Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life after Form 6.

Results aren't that good. In fact, not even close to good.
Maths F
Bio D+
Sains Sukan D+

Yeah, so my plans are to try my luck with Physiotherapy at Nanyang Poly or if I don't get that, Sports & Health Sciences at Republic Poly, and then hopefully branch out into physiotherapy later. Although I must admit, I seriously do not feeling like sharing my results when people ask, even with my skin as thick as a tank's armor. I'm still human.

But one thing I'm very, very proud of are the testimonials/remarks that the Headmaster and class teacher left for me.
Teacher: 'Seorang yang berpengetahuan luas dan berpotensi untuk cemerlang dalam kerjaya.'
Headmaster: 'Aktif, komited, berpotensi cemerlang, positif dan cemerland sahsiah' 'Berkeyakinan tinggi dan berkepimpinan, mempunyai potensi besar untuk maju dalam pelbagai bidang'

My tits were left standing, fully erected in pride after reading that.

Looks like my efforts in Form 6 didn't all go to waste. God knows what Shan gets for his testimonials/remarks. To some, obtaining bad results in Form 6 means you've just wasted 2 years of your life. But no, certainly not to me. I've learnt a lot about life, that politics exists even in school, that sometimes the best thing to do is suck it up and take the alternative to apologize in certain situations because even if you win, you'll still lose some. It has made me what I am today. Though I'm considered a failure in this academic prioritizing Asian society with my recent results, I KNOW its never the end of the road. I'll just have to take a longer way to get to my destination and the fact that I know that myself is all that really matters.

Lets see where I'll end up in a month's time. :)