Friday, April 2, 2010

December - Today

Had RYLA camp which turned out to be a blast. Met a girl there. Oh wait, here goes my love life again. She MUST be hot! Oh no, not this time though and you wouldn't believe I'd be saying this but heck, noone really reads this blog anyway, not her I bet...

Alrite, she was my group member and at first sight she wasn't really my cup of tea and I somewhat had this negativity bout her. One unknown number messaged me that night and it was her. Decided to ignore it whenever I could but there was the was she spoke that made me feel that little bit of forgiveness that I've never had in my past relationship, or my past attempts. Yes, believe it, these words are from me. I was in Cloud 9.

No, thats not a grammar error. Really, I WAS in Cloud 9. That is when the more I got to know her, the more I felt I haven't got a chance. With such great guy friends all around her, if she'd ever get into a relationship, it'd be one of them. fullstop

Theres the other 'option', but my big mouth made it difficult for me to change my mind now.

Attended Adv RYLA two weeks ago. To some, it was awesome. But to me, it wasn't as awesome and fun packed as RYLA coz we didn't to hang out as a group till 12 30am, laughing at racist jokes. Nor was the the food enjoyable. Those that went to RYLA 2009, really missed the food and the fact that we had an endless supply of orange and grape juice. : )

Who is this other 'option'? Met her at the same camp as the first one mentioned too. Sucks.