Friday, October 30, 2009


Something happened today that made me wanna say this.

At times, we'd wish we could just turn back time and rewrite the mistakes we made.
Life is an art of drawing without an eraser.
You still can do something about it. Its just that there are 2 outcomes.
You can either make it better or for worse..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


its that time AGAIN.. just had to happen...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wonder why...

Wonder what love is.. Haven't experienced that but i assume its stupid and causes "special cases" to happen..
Here's where those who are ignorant come from...

Hey, i've got everything i need. Great friends, great family and i'm studying now. So, no point of having a bf/gf rite? And i wanna have a gf/bf like this, like that AFTER SCHOOL AND ONLY AFTER SCHOOL.
These are the people who have no idea what sort of people to expect in their 'world' and are determined to follow their so-called 'plan'.

I wonder how it feels like to be with him/her. But if i get serious with this person, i won't be able to have my fun with other guys/girls so that sucks.
Obviously, flirts.

I'm so in love with this person, or so i think. But, i do wonder how it feels like to be with this other person. I don't know what to do. I miss the 'fun' and whenever i flirt with someone else, i can feel my heart pumping faster and passion in my blood, all to be overcomed with utter guilt when i remember i have someone already.
Total heartbreakers.

I didn't know what i was getting myself into. Who or what type of person may i find? A 'genetically gifted', but flirtatious person or a loyal loving but not really 'genetically gifted' person OR but my luck, both of the best qualities? I took my chances and i really love this person alot. A one in a million chance of meeting this individual. Sometimes when i meet someone, i wonder how it would turn out with this person, worse or better than the one i have right now. But heck, my needs are fulfilled, noone's better. Now, i place a lot of trust in this individual, even my life if i had to. But, is this human 'sharing' its 'love' to other humans too? Am i ready to be heartbroken one fine day when something unforseen happens? Most importantly, am i ready to take the chance to accept this person forever and not think and contemplate of the could-beens in my life? Will i live to 50 and regret not accepting this other person when i was 18?

Life is truly a mystery. Wow, awesome job Captain Obvious. Back to the topic, a person can change your life in the biggest and smallest ways. We wonder why there are flirts, but could they be wise that they chose to be with several 'partners' and choose the best of them? And they are those who have serious but short term relationships whom we call sluts and bitches, but hey, good sex is important in maintaining a good marriage.

If you can handle all of the questions raised up in that long paragraph, then thats what i call Corny, but True Love.

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Well, not really amazing. But me and Shan observed and lots of old school EC guys change when they enter form six. No, im not talking about facial hair. But they change when girls come into the equation. They've become more aggroant and all. AND!!! Those guys who has the gay-ness bond are still the same. Like me, Shan, Kua.. and of course, the KING OF GAY, NG EE YOUNG!!!

Alrite, few days ago, Shan was reading the newspaper in class , on an aritcle about Malaysians overstaying in UK and our 6-month visas may be revoked. Then, this conv started..

Shan: See la, your Chinese people responsible for this!
Me: Hah? how?
Shan: 98% of those people are Chinese...
Me: *thinks awhile......* You know why most of them are Chinese?
Shan: Why?
Me: Coz Indians and Malays cannot afford the airway ticket to UK..
Shan: Celaka... =.="
Me: Good one rite?
Shan: Yeah wei....

Some event just passed by a week ago from now. Well, couldn't believe it but that person was up to no good again. Worse thing is, the other side was up to no good to. Well, at least sumone like nette nette understands..