Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh God...

Why the fuck am I doing this to myself?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Before I Retire

I'm gonna travel around the world.

First off, Europe but NOOOO.. Not London, Paris, Venice or Rome.
I'm not mainstream...
Therefore, i'm going to....

Yes! Its Fucking, Austria... Gotta steal one of their sign boards.

And after that, I'm gonna visit my old friend, Jackson Ting Ting Ting who would be probably living in Fuckby, Sweden by then with long hair...

IF there were to be an economic depression at that time, I'm gonna have to downsize my visit to Melbourne, Australia together with my wife's bra to..

The famous Cardrona Bra Fence in New Zealand..

I'm not just gonna do travelling before i retire, but i'm also gonna invest in Extraterrestrial real estate on the moon.. And you gotta appreciate nature too you know..

Ahhhh... Nature's Beauty...

I also plan to have a holiday with nature in the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a Canadian heritage site...

Oh yeah, and before leaving Europe i gotta visit the Icelandic Phallological Muzeum.. I have no idea what that means.. BUT!

ARGH! still have no idea what that means...

Finally, after visiting Europe and the rest of the richer countries, I feel spoilt. Therefore, i gotta think about how we ROBUST Asians lived...

The Kowloon Walled City.. About 50,000+ people lived in there..

The awesome view of the Sun in an alley there..

Hehehe.. Before me and my wife's "lives" slows down, we gotta visit..

The Other World Kingdom.. A large BDSM commercial facility and also a micronation...
The Requirements for women are:
-The woman must have reached the age of consent.
-The ownership of at least one male slave.
-Obeying the principles and laws of the OWK.
-Sending an application for citizenship.
-Spending at least five nights in the Area of Queen's Palace

Yeap... Next, i gotta visit a few people in my trip..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I don't feel like poop...

I feel like Pip...
Great Expectations...
Im nearing the climax...

Friday, April 3, 2009


I would love to thank these group of people...

Benson Yap, the one who would care but I'm always too late to reply.

Brendan Vive AKA Robert AKA Mr. Isolation AKA The Kop AKA Wise Man Beta AKA Mr. Cool, AKA Encik Jumaat, AKA The Destroyer, AKA Giant, AKA Kutu.

Celine Yap, the one who i've been "sharing" with since i met both of "Them".

Clara, Hated me at first, then accepted me as a friend.. >.<

Gurdave, who supports every single negative ideas i have..

Jackson AKA Sweden AKA Wise Man Romeo. The first person to accept my retardness in secondary school.

And, China..... Jeremy la! He my tower... One of the few who've seen me cried.

Jourdan, Wise Man Juliet and there's nothing he can do.

Melissa Yap, the one who have seen me cried terribly.. HER BDAY COMING!!!

Natalie Chin! My Mei since a year and a half ago.. Her BDAY COMING!!!

Subhash Nair, my friend since Primary 4. Thx for letting me release stress by getting chased by dogs and playing XBox..

Angels (changed the lyrics abit)

I sit and wait. Does an angel contemplate my fate.
And do they know the places were we go when we're grey and old.
Cuz I have been told that salvation lets their wings unfold.
So when I'm lying in my bed,
Thoughts running through my head,
And I feel that love is dead.
I'm loving angels instead.

And through it all they offer me protection,
A lot love and affection, whether I'm right or wrong.
And down the waterfall wherever it may take me,
I know that life won't break me.
When I come to call, they won't forsake me.
I'm loving angels instead.

When I'm feeling weak and my pain walks down a one way street.
I look above and I know I'll always be blessed with love.
And as the feeling grows
they breathe flesh to my bones
And when love is dead,
I'm loving angels instead.