Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dating, for the not so rich.

"sometimes, how i just wish money doesn't exist. in my case, i just wish money does not define how much one is able to express his/her love to someone. but all i've got is time. and all i can do is wait, until the richer is done buying your time"

hey, youre the one who told me you and him are dating, _____. .
and boy, do i hate the narrow context of dating, i really do
i mean on paper
i dont think i can afford to date!
sorry, but i have to earn my own money, im close to broke, my car is almost out of gas
i only get allowance fro my mum when im out of cash
im not blessed with rich parents that buy me fancy cars and give me big monthly allowances
when i think of dating, and heck i mean if you wanna date seriously
jesus christ, a guy who gets money by saying "mummy, i need some money for a date"
"oh alright son heres 200 dollars"
parents car
im not born with a silver spoon in my mouth
and sadly, for this surprisingly naive, shit ass world
on paper, Bryan Yong cant really date coz he aint rich enough

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