comes back, really strong. And after many attempts trying to get to them, the usual fucked up stupidest answer in the world is "no credit". I totally understand if that person replies within a week, but a girl that has been cut off from the many GUYS and school friends they usually contact through the phone for month(s) is... MOTHERFUCKING WOW?!?! Hey, we don't know whats going on in your poetic lovely lalaland in your head and indirect messages, but we sure have higher IQs. Still think theyre at the wrong, probably will be forever if i dont get answers. BUT hey, im still good with you eh? Just that some people dont know how to appreciate things and think they know all.

Stupid things like this happen, like how a tall and underfed guy in my school tried to knock me with his shouder.

Some, take koko as an opportunity to be well know.
STUPID, but theres a little truth behind it.

Get active, get to know others from different schools, interact with one another Now, thats another reason for the Ministry of Education to make koko important: Personal Development. I'm not gonna say much, but get involved or be an UNKNOWN. Dont be a "huh? dunno who.." whenever anyone mentions your name. Im enjoying form six.

Oh yeah.. I really am.. come on,
Class Monitor?
Duty Master of St John?
Treasurer of Ping Pong Club?
Secretary of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Pra-universiti?
President of Interact club?

Hate it or love it, I feel i'm on top.

Happy time:

My laptop is lagging like hell, probably hardware coz the cpu usage is constantly at 100% and the laptop speakers are down. That was the not so happy part. For those who know a thing or two bout computers, i'm trying to persuade my dad to get me this:

Dell Studio 15
2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo
500GB hard disc
512 MB ATi Radeon graphics card
with an artsy cover.

for RM3199.. fck, the specs are almost as good as the Alienware laptop on dell malaysia's website.



Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Bucket List

Oh kayyyy, sounds like i have cancer or sumthing.
So, lets rename this post to...

The Things I Won't Regret When I Grow Old One Day When I Tell My Children And Grandchildren, Possibly Great Grandchildren About Myself When I Was Young/ If Someone Asked Me If I Had Regrets/ One Day I Got Bored And I Thought About My Life LIST.

Ok, done.
So, on the 18th of July as the 2009 FOA of English College. Me and Shan were emcees and we were great. The EC students were also great coz they tried their very best to laugh at any lame jokes Shan and I ACCIDENTALLY pulled off.

Hokay, third place was Yolanda's band, 2nd was 4eVa_kHeRdHaPe1991 (Gurdave) Band.


Yeah, and i finally performed on FOA, first with Gurdave's band, Nothing Else Matters. Then with Sara, Better Man and The Reason to the applause of 40 fans that were left in the hall.

So, as some of you know, I am the new, 2009/10.....
So, during the souvenier giveaway time, the old BOD forgot to mention Convent. And my first action as the new President, I apologised to Convent and they sent a representative to collect the souvenier. This is important in my attempt to improve bilateral relations between the clubs.

Kay, no pics of me, disappointingly coz all of them were unglam.

And i got the taste of being the new president by receiving a FREE TICKET to other school's I.U cum Installation Days!! First of which is SSI's I.U, which i rate as 2.5/5.

On 12th of August, i had public speaking and got 3rd place. If i wasn't so lazy, i could have gotten 2nd place max. Why not First? The first place winner, her accent and pronounciation were perfect! It sounded like the news caster on BBC radio. And yes, i got annoyed at the end coz the newscaster don't usually talk that long. But 3rd is awesome for me. Another thing off my Not-to-regret list.

And then, Convent Installation, which i cant rate coz i had to get back early for tution and missed the games. I also almost forgot bout their installation. Well, heres the story:

"-in my mind- Hmm, Interact President. Awesome, awesome. No problem with SDJ interact club coz i know some of them well, still hate SSI president for something that happened in the past... And Convent, still dunno them well, and must attend their Installation which... which.. *looks at watch 2.53 pm* OH FCK! FCK! FCK! Get out of bed and bathe!"
Yeap, lucky it only started at 2.30 pm and i arrived just in time to receive the souvenier.

Next, SDJ I.U which i rate 4/5 coz of the several confusions and complications that arose. I was bored, bored, bored. Till two pieces of meat that looked very familar to me arrived!

