Friday, July 24, 2009

Why do people keep doing that?

Sometimes you're just annoyed a person who does things that you think is useless and senseless. Or come upon some guy talking about DoTA like he is being paid to play it. Or someone being a total 100% fan of someone or something to the point of thinking that he or she has a mindset of a stalker.

Well, they have to suck at probably everything else they do.
Doesn't make sense?

One of the reasons someone is obsessed with doing that particular thing is respect. Wtf does respect have to do with this? Like i said, they probably suck at a lot of things and they will try to MASTER that particular thing they're doing, to be the BEST at it, to gain some RESPECT to oneself.

Still don't get it?
Here's an example.

Most or all clean-freaks or some would say, cleanaholics are found to be women. Most of the times, divorced. Lets use Person A as an example. She is a cleanaholic, and her marriage is on the rocks. Shes not getting the respect she deserves from her children because her husband is not home all the time to dicipline them. You might be thinking that if you were Person A, you'd kill yourself by then coz noone would respect you. Well, Person A resorts to cleaning the house all the time. Thats when she finds that little tranquility in her mind. Thats where she feels shes good at. Theres where she feels a sense of self-RESPECT for herself.

So, if you happen to know anyone like that, now you know why.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Studied So Much Till I Was 17, That I Forgot To Masturbate

Today, while i was eating my trademark Seringgit Setengah nasi goreng during recess with Shan, Harvnd and Danesh, we were talking about our time during form 1 to form 5.

How we enjoyed playing bottle caps when we were form 2, futsal and basketball everyday after PMR and skipping classes when we were form 4.

And then me and Danesh. Well, Danesh had this confusion over why i did STPM and then proceed for a Diploma. Ok, settled. And we were talking about "people" who study so much for Straight As but still dont UNDERSTAND the poly's requirements of STPM or A-Level students only, to be rejected in the end. Or some would lock themselves up at home for Straight As and study some crap ass useless course after highschool.

Thats why, you should chill, plan and relax.

NO, i dont mean planning as in,
"So, enjoy la, after PMR?"
"NO! Gotta prepare for Form 4 next year."
"Form 2 honeymoon year, can relax wei.."
"Cant lah, later canot catch up."

Pls, dont do that.
From the wise words of Shan Viknesh,
'No point studying so much for no reason, you'll end up 24 saying "i was too busy studying when i was 17, i forgot to masturbate."'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My comp is lagging and FOA is near.

Festival Of Arts, EC.
18 July 2009.
RM10 per entry.
8am. I think.. o.O"

So, my comp is lagging like hell. Probably die to some crap ass virus, making my CPU usage to be constantly above 80%. Must be hardware problem now, coz after all that scanning and safe downloading, i couldnt find any malicious software. Same problem occured when i took back this same laptop from my parents last year.

So, if you are my friend, and you wanna prove it, please so come for FOA. Coz...

Me, Gurdave and Jackson are gonna perform Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, the S&M version.
And also Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer, performed by me and Sara Ong.

Thank You.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just so you know, i've "lost" a friend.
It was all fine. Then, that really good friend asked "Lets just be FRIENDS".

You were sad, i know coz i couldnt get you the chords you needed desperately for a song. First of all, i cant i dentify a chords just by listening. Ok, maybe some of you guys out there are probably thinking that i should use the bass strings technique. With a Cina pop song that has nothing to do with guitar and hardly any bass AND 2 songs playing over the speaker, nope. Sorry.

But i read your blog, and it just disappoints me to say that i've left you for my studies and other friends. I'm still here in JB, and the only thing that has changed with my friends is that i have less of them that are here.

And you got so caught up with your thing after your trip, the only real conversation we had was the last one. A really short one.

Seen you many times, but without that smile.