Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am.

I've been hit hard with criticism, but I prefer to stand up, learn and ask for more criticisms.

Being insulted time and time again, it's alright for me. Being a man of humour, let's just laugh it off together.

Everyday I wake up, hoping for something to do to challenge myself.

The word rejection is there in the dictionary for a reason, a few lucky enough never to have encountered it.

The best dishes are cooked with experience, I myself want to master the Humble Pie.

I've confronted a middle-aged man but still, commanded him to talk and argue in a humane manner, man to man.

I'll learn at least something new, at the end of everyday. Experience is a harsh teacher. But my God, do you learn from it.

I don't care what they say.
I know I am straight-forward.
I know I've learnt a lot.
I know I am persistent.
I know I am confident.
I hardly ever doubt myself.
I know I'll fight for what's right, and you can bet till the last word, I'll fight.

I know I am made of flesh and bones.
I know this heart of mine keeps my body alive.
I know that I, like everyone else is physically frail.
I am human like everyone else.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Toilet

You see, we guys would appreciate it if girls would learn how to say 'NO'.

Let me make things clear, very very clear.

Imagine someone need to take a very, very urgent dump and that someone finds a nearby toilet but the door is locked. And the next toilet is quite a distance away, but given enough time, that someone could make it with little time to spare. That someone knocks the door but does not get a response. That person knocks again, and again, and again, hoping for some sort of response from inside.

OH NO! Too late. . . That someone has shat in his/her pants, slowly walking to the next toilet, covering the face in embarassment..

Don't keep someone waiting for answers. Give that someone an answer so that the person can MOVE ON TO THE NEXT TOILET.

Now, thank you very much. Please come again.