Melissa and Benson!!!

Melissa and I, and no.. i wasnt trying to act cute, some dessert was in my mouth..

After Gurdave performed, he was so damn free that me and him got into the mood. Too much i think, XD... We were loud, cracking up jokes every 5 seconds and got soulful during the mass singing of Michael Jackson songs...

Ok, conclusion?
Why am i happy with getting 3rd in Public Speaking? Coz, at least i know what i could do and realised my potential with this. Without it, i could just be wondering how WILL i do IF entered a contest like that, when i am old. And now, i have an answer to that.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Why do people keep doing that?

Sometimes you're just annoyed a person who does things that you think is useless and senseless. Or come upon some guy talking about DoTA like he is being paid to play it. Or someone being a total 100% fan of someone or something to the point of thinking that he or she has a mindset of a stalker.

Well, they have to suck at probably everything else they do.
Doesn't make sense?

One of the reasons someone is obsessed with doing that particular thing is respect. Wtf does respect have to do with this? Like i said, they probably suck at a lot of things and they will try to MASTER that particular thing they're doing, to be the BEST at it, to gain some RESPECT to oneself.

Still don't get it?
Here's an example.

Most or all clean-freaks or some would say, cleanaholics are found to be women. Most of the times, divorced. Lets use Person A as an example. She is a cleanaholic, and her marriage is on the rocks. Shes not getting the respect she deserves from her children because her husband is not home all the time to dicipline them. You might be thinking that if you were Person A, you'd kill yourself by then coz noone would respect you. Well, Person A resorts to cleaning the house all the time. Thats when she finds that little tranquility in her mind. Thats where she feels shes good at. Theres where she feels a sense of self-RESPECT for herself.

So, if you happen to know anyone like that, now you know why.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Studied So Much Till I Was 17, That I Forgot To Masturbate

Today, while i was eating my trademark Seringgit Setengah nasi goreng during recess with Shan, Harvnd and Danesh, we were talking about our time during form 1 to form 5.

How we enjoyed playing bottle caps when we were form 2, futsal and basketball everyday after PMR and skipping classes when we were form 4.

And then me and Danesh. Well, Danesh had this confusion over why i did STPM and then proceed for a Diploma. Ok, settled. And we were talking about "people" who study so much for Straight As but still dont UNDERSTAND the poly's requirements of STPM or A-Level students only, to be rejected in the end. Or some would lock themselves up at home for Straight As and study some crap ass useless course after highschool.

Thats why, you should chill, plan and relax.

NO, i dont mean planning as in,
"So, enjoy la, after PMR?"
"NO! Gotta prepare for Form 4 next year."
"Form 2 honeymoon year, can relax wei.."
"Cant lah, later canot catch up."

Pls, dont do that.
From the wise words of Shan Viknesh,
'No point studying so much for no reason, you'll end up 24 saying "i was too busy studying when i was 17, i forgot to masturbate."'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My comp is lagging and FOA is near.

Festival Of Arts, EC.
18 July 2009.
RM10 per entry.
8am. I think.. o.O"

So, my comp is lagging like hell. Probably die to some crap ass virus, making my CPU usage to be constantly above 80%. Must be hardware problem now, coz after all that scanning and safe downloading, i couldnt find any malicious software. Same problem occured when i took back this same laptop from my parents last year.

So, if you are my friend, and you wanna prove it, please so come for FOA. Coz...

Me, Gurdave and Jackson are gonna perform Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, the S&M version.
And also Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer, performed by me and Sara Ong.

Thank You.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just so you know, i've "lost" a friend.
It was all fine. Then, that really good friend asked "Lets just be FRIENDS".

You were sad, i know coz i couldnt get you the chords you needed desperately for a song. First of all, i cant i dentify a chords just by listening. Ok, maybe some of you guys out there are probably thinking that i should use the bass strings technique. With a Cina pop song that has nothing to do with guitar and hardly any bass AND 2 songs playing over the speaker, nope. Sorry.

But i read your blog, and it just disappoints me to say that i've left you for my studies and other friends. I'm still here in JB, and the only thing that has changed with my friends is that i have less of them that are here.

