Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Bucket List

Oh kayyyy, sounds like i have cancer or sumthing.
So, lets rename this post to...

The Things I Won't Regret When I Grow Old One Day When I Tell My Children And Grandchildren, Possibly Great Grandchildren About Myself When I Was Young/ If Someone Asked Me If I Had Regrets/ One Day I Got Bored And I Thought About My Life LIST.

Ok, done.
So, on the 18th of July as the 2009 FOA of English College. Me and Shan were emcees and we were great. The EC students were also great coz they tried their very best to laugh at any lame jokes Shan and I ACCIDENTALLY pulled off.

Hokay, third place was Yolanda's band, 2nd was 4eVa_kHeRdHaPe1991 (Gurdave) Band.


Yeah, and i finally performed on FOA, first with Gurdave's band, Nothing Else Matters. Then with Sara, Better Man and The Reason to the applause of 40 fans that were left in the hall.

So, as some of you know, I am the new, 2009/10.....
So, during the souvenier giveaway time, the old BOD forgot to mention Convent. And my first action as the new President, I apologised to Convent and they sent a representative to collect the souvenier. This is important in my attempt to improve bilateral relations between the clubs.

Kay, no pics of me, disappointingly coz all of them were unglam.

And i got the taste of being the new president by receiving a FREE TICKET to other school's I.U cum Installation Days!! First of which is SSI's I.U, which i rate as 2.5/5.

On 12th of August, i had public speaking and got 3rd place. If i wasn't so lazy, i could have gotten 2nd place max. Why not First? The first place winner, her accent and pronounciation were perfect! It sounded like the news caster on BBC radio. And yes, i got annoyed at the end coz the newscaster don't usually talk that long. But 3rd is awesome for me. Another thing off my Not-to-regret list.

And then, Convent Installation, which i cant rate coz i had to get back early for tution and missed the games. I also almost forgot bout their installation. Well, heres the story:

"-in my mind- Hmm, Interact President. Awesome, awesome. No problem with SDJ interact club coz i know some of them well, still hate SSI president for something that happened in the past... And Convent, still dunno them well, and must attend their Installation which... which.. *looks at watch 2.53 pm* OH FCK! FCK! FCK! Get out of bed and bathe!"
Yeap, lucky it only started at 2.30 pm and i arrived just in time to receive the souvenier.

Next, SDJ I.U which i rate 4/5 coz of the several confusions and complications that arose. I was bored, bored, bored. Till two pieces of meat that looked very familar to me arrived!

Melissa and Benson!!!

Melissa and I, and no.. i wasnt trying to act cute, some dessert was in my mouth..

After Gurdave performed, he was so damn free that me and him got into the mood. Too much i think, XD... We were loud, cracking up jokes every 5 seconds and got soulful during the mass singing of Michael Jackson songs...

Ok, conclusion?
Why am i happy with getting 3rd in Public Speaking? Coz, at least i know what i could do and realised my potential with this. Without it, i could just be wondering how WILL i do IF entered a contest like that, when i am old. And now, i have an answer to that.