Friday, November 27, 2009

Top Gear

Top Gear......

Ok, but seriously, go check out some of their videos on Youtube. Oh yea, they talk about cars but NO! they have bucket loads of humour in them especially with Captain Slow's lameness. And The Stig is like.. Im sorry, but cute.. XD

I can't explain it, but you just have to watch it.

Andddd.. That inspires me to go around telling my friends that we have to get cheap ass 2nd hand cars one day and drive around Malaysia. AND that means i get to hit sumone's bumper without the driver getting out from his car and scolding me..

Ah man, stupid fibreglass bumpers these days. Like those of a MyVi.. Just a small bump and you can see the insides of the bumper.. Pffttt. I love my Proton Iswara bumper! Plastic with rubber edges that allows my car to bump and get bumped and the bumper of my car will still be intact.

Somebody, bump my car pls. BUT NOT AT THE SIDES!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to create genuises...

So, Malaysia... Frankly has not created anybody thats top notch in their working field, before, after this and now. As a student, i do know whats the problem with it.

Some of you might say its stupid, while the rest might agree with me. But i'm sure i can turn the first group of people to my side. Ok, enough of the suspense, the problem is our education system. Nah, im not gonna talk about the English education to BM education crap, however, the problem lies in the old and outdated Stream based system.

Few decades ago, it was introduced and it was a major success. Oh, if its a success, why am i calling it outdated? Coz decades ago, bio chemistry, engineering, and more of these old jobs were in huge demand and anyone who are involved had huge potentials... Yeah, sounds familiar with the subjects available in the streams available in schools.

BUT, and the big BUTT is, the world today compared to decades ago has developed. Once again, congratulations Captain Obvious. Heh, but it does mean that Physics and Chemistry or Bio and Chemistry just doesnt keep up with the many jobs that are in demand today. "Oh, yeah so what?" you're asking.

Which stream are you gonna take if you wanna study bio-engineering? Chemical engineering? Alright. This creates 2 cases here.

Take me, as an example of the first case. The first case is, i wanna study Physiotherapy. But i'm currently stuck with General Knowledge, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and MUET. Nevermind MUET, its advanced English.

Physical therapy
(physiotherapy in many English speaking countries) is a health care profession which provides services to individuals in order to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout life. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors.

So, what in the god-damned hell am i studying chemistry for? Its taking up 8 periods a week in school. If i had the choice, i'd rather take up sports science rather than that. No probs in my school, coz theres a teacher who has a degree in sports science. Pls, i've heard people respond by saying "Chemistry is the basis of life". Come on, you guys go make clean drinkable water but you sure can't fix a broken bone.

Second case is, we follow the streaming shit.. bla bla bla bla. And when we further in our studies, we start from.. Z.E.R.O.. Like, we have to study not from chapter one, but from the book cover. =.="... If we studied what we want or what we need at school, and by the time we advance our studies, we'd be steps ahead by the time we step into our campuses for the first time.

So, unless this streaming shit changes, our country isn't gonna produce any geniuses anytime. Right, from here, we can conclude that our government is stupid eh? Well, the blame is on us too.

Trust me, 80% of SPM students don't even know what they wanna be when they grow up. 95% applies to STPM students..