And you got so caught up with your thing after your trip, the only real conversation we had was the last one. A really short one.

Seen you many times, but without that smile.

Monday, June 29, 2009

It Sucks, Then I Got Sucked, But It Wasn't That Sucky At All...

It Sucks

That The King Of Pop is gone. But his music is timeless, and try as they may, anyone who tried to cover his songs on American Idol only had bad reception. His vocals are just electrifying, for example in Beat It and just as soothing as She's Out Of My Life.

As MTV, 8 Tv, Channel-V played some of his videos, his dance moves make K-Pop look like Kiddy-Pop.

Black & White, uber nice video. Just love the unity thing that was going on.

And Then, I Got Sucked

No, its not that.. Ahem ahem. Its my BLOOD! First time ever i donated blood. Huge needles, pricking your finger and maybe sometimes, faint? Haha! I almost did! Half way through the extraction, i started to get a headache, extreme discomfort, felt like puking, sweat and my ears were ringing. PBSM fella gave my syrup and the nurse (50+ year old wan lah) adjusted the chair that i was sitting on.

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! 450ml of blood donated, a life saved.

But It Didn't Suck That Bad.

Old School Calculator FC, my team got 3rd place in my school's futsal competition. Well, it was quite disappointing to me. Sharan couldn't make it, probably could've got 1st if he came. And few defensive errors which i was furious at made us concede goals in the tournament. Wanted to prove a point to the junior non-chinese students by showing them Oldschool non-malay power.

Miss my old team tho. Weird thing is, i found a weird sequence in the trophies i've won.

SRK St Joseph, 3rd.
EC Form 2 League, 1st.
EC Afternoon Session League, 1st.
LDDS Cup, 3rd.
Tamil Society, 1st.
2007 EC Open, 3rd.
2007 Johor Interchurch, 1st.
2009 EC Hari Kooperasi, 3rd.

So, hopefully, the next tournament will get me 1st..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lamb Of God - Black Label

Is my comic, torn thwart taken?
Why cant we drop and roll?!?!
When i went home, Mercy told me!!!
Someone has taken your room!!!
Woman naked in my apartment rocking!!!
"Why do you work alone?"
Wanna buy my apartment call Lai!!!
Kinder Bueno, take a bite!!!

Where do i get a rocker's rainbow?!
Why you?!?! Why you?!?!
Where are You? Where am I?!?!
Why did you wrap my rainbow??

White men grabbing, WIRE!!! WIREEE!!!!!
WWHHYYY? Where are they carrying, WIRE WIREEEE!!!??
Want bayar??
Want bayar, better pay together!!!
Want bayar Ribery?
Your mother ran the light!!!
My mother ran the traffic light!!!
My mother is awesome right?!?!

(to be continued)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We failed coz we didnt have time.

And all of a sudden, youve got all the time.

No, twice.
This time,
a far one too.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Everybody is changing.

And i dont feel the same.

I miss that feeling.. :(

Badly, i miss it...

Is there anybody out there..?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, i was still pissed with the guy so i called jeremy over to "teach" them a thing or two in basketball. First game, beat them 7-0. Second game, lost coz Jeremy didnt want to sweat it out in his jeans and nice PINK polo shirt. so yea, lost 7-6.

So, the guy happy la?

Well, i didnt really have to "teach" him a thing or two coz.....

There was this car that passed by, stopped at the side.
I tot it was another basketball player.
And the woman inside and her passenger pointed at that Guy.
Shouted his name.
Got scolded in the public by his MUM.

Oh well, thats worse than anything i couldve done to him anyway.
Hope he finds a pump to get air back into his raisin shaped balls of ego...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Noob Bballers

today i woke up at 9am and was having a good morning
celine and benroy came over and we took a cab to stulang to get my mum's car. everything was still fine and okay. we played bball at serene park for a while untill some noobs came and evaded our territory

they were short.rude.and ammaturisssssssssh. x)


and then Jeremy came to the rescue!


scratccccccccch that! xD

but it DID happen.

anyways. i shall leave someone else to tell a more detailed story of wht DID happen. =D if u actually know the owner of this blog. u'd know this post wasn't writen by him. =DD

Showeeeeer showeeeeeeer! =D

Friday, June 5, 2009


Mouth Wash - 2 times a day.
Cough and runny nose syrup - 3 times a day
Antibiotics - 2 for 3 times a day.
Pain killer - 2 before i sleep.
Fever pills - 2 for 4 times a day.
More painkillers - 1 for 3 times a day..

