Monday, June 29, 2009

It Sucks, Then I Got Sucked, But It Wasn't That Sucky At All...

It Sucks

That The King Of Pop is gone. But his music is timeless, and try as they may, anyone who tried to cover his songs on American Idol only had bad reception. His vocals are just electrifying, for example in Beat It and just as soothing as She's Out Of My Life.

As MTV, 8 Tv, Channel-V played some of his videos, his dance moves make K-Pop look like Kiddy-Pop.

Black & White, uber nice video. Just love the unity thing that was going on.

And Then, I Got Sucked

No, its not that.. Ahem ahem. Its my BLOOD! First time ever i donated blood. Huge needles, pricking your finger and maybe sometimes, faint? Haha! I almost did! Half way through the extraction, i started to get a headache, extreme discomfort, felt like puking, sweat and my ears were ringing. PBSM fella gave my syrup and the nurse (50+ year old wan lah) adjusted the chair that i was sitting on.

BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! 450ml of blood donated, a life saved.

But It Didn't Suck That Bad.

Old School Calculator FC, my team got 3rd place in my school's futsal competition. Well, it was quite disappointing to me. Sharan couldn't make it, probably could've got 1st if he came. And few defensive errors which i was furious at made us concede goals in the tournament. Wanted to prove a point to the junior non-chinese students by showing them Oldschool non-malay power.

Miss my old team tho. Weird thing is, i found a weird sequence in the trophies i've won.

SRK St Joseph, 3rd.
EC Form 2 League, 1st.
EC Afternoon Session League, 1st.
LDDS Cup, 3rd.
Tamil Society, 1st.
2007 EC Open, 3rd.
2007 Johor Interchurch, 1st.
2009 EC Hari Kooperasi, 3rd.

So, hopefully, the next tournament will get me 1st..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lamb Of God - Black Label

Is my comic, torn thwart taken?
Why cant we drop and roll?!?!
When i went home, Mercy told me!!!
Someone has taken your room!!!
Woman naked in my apartment rocking!!!
"Why do you work alone?"
Wanna buy my apartment call Lai!!!
Kinder Bueno, take a bite!!!

Where do i get a rocker's rainbow?!
Why you?!?! Why you?!?!
Where are You? Where am I?!?!
Why did you wrap my rainbow??

White men grabbing, WIRE!!! WIREEE!!!!!
WWHHYYY? Where are they carrying, WIRE WIREEEE!!!??
Want bayar??
Want bayar, better pay together!!!
Want bayar Ribery?
Your mother ran the light!!!
My mother ran the traffic light!!!
My mother is awesome right?!?!

(to be continued)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


We failed coz we didnt have time.

And all of a sudden, youve got all the time.

No, twice.
This time,
a far one too.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Everybody is changing.

And i dont feel the same.

I miss that feeling.. :(

Badly, i miss it...

Is there anybody out there..?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, i was still pissed with the guy so i called jeremy over to "teach" them a thing or two in basketball. First game, beat them 7-0. Second game, lost coz Jeremy didnt want to sweat it out in his jeans and nice PINK polo shirt. so yea, lost 7-6.

So, the guy happy la?

Well, i didnt really have to "teach" him a thing or two coz.....

There was this car that passed by, stopped at the side.
I tot it was another basketball player.
And the woman inside and her passenger pointed at that Guy.
Shouted his name.
Got scolded in the public by his MUM.

Oh well, thats worse than anything i couldve done to him anyway.
Hope he finds a pump to get air back into his raisin shaped balls of ego...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Noob Bballers

today i woke up at 9am and was having a good morning
celine and benroy came over and we took a cab to stulang to get my mum's car. everything was still fine and okay. we played bball at serene park for a while untill some noobs came and evaded our territory

they were short.rude.and ammaturisssssssssh. x)


and then Jeremy came to the rescue!


scratccccccccch that! xD

but it DID happen.

anyways. i shall leave someone else to tell a more detailed story of wht DID happen. =D if u actually know the owner of this blog. u'd know this post wasn't writen by him. =DD

Showeeeeer showeeeeeeer! =D

Friday, June 5, 2009


Mouth Wash - 2 times a day.
Cough and runny nose syrup - 3 times a day
Antibiotics - 2 for 3 times a day.
Pain killer - 2 before i sleep.
Fever pills - 2 for 4 times a day.
More painkillers - 1 for 3 times a day..

No wonder 7 Panadols didnt work...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Had a chat wif Nico. No, not the,

"Has anyone seen Ricky?"
"Hey motherfcker!"
"Does anybody know why Ricky did Bobby Lu-Po?"
*whacks everyone in the club...

No, not that Nico from Out For Justice. Some of you already know la..

I've got a plan, and im gonna stick to it.
Tho it may be agonizing.
But thats the best plan yet...


I think i should try to kick my football till it blows...


Just came back from KL with a TERRIBLE fever, sore throat and backache. Currently on my fifth Panadol of the day..

BAD! Again, but its not the Planetshaker-ish feeling..

GOOD? Good night...