Friday, April 2, 2010

December - Today

Had RYLA camp which turned out to be a blast. Met a girl there. Oh wait, here goes my love life again. She MUST be hot! Oh no, not this time though and you wouldn't believe I'd be saying this but heck, noone really reads this blog anyway, not her I bet...

Alrite, she was my group member and at first sight she wasn't really my cup of tea and I somewhat had this negativity bout her. One unknown number messaged me that night and it was her. Decided to ignore it whenever I could but there was the was she spoke that made me feel that little bit of forgiveness that I've never had in my past relationship, or my past attempts. Yes, believe it, these words are from me. I was in Cloud 9.

No, thats not a grammar error. Really, I WAS in Cloud 9. That is when the more I got to know her, the more I felt I haven't got a chance. With such great guy friends all around her, if she'd ever get into a relationship, it'd be one of them. fullstop

Theres the other 'option', but my big mouth made it difficult for me to change my mind now.

Attended Adv RYLA two weeks ago. To some, it was awesome. But to me, it wasn't as awesome and fun packed as RYLA coz we didn't to hang out as a group till 12 30am, laughing at racist jokes. Nor was the the food enjoyable. Those that went to RYLA 2009, really missed the food and the fact that we had an endless supply of orange and grape juice. : )

Who is this other 'option'? Met her at the same camp as the first one mentioned too. Sucks.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Expensive, Passionless Scumbags.

I read an article on Top Gear concerning speed limits and I thought, "well done, Captain Obvious.". But no, it wasn't the obvious. I always thought that speed limits were the way to go in reducing accident fatalities on the road, after reading that, it wasn't to be anymore.

The news that you see on the newspaper everyday? Only recently, there has been 7 fatalities on a same stretch of highway and after taking a look at the pictures in the newspaper, why not? A Proton Saga. The 1992 model, mind you and if you're fussy enough, the chassis of a 1983 Mitsubishi Lancer. This might suprise a handful of you, but inactual fact, statistically only 5% of road fatalities are attributed to speeding. Yes, only 5% but our government is making such a fuss about it like how you don't like your current phone. They've spent so much on trying to convey the message that "Speeding Kills". As much as heart disease, lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes, AIDS, HIV......?

The Minister of Transport in the Isle of Man was once questioned into putting up speed limits. He said he would, only if someone or anyone could prove to him that implementing speed limits could save a single life. Nobody could, and there's still no speed limit there.

ALRIGHT, back once again to the statistic previously mentioned. 5% of all road accidents are attributed to speeding. Oh wait, seriously it doesn't. Speeding doesn't kill, its the sudden stop that does. Pilots experience up to 12Gs of force while flying a fighter plane, that is 12 times the amount of your own body weight acting against you, enough to send a normal man unconcious. During a crash, the body may experience up to 56Gs, so what used to be a kilogram of organ suddenly weighs just as much as an average woman. And 56Gs is what you get from a 35km/h test. That is why car designers nowadays focus on crush zones that directs forces into the vehicle's shell and lessening the effect on yor body. Quite simply, speed is only a factor of road deaths but not the cause, if people knew how to drive at speed it would not be an issue, its when people speed and can't control the vehicle is when it becomes the issue, a mistake turns into death.

Now, imagine if that poor taxi driver was in a 2000 Volkwagen Beetle. Whoa, hold on. Did I just compare a year 2000 Volkswagen Beetle to a Proton Saga? Oh yes, I did, google up for a Beetle and you can get one starting from $5000. Would he have survived the crashed in a more newer and purposefully designed car? Only God knows and I'm pretty sure God is telling him he shouldn't have bought that Proton Saga. The current, cheapest Saga has only one airbag, the driver's side. And another two should there be a female driver. Or more.

So, instead of wasting large sums of money on ads and campaigns, quote from a letter in Top Gear Malaysia, "the government should assist local car manufacturers to include the latest safety technology by offering tax rebates on models which include more advanced features such as side protection bags and pedestrian protection systems. The lost tax revenues would easily be offset by the reduction in hospital care and not to mention the lost hours of work during recovery or in the worst case the death of a family's breadwinner."

Oh wait, how about uhhh.. Raising the age limit to obtain driving licenses? Ok, before people around my age start sending me hate messages, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear quoted, "Well, recent official research into car accidents has revealed that a third of all those injured and killed on the roads are young men, aged in a startlingly narrow band from 17 and 19.