No wonder 7 Panadols didnt work...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Had a chat wif Nico. No, not the,

"Has anyone seen Ricky?"
"Hey motherfcker!"
"Does anybody know why Ricky did Bobby Lu-Po?"
*whacks everyone in the club...

No, not that Nico from Out For Justice. Some of you already know la..

I've got a plan, and im gonna stick to it.
Tho it may be agonizing.
But thats the best plan yet...


I think i should try to kick my football till it blows...


Just came back from KL with a TERRIBLE fever, sore throat and backache. Currently on my fifth Panadol of the day..

BAD! Again, but its not the Planetshaker-ish feeling..

GOOD? Good night...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Its that feeling again...


So, today i decided to try playing a few Planetshakers exspecailly my fav, Beautiful Saviour. And the only song i managed to download form Limewire is Majesty. And that intro just reminded me of Planetshakers Confrence, 2006. Remember getting a bus ride to KL with the Singaporean humans who were also going for the confrence. And also checking in to Sun Inn just beside Sunway Piramids on the 3rd day after staying for 2 days in Uncle Mok's house.

The praise and worship there was amazing, just unforgettable. And the preaching got me asthma from all the laughing. I needed some pictures. So i spent 15 minutes digging into Melissa Yap's blogspot for them and ended up finding them in her old Xanga blog.

The funniest preacher there. He loves mamak and he knows visiting toilets frequently were the usual resuts.

The band?

The keyboardist, Joth.

The drummer, Mike Webber... All the girls were crazy for him..

Mark and Philip, bassist and guitarist...

Henry and Alex Seeley, the vocalists. I forgot which unisex name she had.. >.<

The crowd! 5000+ that last night i think.. Had to use the whole Sunway convention center...

And usually after Rallies, we would wait with Melissa, Celine and Benson for their Aunt to arive.. On the ast night, we couldnt take it..

Poor Benson... He also took Celine and Melissa's part of the fustration.

And i remebered we had to rush all the way to JB to...

Dance for Christmas in City Square! XD.. Thank you Uncle Ben Yap for that shirt i was wearing.

And remembering those GATAL times of mine...


Thank you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teacher, oh teacher...

Whats The difference between a teacher and a lecturer?

"We're like your parents. We care for you, love you and teach you the lessons in life too. The school is like your second home. Through thick and through thin, we will bare with you and guide you through your mistakes", School Teacher.

"Money in the bank, job Done", Lecturer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Form 6.. Hmmm...

Woo kay... When i told people that i'm in Form 6, a few of them seriously didn't support me. Then i gave them a lecturing about the Indonesian man buying a Proton Saga... One didnt get it, AHEM! One just kept ranting "Stupid!!!" Nvm, that guy that ranted was just Form 3, so can forgive la. Pemikiran belum mantang lagi..

I study for my future, not for the sake of competing with other people. I don't have that big of an ego.

Some told me, i should've went to Sunway to do A-Levels. Hey, im gonna study in Singapore... Their A-levels and our A-levels? Erm.. You know what? I'm gonna take my mum's 1996 proton saga to race in the upcoming 2009 Proton Saga rally.... And i'm gonna fcking beg for respect there...

I'm a simple man, gonna take Form 6 and then proceed to Physiotherapy in Nanyang. Not gonna take some MEiT, MASi, ULiM, CONDOMi, WiZFG, TEBFi, MOFO crap courses....

And that guy who has a problem with me on my chatspace, i play at serene park every wednesday at 5, so if you wanna "meet" me there, feel free to do so. Hey, im not the one thats feeling like a loser... Oh yeah, and if you wanna get violent, please get some Appeton tablets.

