Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am.

I've been hit hard with criticism, but I prefer to stand up, learn and ask for more criticisms.

Being insulted time and time again, it's alright for me. Being a man of humour, let's just laugh it off together.

Everyday I wake up, hoping for something to do to challenge myself.

The word rejection is there in the dictionary for a reason, a few lucky enough never to have encountered it.

The best dishes are cooked with experience, I myself want to master the Humble Pie.

I've confronted a middle-aged man but still, commanded him to talk and argue in a humane manner, man to man.

I'll learn at least something new, at the end of everyday. Experience is a harsh teacher. But my God, do you learn from it.

I don't care what they say.
I know I am straight-forward.
I know I've learnt a lot.
I know I am persistent.
I know I am confident.
I hardly ever doubt myself.
I know I'll fight for what's right, and you can bet till the last word, I'll fight.

I know I am made of flesh and bones.
I know this heart of mine keeps my body alive.
I know that I, like everyone else is physically frail.
I am human like everyone else.

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