Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The UN-movies..

Today, me and Jeremy both gay-ed together and watched a horror movie Titled They Wait. Ok la, interesting coz we Chinese ma. So, we understood wat was going on. And I noticed many movies today have really corny titles. Like:

The Unborn. (check out her ass!!!)

The Uninvited.

The Unpleasant

The Un-Funny

The Un-Brave

The Un-Available

The Un-Ready

The Un-Available 2: Partners In Crime

The Un-Charismatic

The Un-Behaved

The Un-Inspired

The Un-Normal

The Un-Controlled

The Un-Forseen

Thank You. For those who are turning 18 this year, good luck. :P

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stupid Ass Shits... (Went To A Party Mom)


* Please read all the way to the bottom and sign your name *

I went to a party,
And remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink, Mom
So I had a sprite instead.

I felt proud of myself,
The way you said I would,
That I didn't drink and drive,
Though some friends said I should.

I made a healthy choice,
And your advice to me was right,
The party finally ended,
And the kids drove out of sight.

I got into my car,
Sure to get home in one piece,
I never knew what was coming, Mom
Something I expected least.

Now I'm lying on the pavement,
And I hear the policeman say,
The kid that caused this wreck was drunk, Mom,
his voice seems far away.

My own blood's all around me,
As I try hard not to cry.
I can hear the paramedic say,
This girl is going to die.

I'm sure the guy had no idea,
While he was flying high,
Because he chose to drink and drive,
Now I would have to die.

So why do people do it, Mom
Knowing that it ruins lives?
And now the pain is cutting me,
Like a hundred stabbing knives.

Tell sister not to be afraid, Mom
Tell daddy to be brave,
And when I go to heaven,
"Daddy's Girl" is on my grave.
Someone should have taught him,
That it's wrong to drink and drive.
Maybe if his parents had,
I'd still be alive.

My breath is getting shorter, Mom
I'm getting really scared.
These are my final moments,
And I'm so unprepared.

I wish that you could hold me Mom,
As I lie here and die.
I wish that I could say, "I love you, Mom!"
So I love you and good-bye.

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If you receive this petition and do nothing but delete it, your selfishness knows no bounds. Signing is such a small effort to make. After you have read the poem, please add your name at the bottom. And never forget, DON'T EVER DRINK AND DRIVE, not even once, thinking that it won't matter. IT DEFINITELY WILL MATTER!!!

How to set it up:

1. Copy the entire e-mail.

2. Paste it into a new e-mail.


4. Then send it to everyone you know.


Ahh, another shit ass, time wasting, bandwidth wasting fcked up faked petition. Yea, the poem does have meaning to it, but i sure bet more people will reading on your blogs than forwarding it to your friend. Come on lah, i know you're caring and all but use your brains. Who the fck politician or authority is gonna believe in email petitions? Firstly, the names can be faked. And which Government would spend days confirming each person's identity? Stop wasting your precious time. This shit is fake. Many shit is Fake. Last but not least, do you really have to HIGHLIGHT your name in the list?

Who the hell is Yohana Ravelo? Evan Trembly? Penny Brown? Ashley Flores? Michael Hunt? Oh yeah, the missing childs. Pls foward their pictures, and if you find them, pls email the parents. OR contact them, with their ever changing phone numbers and addresses. They must be so happy while their child is gone, they can afford to buy lots of new houses.

Heard of Andrew John Thompson, Matthew Leveson, Madeleine McCann, Reachelle Marie Smith, Meagan Bazell, Eddie Gibson, or the little girl in the tsunami? Oh, no? Thier pictures not cuddly enough for your concern? Ok, go forward Penny Brown emails while Eddie Gibson might be working as a slave in Africa, without legs.

So, anyway.. Just go visit, you might find uber cools stuffs there. Like striped icebergs or being a multi-millionaire in Zimbabwae with just RM1...

Forward this whole article to at least 15 friends if you wanna have a happy relationship with someone you love.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Name Is Copacabana

This blog entry is exspecially for a friend, Clara. Since she loves jazz, I have made a jazz song of my own. Well, not exactly. Its taken from Barry Manilow's Copacabana. But this is Bryan's My Name is Copacabana.

Bryan Yong - My Name Is Copacabana.

My name was Lola, I was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in my hair and a dress cut down to there
I would merengue and do the cha-cha
And while I tried to be a star, Tony always tended bar
Across a crowded floor, they worked from 8 till 4
They were young and they had each other
Who could ask for more?

My name is Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest guy north of Havana (here)
My name Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion
Coz I'm Copa....I fell in love

(Copa Copacabana)

My name was Rico, I wore a diamond
I was escorted to his chair, I saw Lola dancin' there
And when I finished, I called myself over
But I went a bit too far, Tony sailed across the bar
And then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two
There was blood and a single gun shot
But just who shot who?