P.S, try getting 13 inch biceps and 28 inch thighs (sorry if i mentioned your waist line) if you wanna keep yourself on the ground.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tagged by Pussy Cat Dolls

1.besides ur lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
` erm... HMM! did you feel when you woke up this morning?

3.who was the last person/people you took photo with?
` Benson and my sis...

4.would you consider yourself spoiled?
` Hmm, a bit la...

5.will you ever donate blood?
` For sure..

6.have you ever had a best friend who was of opposite sex?
` Yeap... And still have a few...

7.Do you want someone to be dead?
` Tom Henning Ovrebo.

8.what does your last text message say?
` Whoa. Lol. Hw u met him. (this doesn't mean i'm gay)

9.what are you thinking right now?
` Hmm.. Had a good conv with Her..

10.Do you want someone to be with you right now?
` Dunno. Anyone that wanna hug me?

11.what was the time you went to bed last night?
` 4. Played DotA with Benson.. XD

12.where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
` I'm not wearing one.

13.Is someone on your mind right now?

14.who was the last person(s) who text you?
` Person(s)? Natalie, Miss Chin, Shi Ryn...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh God...

Why the fuck am I doing this to myself?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Before I Retire

I'm gonna travel around the world.

First off, Europe but NOOOO.. Not London, Paris, Venice or Rome.
I'm not mainstream...
Therefore, i'm going to....

Yes! Its Fucking, Austria... Gotta steal one of their sign boards.

And after that, I'm gonna visit my old friend, Jackson Ting Ting Ting who would be probably living in Fuckby, Sweden by then with long hair...

IF there were to be an economic depression at that time, I'm gonna have to downsize my visit to Melbourne, Australia together with my wife's bra to..

The famous Cardrona Bra Fence in New Zealand..

I'm not just gonna do travelling before i retire, but i'm also gonna invest in Extraterrestrial real estate on the moon.. And you gotta appreciate nature too you know..

Ahhhh... Nature's Beauty...

I also plan to have a holiday with nature in the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a Canadian heritage site...

Oh yeah, and before leaving Europe i gotta visit the Icelandic Phallological Muzeum.. I have no idea what that means.. BUT!

ARGH! still have no idea what that means...

Finally, after visiting Europe and the rest of the richer countries, I feel spoilt. Therefore, i gotta think about how we ROBUST Asians lived...

The Kowloon Walled City.. About 50,000+ people lived in there..

The awesome view of the Sun in an alley there..

Hehehe.. Before me and my wife's "lives" slows down, we gotta visit..

The Other World Kingdom.. A large BDSM commercial facility and also a micronation...
The Requirements for women are:
-The woman must have reached the age of consent.
-The ownership of at least one male slave.
-Obeying the principles and laws of the OWK.
-Sending an application for citizenship.
-Spending at least five nights in the Area of Queen's Palace

Yeap... Next, i gotta visit a few people in my trip..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I don't feel like poop...

I feel like Pip...
Great Expectations...
Im nearing the climax...

Friday, April 3, 2009


I would love to thank these group of people...

Benson Yap, the one who would care but I'm always too late to reply.

Brendan Vive AKA Robert AKA Mr. Isolation AKA The Kop AKA Wise Man Beta AKA Mr. Cool, AKA Encik Jumaat, AKA The Destroyer, AKA Giant, AKA Kutu.

Celine Yap, the one who i've been "sharing" with since i met both of "Them".

Clara, Hated me at first, then accepted me as a friend.. >.<

Gurdave, who supports every single negative ideas i have..

Jackson AKA Sweden AKA Wise Man Romeo. The first person to accept my retardness in secondary school.

And, China..... Jeremy la! He my tower... One of the few who've seen me cried.

Jourdan, Wise Man Juliet and there's nothing he can do.

Melissa Yap, the one who have seen me cried terribly.. HER BDAY COMING!!!

Natalie Chin! My Mei since a year and a half ago.. Her BDAY COMING!!!

Subhash Nair, my friend since Primary 4. Thx for letting me release stress by getting chased by dogs and playing XBox..

