Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An email to Republic Polytechnic.

Dear RP,

I have read thoroughly and understood fully your reply to my email.

However, in my opinion, as for this specific course which requires a deep understanding of sports, admissions SHOULD NOT be based solely on academic merit based on 2 reason which I have thought of.

Firstly, basing admissions solely on academic merit is laying such a huge waste on a particular type of applicant which this course SHOULD BE targeting. Students with strong sporting backgrounds that can do well enough academically. Republic Poly has to understand that to obtain a vast knowledge in sports, one has to compromise academically, unless every applicant Republic Poly encounters happen to be a Frank Lampard (Chelsea FC & England midfielder, eleven GCSEs, A* in Latin). Point here being, Republic Poly should prioritize students with good academic results AND strong sporting backgrounds instead of 4.0 CGPA, straight A students with NO sporting background at all, probably obtained a successful admission into Republic Poly's Sports and Exercise Sciences(being their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th choice) after their planned admissions to become dentists or doctors or physiotherapists or any other 5 figure salary job dreams have failed.

Secondly, with that being said, I shall make another point based on my own experiences. Earlier this year, I had a D+ in Sports Sciences for STPM. At that level, it could be compared to a D+ in a Diploma(= level of STPM). I must say, I'm rather proud of that achievement considering I had 9 months to study for STPM level Sports Sciences, with no guidance from teachers whatsoever, only an 80 paged book to rely on, my knowledge in Biology and also my thorough knowledge in sports. I also took the opportunity to conduct several tests on myself based on whatever I've read from that 80 paged book to confirm theories. Needless to say, if you would throw a book on Sports Sciences at an academically successful, straight A student with no sporting background at all, he/she would just treat Sports Sciences just like any other subject, doing whatever they can (God knows, tuition classes??) to obtain an A. Do the same however, to a student with a strong sports background, and he/she would treat the subject differently, making sense of whatever knowledge they had about sports and the sciences behind it, taking alternatives like conducting self-experiments and even maybe, possibly pioneering new experiments to make up for grey areas in the field of Sports Sciences.

I really do hope Republic Polytechnic takes this into consideration, as this personal message comes from a bitterly disappointed athlete/student whose aspirations to hopefully work one day in elite football clubs in Europe but, lost out to several people taking his aspired course as their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th choice.

This is my 2 cents, and it's specially free just for this.

Bitterly disappointed,

Bryan Yong.