My name is Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest guy north of Havana (here)
My name is Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion
Coz I'm Copa....I lost my love

(Copa. . Copacabana)
(Copa Copacabana) (Copacabana, ahh ahh ahh ahh)
(Ahh ahh ahh ahh Copa Copacabana)
(Talking Havana have a banana)
(Music and passion...always the fash--shun)

My name is Lola, I was a showgirl
But that was 30 years ago, when I used to have a show
Now it's a disco, but not for Lola
Still in the dress I used to wear, faded feathers in my hair
I sit there so refined, and drinks myself half-blind
I lost my youth and I lost her Tony
Now I've lost my mind!

My name is Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest guy north of Havana (here)
My name is Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Music and passion were always the fashion
Coz I'm Copa....don't fall in love

(Copa) don't fall in love

etc. to end

I hope Clara loves it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free time..

Since i have lots of free time now, let me tell you guys wad i do during my free time. No, not everything but my favourite. Futsal.

Left to Right : 1st, Sesi Petang (2005); 3rd, EC Open (2007); -medal- 1st, Tamil Society (2006); 3rd, Primary Six (2003); -medal- 1st, 50x4 (1996); 1st, Form 2 (2005); 3rd, LDDS Cup (2006).

I started playing football wen i was 9. The first time i played, i made 3 handballs in a row when the goalkeeper passed the ball to be by throwing it but i ended up punching the ball. Everyone wasnt happy with me that time.

When i was 10, i was getting better at football. I learnt defending by kicking the legs of others when they had the ball and cursing them with bad words i knew that time. Of course, they let me go coz i was 10 that time.

2002 was an interesting year. I tried playng goalkeeper for the first time and the stulang guys always played at that small concrete space on the ground floor of the flat coz theybuilt a mosque on the football field. It was great, i was flying here and there, making spectecular but lousy saves.

I was made goalkeeper for the second team of the class in Primary Six. Got second pair of soccer boots, Adidas Predator. Made a penalty save during the Primary Six soccer tournament after UPSR.

So, i'm an early bloomer and my mum bought me a new and current pair of soccer boots, Adidas Pulsado. Futsal was finally introduced in my life as i watched my first school tournament in EC. Played my first too, and it sucked.

Ok. I'm 14. Honeymoon year!! Gurdave asked me to play goalkeeper for the first tournament of the year. I also bought my first pair of gloves! Crapp ass brand and it did not have grip at all. Suprisingly suprised myself on the day of the tournament. i dunno how i did it, but i wow-ed alot. Den, Sputnickers, the winners of that tournament took me as their new goalkeeper. Bought second pair of gloves. Same ciplak brand but had grip and protection. And my mum bought another pair of Umbro gloves which i lost it... Narrowly lost out on 3rd place in EC FC furtsal tourament but got my first trophies for 1st place finishings for Form 2 league and Sesi Petang League.

15, and Sputnickers changed their names to Tribut3. Got 3rd place for LDDS Cup and 1st place for Tamil Society Cup. The year ended wif PMR and wif Daniel Raj and Darren Lau so i gave them a glove each. The second gloves which i've won all my cups with. Mhmmm.. I gave them the gloves and never washed them, not since i won my first trophy. XD... And had to buy Nike gloves to replace the gloves i've given away.

The Nike gloves. I stopped using them after getting my 2nd Umbro gloves. It was rotting inside my comp desk for 1 years. And now, the surface become damn hard edi. After taking this pic, i threw the gloves away.

2007 was an awesome year for me. There was no more Tribut3 and i played the LDDS cup wif my own team, with no prevail but played wif a good team in EC Open and got 3rd place only. Everyone in the team was Indian and i was the only Chinese. That wasnt awesome. But winning the first place and conceding only 2 goals in the whole Johor Inter-church Futsal Tournament. After saving the last and winning penalty, i quickly took off my clothes and ran wif my teammates in celebration! Wooo hooo! Got my 3rd pair of soccer boots, Nike Total 90II. Lost it after bringing it to DYC Camp but forgot to take it back.

The new and current pair of Umbro gloves im using. My 2nd Umbro glove and the grip from Umbro gloves are exceptional including the protection they provide.. Bought it during outing wif Celice before she left for KL.

2008, forgettable. Was asked to be goalkeeper for a From 3 team. But wen we were losing and i suggested them to let me play midfield to slow things down and give my team chances to score. They refused to listen and we conceded more. I just sat on the field and quit on the team. On the spot.

So, thats my history in futsal. Hmm.. maybe should try out for Malaysia? Johor? haha.. see first.