Angels (changed the lyrics abit)

I sit and wait. Does an angel contemplate my fate.
And do they know the places were we go when we're grey and old.
Cuz I have been told that salvation lets their wings unfold.
So when I'm lying in my bed,
Thoughts running through my head,
And I feel that love is dead.
I'm loving angels instead.

And through it all they offer me protection,
A lot love and affection, whether I'm right or wrong.
And down the waterfall wherever it may take me,
I know that life won't break me.
When I come to call, they won't forsake me.
I'm loving angels instead.

When I'm feeling weak and my pain walks down a one way street.
I look above and I know I'll always be blessed with love.
And as the feeling grows
they breathe flesh to my bones
And when love is dead,
I'm loving angels instead.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Make A Memory

Hello again, it's you and me
Kinda always like it used to be
Sippin' wine, killing time
Trying to solve life's mysteries

How's your life, it's been awhile?
God it's good to see you smile
I see you reaching for your keys
Looking for a reason not to leave

If you don't know if you should stay
If you don't say what's on your mind
Baby just breathe
There's nowhere else tonight we should be
You wanna make a memory?

I dug up this old photograph
Look at all that hair we had
It's bitter sweet to hear you laugh
Your phone is ringin i don't wanna ask

If you don't know I'll understand
if you stay hey i've gotta plan

You wanna make a memory?
You wanna steal a peice of time?
You can sing the melody to me
And I can write a couple lines
You wanna make a memory

If you don't know if you should stay
If you don't say what's on your mind
Baby just breathe
there's nowhere else tonight we should be, we should be.

You wanna make a memory?
You wanna steal a peice of time?
You can sing the melody to me
And I can write a couple lines
You wanna make a memory
You wanna make a memory
You wanna make a memory....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I'm Ex-EC...

No, my watch is not spoilt and i did not just woke up from the day SPM ended. Just thought about what i'm gonna miss after school. Hmm.. Come to think about it, what i remembered was...

Form 1
- Went to 1 Bestari and made my debut wif a loud HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Some thought i was crazy or retarded.
- Der Juinn was my first ever friend there.
- Met one of the Fantastico brothers there, Jackson. We were drawing partners, one using the ruler often, the other losing his ruler often. Most of the time, we bully How Wei Lik who just got transffered and say his drawing sux.
- Always tried simulating rag doll physics by making Jackson run from across the block and shooting him with an imaginary gun. He falls with the momentum of his run.
- Known as Kalamanga Schemeleitu by my Sejarah/PJ teacher.

Form 2
- Me and Jackson sat at the back. Everyday we spit at that little space behind us.
- Still continued to bully Hoe Wei Lik.
- Won numerous Futsal tournaments with Sharan, Daniel Raj, Darren Lau, Jeremy and Elvin..
- The year was getting better and better. Juniors, Form 2 is your honeymoon year for sure.
- Played first bottle cap game.

Form 3
- Jackson got drafted into 3 Etika. BUT! In 3 Fatan, i met Satan (Gurdave) and the other Fantastico Brother, Brendan.
- Ponteng-ed my first class.
- Never heard as many curses in a day in my life, thanks to Gurdave.
- Got my Metallica CD confiscated. Original CD summore.
- Convinced the Dicipline teacher to believe the "Fuck sign" is actually for "Masuk ke dalam kelas"
- Made teacher cry.
- Bailed Gurdave out from a big case, earning a girl's number from him. :P
- Still bullying Hoe Wei Lik, The Hoe Wei Lik Aqua song made.
- Got 3A, 3B, 1C for PMR and missed the party by Qi Ren coz was badly sick.