Drowning in testosterone, and filled with a youthful sense of immortality, they career about in their Saxos and their Novas, crashing into just about everything that doesn't move.

This was my dad's problem. And it was mine too. A mere 35 hours after passing my driving test, aged 17 and a bit, and not under the influence of Top Gear in any way, I plunged off the edge of a bleak road in the Yorkshire Dales and into some unimpressed sheep.

So far this year, six people have rolled noisily into my paddock. One was a middle-aged chap in a van. One was a school teacher. And four were young men who had two other young men in the car at the time.

Being 17 is dangerous. It always has been. I dare say that in the days of old, 17-year-olds were reckless on their horses. The fact is, you simply can't make a 17-year-old see sense."

Come on, you have to admit it. I've had friends that only had a few hours behind the wheel and already, they think they're a driving God.

Oh yeah, have you been to the inside of newer Proton Cars? If you're a car enthusiast, you'll find yourself spitting at the interior once you've got inside and as for the ride? Trust me, I've driven my mum's manual 2008 Proton Saga and the clutch is as long as a mutated African man's ahem... The steering is meaningless, it feels exactly like that bargain RM25 steering wheel that you use for your computer game. If its really that bad, why hasn't my mum changed her car? You see, thats where the genius of Proton comes into play.

If you buy a Proton, it means you just simply do not have the financial means to buy better more uhh, expensive cars. Once you've paid, driven it for a few months and notice its intolerable flaws, then and only then do you have the thought of actually changing the car. BUT YOU CAN'T! Remember, you bought that Proton because you can't afford other cars. What makes you think you can sell it at a lower price and get a better car. Where are you going get those extra thousands for tax money from? So, we are just basically stuck in a shit hole.

They say, and still insists Speed Kills.
Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher, Jarno Trulli, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Nelson Piquet Jr, Rubens Barichello, Rebert Kubica, Kimi Raikonen, Mika Hakkinen, Nick Heidfeld, Pedro De La Rosa, Alex Zinardi, Richard Hammond, Erik Carlsson, Sebastien Leob, Valention Rossi, Max Biaggi, Nicky Hayden, Dani Sordo, Marcus Gronholm, Toni Elias, Casey Stoner, Marco Melandri, Dani Pedrosa and even Subhash Nair to name a few says no.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hmmm.. (2)

Weightlifting will stunt your growth... yada yada yada. Myth or fact?

Myth, because examples of people that do weights at a very young age are O'Neal, 7'1, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 6'1, Lou Ferrigno, 6'4. Books such as the Russian School Of Height suggests that weight training may stimulate growth. Latest study show that weight training only showed positive effects.

Fact, but it actually depends on the type of weights you do. The heavier they are, the more likely they will affect your growth. If you do exercises which puts stress on your bones so that it is acting along the bone, then that will act to compress the bones resulting in less growth in the bone than normal. If you do it for a long time at a young age that compression can be permanent. Doing exercises which put strain on your spine like military press, squats, dumbell curls while standing, overhead press etc, will also affect your height if you start at a too early age.

Well, there are 2 opinions there, from reliable sources like the Russian book, School Of Height, and an Australian doctor that supports the claim that weights do stunt growth. However, it is hard to draw a conclusion as every single human being on earth has different growth spurts. How does this relate to the topic?

Well, take for example, a test subject, a 5'8, 14 year old boy whose mum is 5'7 and his dad, 6'2. Now of course, he is subjected to variable weight training.

(1) At the end of the experiment, he ends up growing to 5'9 only at the age of 18. A total win for supporters of the so-called myth but it can also be argued that genetically, his height is obtained from his mother and he had his last and final growth spurt at the age of 14.

(2) At the end of the experiment, he ends up growing to 6'3 at the age of 18. Now, a clear victory for those that debunk the myth. BUT, once again it is argueable that he could carry homozygous recessive genes that is shown phenotypically by a much taller relative. Supporters of the myth could argue that he could have been much taller then 6'3, only to be stunted by weight training.

Well, to me, until we have the ablity to "create" a human with a steady and constant growth pattern, then and only then, can we test this theory. For now, the mystery of genetics still plays a pivotal role in the deciding outcomes of tests, trials and experiments. Stick to spinach and Popeye the sailor man.