Friday, February 20, 2009

In Tribute Of Steve Irwin

I dunno wad this entry has to do with Steve Irwin except the fact that he is Australian.

So, recently everyone sould've heard about the Australian bush fires that claimed more than 200 lives. And a number of koala bears.

This is why i wanna go to Australia one day and kidnap a koala bear and bring it back home.

This is "Sam". This poor koala was found dehydrated on a burnt out piece of land.

The next one, well heres the story.
A family in Maude, near Geelong, photographed the young female koala taking a dip after finding her on their verandah, shaking and distressed.

Images of the dehydrated koala bathing in a bucket of water have circulated around Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

Tracey Young's 10-year-old nephew, Tom Durren, and his sister, Kate, 6, discovered the koala on Friday when temperatures reached the high 40s.

Now, one of the things i have to do before retiring is to kidnap a koala bear..

Friday, February 13, 2009


Like i promised, my movie awards.

Presenting to you, the LANCHAW (Literature, Arts, Nice, Captivating, Heterosexual Awards)

The Best Male Actor Award goes to:

Bryan Yong Wei Ming in the movie, The Coma Patient.
His performance in the movie just shows his hardwork and his talent in acting while potraying a coma patient.

The Best Female Actor Award goes to:

Mei You Ren in the movie, Inside A Coffin.
She really makes you wonder what happens in a coffin, dosen't she?

Best Film Award goes to:

The Coma Patient.
This film well and truly potrays a coma patient without the use of special effects, something that most films use.

Best Inspirational Film Award goes to:

Simple Yong.
The day to day struggles of a guy named Yong.

Best Special Effect Award goes to:

The Purplist, directed by Subhash Nair.
Many critics have spotted Subhash Nair A/L Chandra Sekran dan juga A/L Puan Geetha dan juga Adik/Lelaki Ashwin Nair A/P Chandra Sekran dan juga Abang/Lelaki Karishma Nair A/P Chandra Sekran to be the next M. Night Shyamalan.

Thanks For Your Time, Ladies And Gentlemen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Choice

So, quite a number of people give me the WTH look when i said i'm taking form 6.

For Me:
As you know, Nanyang Polytechnic only accepts STPM or Cambridge A-Level students. Why Nanyang Poly? Ahh, it is the only recognised place to do physiotherapy the South East Asia. Malaysia leh? The only university offering physiotherapy in Malaysia just opened this year. And the hospital in Singapore offer jobs in physio for Nanyang Gradutates on the spot. Other than that, you have to take a test.

For everyone:
Why the rush? You wanna make big bucks soon arh? Okay, thats not for me to decide. But think about it, why study ASAP in these times? If you dont get me, the worst economy crisis since 1929's Great Depression. Take your time to study... If you study damn fast, who is gonna employ you, rite?

And yes, Harry Potter rules and Twilight can suck its hairy sweaty kutu balls.

Next post, i gonna have my own movie awards.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Have One Simple Question

Which one do you prefer? I'm not talking about the character but the novel.

Twilight or Harry Potter?

Vote by commenting on this entry.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The People's Republic of Sweden

Nope, I did not fail my Geography.

So, Jackson came down from NS for a one week holiday sempena Chinese New Year. Clara, Von, Melvin, George, Sara, Paul and The Swedish Ambassador (from Subhash) came to my house on Tuesday. After everyone left except Jackson, I showed him a cool game on my PC.


The main objective of the game is to be a President or Prime Minister of a country and run it! Its damn difficult trying to decrease the debt.

But that day was special. In front of the Swedish Ambassador, I became the Prime Minister of Sweden. I wanted to reduce the debt of the country because of the current financial crisis. So, I, The Prime Minister of The People's Rupublic of Sweden introduced maximum Marriage, Petrol, Possesion, Land, Internet, Airine, Plastic, Coporate Business and Car taxes. And i abolished everything thats consuming national funds like Military Training, Health Care, Police, Prisons, Courts, Pensions... You know, common sense lah. You want money, come get money. Pensions.. pffttt...

So, who wan live in The People's Rupublic of Sweden?

That following night, went to DeBali with The Swedish Ambassador, Gurdave, Jourdan and Eugene (my sort of cousin from KL).

The Swedish Ambassador, blad and Jourdan after a few bottles of beer.
(See Subhash, get yourself a Samsung if you want an artsy picture camera. If any of you guys noticed, all the pictures in my blog are taken wif my 1.3mpx Samsung camera, no flash. It captures light superbly.)

After chilling there for a few hours, we went to Eden Garden but its tough getting into their pubs. So we went to the pathetic Walker's.

One of the bouncers. Looking bouncy.

Will update more next time.