Form 4
- Chose Science stream and got drafted into 4 Fatan.
- Jackson came back to Fatan-ism, welcomed by me and Brendan.
- Also met Jourdan, the last of the Fantastico Brothers.
- Never liked Chemistry.
- Had bottle cap league and ponteng class almost everyday.
- Got caning often in Dicipline Room.
- Fun ended wen we changed class to the other end, more difficult to ponteng.
- Got used to the roomy class, bottle cap gets better that one dude broke his foot playing that.
- Fantastico Brothers constantly "decorate" the class walls with out shoes, Jackson and Brendan practiced the battering ram with a metal pole against the old school walls.
- Had fun with the fading paint. Filled the bottom of my shoe with dried white paint and "applied" it to Janarthan's groin area. It was stuck there for 3 days. He takes the public bus to and fro school btw..
- Still bullying Hoe Wei Lik.
- Finally made it to school basketball team.
- Oh yeah, Shyamala's fav student.. XD

Form 5
- 5 Fatan! We are seniors! Bullying the members in LDDS and Interact with my posts.
- Still bullying Hoe Wei Lik.
- Got into Omega, Satan joined me for BM. Well, coincidentally.
- First MSSD with basketball team. Lost of course...
- Studied "hard" for SPM.
- Always arrived at school at 6 20am and slept there. Often being woken up by Jackson or Gurdave's cursings.
- 40% of the first words i hear every morning is the F-word.
- SPM!!!
- 3A, 2B, 3C, 2G... G is for Chem and Add Maths..

Argh... still finding the time i need to post an entry on the Pinang trip. Which made me miss the meeting wif Clara and the Sacred Heart Youths.. :(

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

o0o=.=o0o You!

Recently, i've been playing DOTA on Garena. Well, i had no other choice. Soon after 4 days of playing it, i could tell that most of the players there were.. Hmm.. Too serious about the game. Like if you die, they will call you a noob or scold some weird canto word like Sohai or sumthin. Like thats gonna hurt my feelings.

The chatspace in the lobby of Garena is more interesting tho. You can see 2 people fighting over a game they've lost. Most of all, these Ah Bengs fight using stupid topics. Each of them calling each other dogs.. =.=.. or using the Sohai word often. Some even want to fight in real life, telling the opposite dude to meet up at a place. However, arguing with these kind of people is easy tho. Just put in a bit of IQ and they're left thinking wad you said for the next hour.

And wad suprises is that a growing number of Malays have started laying this game. Some have gotten too arrogant tho. As i had an encounter with one.

cina babi
woi, racist for wad?
pukimak orang cina
shut up lah. don't make me call the China police to defeat the army of Malaysia...

And some of them even scolded using canto words, regardless of what they mean.
Oh yeah, did i tell you guys? I visited Jackson at Rembau 2 weeks ago. Yeap, i invited Gurdave to tag along and we went there VIA Jackson's mum who drove. When we arrived there, Aunty Kang opened the boot and my God.. If you cant bring Jackson to the supermarket, you bring the supermarket to Jackson. And thats what she did. Portable cooker, frying pans, lots of food..

Me, trying to sell the uniform. Does the uniform look good, or is it just me?

Posers. Oh yeah, there is a pic of me, Zeke, Jackson, Bryan Loh , Brian Chang and Gurdave in it..

Me and Gurdave A.K.A Raj by someone, trying to sell the uniform..

Thats about it! And did it tell you im posting this at 4.38 am, with chewing gum in my mouth?

Friday, February 20, 2009

In Tribute Of Steve Irwin

I dunno wad this entry has to do with Steve Irwin except the fact that he is Australian.

So, recently everyone sould've heard about the Australian bush fires that claimed more than 200 lives. And a number of koala bears.

This is why i wanna go to Australia one day and kidnap a koala bear and bring it back home.

This is "Sam". This poor koala was found dehydrated on a burnt out piece of land.

The next one, well heres the story.
A family in Maude, near Geelong, photographed the young female koala taking a dip after finding her on their verandah, shaking and distressed.

Images of the dehydrated koala bathing in a bucket of water have circulated around Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

Tracey Young's 10-year-old nephew, Tom Durren, and his sister, Kate, 6, discovered the koala on Friday when temperatures reached the high 40s.

Now, one of the things i have to do before retiring is to kidnap a koala bear..

Friday, February 13, 2009


Like i promised, my movie awards.

Presenting to you, the LANCHAW (Literature, Arts, Nice, Captivating, Heterosexual Awards)

The Best Male Actor Award goes to:

Bryan Yong Wei Ming in the movie, The Coma Patient.
His performance in the movie just shows his hardwork and his talent in acting while potraying a coma patient.

The Best Female Actor Award goes to:

Mei You Ren in the movie, Inside A Coffin.
She really makes you wonder what happens in a coffin, dosen't she?

Best Film Award goes to:

The Coma Patient.
This film well and truly potrays a coma patient without the use of special effects, something that most films use.

Best Inspirational Film Award goes to:

Simple Yong.
The day to day struggles of a guy named Yong.

Best Special Effect Award goes to:

The Purplist, directed by Subhash Nair.
Many critics have spotted Subhash Nair A/L Chandra Sekran dan juga A/L Puan Geetha dan juga Adik/Lelaki Ashwin Nair A/P Chandra Sekran dan juga Abang/Lelaki Karishma Nair A/P Chandra Sekran to be the next M. Night Shyamalan.

Thanks For Your Time, Ladies And Gentlemen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Choice

So, quite a number of people give me the WTH look when i said i'm taking form 6.

For Me:
As you know, Nanyang Polytechnic only accepts STPM or Cambridge A-Level students. Why Nanyang Poly? Ahh, it is the only recognised place to do physiotherapy the South East Asia. Malaysia leh? The only university offering physiotherapy in Malaysia just opened this year. And the hospital in Singapore offer jobs in physio for Nanyang Gradutates on the spot. Other than that, you have to take a test.

For everyone:
Why the rush? You wanna make big bucks soon arh? Okay, thats not for me to decide. But think about it, why study ASAP in these times? If you dont get me, the worst economy crisis since 1929's Great Depression. Take your time to study... If you study damn fast, who is gonna employ you, rite?

And yes, Harry Potter rules and Twilight can suck its hairy sweaty kutu balls.

Next post, i gonna have my own movie awards.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Have One Simple Question

Which one do you prefer? I'm not talking about the character but the novel.

Twilight or Harry Potter?

Vote by commenting on this entry.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The People's Republic of Sweden

Nope, I did not fail my Geography.

So, Jackson came down from NS for a one week holiday sempena Chinese New Year. Clara, Von, Melvin, George, Sara, Paul and The Swedish Ambassador (from Subhash) came to my house on Tuesday. After everyone left except Jackson, I showed him a cool game on my PC.


The main objective of the game is to be a President or Prime Minister of a country and run it! Its damn difficult trying to decrease the debt.

But that day was special. In front of the Swedish Ambassador, I became the Prime Minister of Sweden. I wanted to reduce the debt of the country because of the current financial crisis. So, I, The Prime Minister of The People's Rupublic of Sweden introduced maximum Marriage, Petrol, Possesion, Land, Internet, Airine, Plastic, Coporate Business and Car taxes. And i abolished everything thats consuming national funds like Military Training, Health Care, Police, Prisons, Courts, Pensions... You know, common sense lah. You want money, come get money. Pensions.. pffttt...

So, who wan live in The People's Rupublic of Sweden?

That following night, went to DeBali with The Swedish Ambassador, Gurdave, Jourdan and Eugene (my sort of cousin from KL).

The Swedish Ambassador, blad and Jourdan after a few bottles of beer.
(See Subhash, get yourself a Samsung if you want an artsy picture camera. If any of you guys noticed, all the pictures in my blog are taken wif my 1.3mpx Samsung camera, no flash. It captures light superbly.)

After chilling there for a few hours, we went to Eden Garden but its tough getting into their pubs. So we went to the pathetic Walker's.

One of the bouncers. Looking bouncy.

Will update more next time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The UN-movies..

Today, me and Jeremy both gay-ed together and watched a horror movie Titled They Wait. Ok la, interesting coz we Chinese ma. So, we understood wat was going on. And I noticed many movies today have really corny titles. Like:

The Unborn. (check out her ass!!!)

The Uninvited.

The Unpleasant

The Un-Funny

The Un-Brave

The Un-Available

The Un-Ready

The Un-Available 2: Partners In Crime

The Un-Charismatic

The Un-Behaved

The Un-Inspired

The Un-Normal

The Un-Controlled

The Un-Forseen

Thank You. For those who are turning 18 this year, good luck. :P